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Wam Bam Club

Wednesday 20 November 2013
Wam Bam Club (8)

By day, it may appear I am run of the mill kind of gal. You'll find me behind a desk, with my sharp suit on, filofax in one hand and a Starbucks coffee in the other. Nothing to out there, pretty standard stuff. Well, looks can be deceiving, as by night I like to get a little bit naughty... careful now...

Wam Bam Club (14)

In search of a night of debauchery and frivolity, me and Caroline headed down to the Wam Bam Club for a spot of good old Hedonism.

Wam Bam Club (4) Wam Bam Club (9)

Bubble to hand, a I peered over the balcony, this is what I saw....

Wam Bam Club (13)
Wam Bam Club (11)
Wam Bam Club (12)

Burlesque, drag queens, acrobats, its all here at the Wam Bam Club. Hosted by the insatiable Lady Alex; part comedienne (yes she is a woman, made to look like a drag queen), part nipple tasselling ring master, she only paved the way to an array of interesting characters to say the least.

If your a tad prudish, then this may not be the place for you, but if you are fully open, then you can expect plenty of bare, firm butts to goggle at.

Wam Bam Club (2)
Wam Bam Club (3) Wam Bam Club (15)
Wam Bam Club (16)
Wam Bam Club (17)

Jo Foley is an aerial hoop contortionist who was incredible. She spun around an around and around- she made me sick just watching let alone twisting my body into mind bending shapes.

Wam Bam Club (21)
Wam Bam Club (20)
Wam Bam Club (19)
Wam Bam Club (18)

Not to let the side down for the men, this guy was pretty impressive too. Is it only me who is dreaming of those big, strong arms...

Wam Bam Club (10) Wam Bam Wam Bam Club (1)

Little old me on the other hand, my only talent was drinking wine- well to some it is a talent to drink a fair amount, so I guess I don't quite feel so bad now. 

Wam Bam Club (7)

Over the years I earned the nickname Asbestos- yes I know, sexy eh- but its because I seem to be heat resistant. I can pick up scolding hot things and not seem to really feel the true heat. However even I think I'd struggle to eat fire, and eat fire looking that sexy.

Wam Bam Club (6)

After a long week at work, this kind of pure escapism is what I crave. I would recommend getting there early as because of typical London traffic we ended up late, and so had a side on view because it is first come first serve in terms of getting a good viewing spot.

Now after that, you'd think I'd be off home to practice my fire eating wouldn't you? Well oh no, the night was still young... to be continued my lovelies... 

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  1. wow looks fab, theres so many amazing clubs in the UK that are such hidden gems! i will definatley be attending! gorgeous dress to you look lovely! great post!!


  2. Cool show it looks amazing.

  3. Looks like a great club!
    Your dress is absolutely fabulous!


  4. That looks SO fun!!!


  5. I tried to book this for our Company Girls Christmas Party - unfortunately I was too late and it's all sold out :(

    Definitely want to go at some point though. Where's your outfit from?

    Katie <3

    1. Oh is it? That's such a shame as that would have made a cracking party.My tops from asos and my skirts Topshop. All quite old though now. Xx

  6. Oh is it? That's such a shame as that would have made a cracking party.
    My tops from asos and my skirts Topshop. All quite old though now. Xx

  7. This looks like such an amazing night out venue! The atmosphere looks incredible.


  8. This looks like such a fun night out, lucky you! The dancing looks wild and wicked, I definitely need to get in on this.

    hmm maybe...

  9. Oh My! This looks like a fun night out!