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How To Dress For Your Party Stereotype

Tuesday 24 December 2013
I just love this time of year- all the mince pies, carols, general happiness of people, and off course all those Christmas and NYE parties.Any excuse to put on my glitziest, shiniest little number really. 

This September I started a new job, and so right now I'm in the middle of the office Christmas party season and soon to be NYE. Being new means I've discovered things about my colleagues which I didn't previously know. Christmas parties tend to do that;  the social butterflies separate from the buffet surfers when the neutral office is removed.

Fashion retailer Curvissa recently did a national survey on the matter and found that the West Midlands were the quickest dressers with a whopping 37% of UK adults able to get ready in under half an hour or less for an office Christmas party. Although I think my office toilet change beats that hands down- just saying. 


Curvissa also drew up 10 key party stereotypes which at my last party, I could definitely spot a couple or three. It can be hard at an office party if you feel out of your comfort zone around your boss or that catty woman from HR, so I've put together a few party style guides to help you dress for your stereotype in style.

The Little Black Dress Fiend


Heels- Curvissa
Ring (Single)- ASOS
Clutch- Olympia Le-Tan
Dress- ASOS

You just don't ‘do’ Christmas chic. You'd rather be seen dead than posing for a photo wearing elf ears and instead opts for a dead certain sexy LBD. 

If you really can't be partied from your LBD, try adding a festive but seriously stylish clutch- this Grinch one can be worked in an ironic sort of way too.

The Intern

Heels- Curvissa
Dress- ASOS
Lipstick- MAC in Everyday Diva
Earings- ASOS

While technically not an intern, I know what its like to be the new girl. You can be a little nervous sipping champagne with the boss.  However trust me I say you need to make sure you stand out (for the good reasons, so maybe do slow down on the champagne). If your going to make your name known, go for a LRD- Little Red Dress, and matching lipstick so when you say your name, people are paying attention. 

The socially inept IT team

Headphones- Friends 'Layla'

Bless, I'm an application developer so I know my fair share of tech nerds. I'd like to think we are not all socially inept, but I'm not going to lie, they are out there. If you are one of those guys dreaming of servers and HTML, then least you can do if put on a quirky Christmas jumper and code away in style with a swish IPad case and bling headphones. 

Whatever your party style this Christmas and New Year, if there is one thing you should wear, it is your confidence. Tis' the season to be jolly, so have fun and not matter what your social stereotype, enjoy yourself and have a glass of bubbles for me. 

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  1. I'm not an IT team member but I'm definitely 'that physics girl' and that's pretty close!
    Water Painted Dreams xxx