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Becoming a Shoe Designer

Saturday 7 December 2013
Rainbow Club (9)

Some women love handbags, some women love chocolate, but for me, I love shoes. I can't quite put my finger on it, but there is something about a pair of shoes that when right, just give me that little confidence boost I need sometimes.

So when I was invited by The Colour Studio and Rainbow Club to come down and have a go at customising my own pair of shoes, I think I felt that giddy excitement that kids get on Christmas morning.

Rainbow Club (7)

The reason is because The Colour Studio and Rainbow Club actual provide a service that allows anyone to become a mini designer of their shoes. You select your pair of heels from the vast collection, and then you can literally choose any colour you like for them. The Colour Studio will dye them the exact shade you want- so if you want that perfect match to your favourite handbag, you can have it. Now that's pretty cool.

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For the evening our challenge was to have a go at the dyeing process ourselves and then customise them in the style of our alter ego using various embellishments. 

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As inspiration there was THE best use of a Christmas tree I've ever seen. I think I might have to reassess my traditional baubles. They are so 2012...

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Apron on, it was time to get hands on.

Rainbow Club (4) Rainbow Club (15) Rainbow Club (16) Rainbow Club (17) Rainbow Club (18)

After lots of spilt glitter and glued together fingers, I present to you The House of Laura's first Collection...

Rainbow Club (19)

My alter ego was called Wall Street to Country Lane. A play on my City day job and my love of chilling outdoors at the weekends. 

Rainbow Club (1)

OK, So I might not be the next Jimmy Choo, maybe let the professionals do their thing. Although some of the other girls did pretty well. Was a future designer in the room?

Rainbow Club (3) Rainbow Club (2)

Playing shoe designer was such fun, I loved the fact that when I said can I have country green shoes, the colourologist's were like 'sure thing'! (And no I didn't make up that job title- true story)

With the Christmas party season coming up, if your stuck trying to find that perfect shade, I would check out the service here and give yourself that little confidence boost you deserve.

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  1. That is so amazing! I never thought to try my hand at shoe making..
    I don't wear heels much, and I am more of a chocolate girl, but for this I would definitely wear them!

    { Teffys Perks Blog } X

  2. This is so amazing! I'm so incredibly jealous. Next year I am definitely having a shoe Christmas tree!

    Katie <3

  3. What an amazing experience! :)