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Mango Tree

Friday 27 December 2013
Mango Tree, London (4)

I realised the other day that it has been 6 months since I left university. 6 months? 6 months! Where has the time gone? There were many great things about university and the town it was in, but one thing that wasn't so great was the food. My university town was rather... sleepy, and so buzzing restaurants didn't exactly meet its target audience. However during my final year a brilliant Thai restaurant opened to rave reviews, which cemented my love for Thai ever since.

So to mark the 6 month leave anniversary (yes, I know, I need to work on my tag lines) it was time for Thai again. 

Mango Tree in Belgravia started out in Bangkok, Thailand, so it already had be excited for authentic Thai before I even sat down. Inside is a world away from traditional Thai though (and my student days) as its modern yet classic and very refined. 

Mango Tree, London (2)

It was raining that day so I arrived in a bit of a fluster, so cocktails were definitely in order. 

I had the Love Ocean, made from ketel one vodka, lavender syrup, passion fruit syrup, fresh lychee and dragon fruit, lychee juice, fresh passion fruit juice. Well if that doesn't count for my 5 a day then I'll be damned.

Mango Tree, London (3)

Caroline had a lychee chilli martini which had a serious kick. Well with all those Thai chilli flavours to come, might has well start as we mean to go on. 

Mango Tree, London (5) Mango Tree, London (6)

The menu is seriously action packed, filled with every time of dish you cold ever imagine, which led to much too-ing and fro-ing over what we wanted. In the end we went for a recommended starter of the Seafood Platter... and some bubbles. Well it is Christmas. 

Mango Tree, London (7) Mango Tree, London (8) Mango Tree, London (9) Mango Tree, London (10)

Mixed seafood satay with sticky sour sauce.

Mango Tree, London (11)

Scallops with lime and garlic. I'd never had scallops before, but I'll definitely be having them again. Extremely light and fresh tasting.

Mango Tree, London (12)

King Prawns with spicy tom yum sauce and crispy fried soft shelled crab.

Mango Tree, London (13)

Now something I'd always wanted to try but never had to opportunity (and lets be honest, the pockets) to order before, is lobster. However we decided to indulge (it's Christmas- yes that old card again) and ordered this beast.

Mango Tree, London (15)

Goong Mung Korn - A Canadian lobster slathered in a spicy choo chee red curry sauce. A combination of the fresh, delicate lobster with the tangy sauce was a perfect combination. My only criticism was that there wasn't more of it! 

Mango Tree, London (17)

Yet don't worry fellow foodies, my belly didn't suffer, as we also the ordered roasted duck salad in chilli and honey sauce.

Mango Tree, London (14)

Thai green curry which came in a pineapple

Mango Tree, London (16) Mango Tree, London (18)

And deep fried pork belly.

Mango Tree, London (19)

I think I'd have to say the Thai Green Curry was my favourite, it was a perfect balance between the sweet and the creamy, yet still with that slight chilli kick.

However I think the lobster also won me over too.

Mango Tree, London (20)

Feeling about full to burst we really didn't need to order dessert, but a passing plater tipped us over the edge and we just somehow ended up with our own. How did that happen? Magic!

Mango Tree, London (21)

We had the selection with honey mango sticky rice, banana and coconut pudding with caramel sauce, a chocolate brownie  and vanilla-pandan ice cream washed down with dessert wine. The brownie was sadly extremely dry, however the sticky rice was a nice surprise as I didn't know to expect from something usually associated with savoury.

Also dessert wine? Why have I never had this before? Its like drinking sweet, sweet nectar. Although it does slip down a little too easily, you could easily find yourself polishing off a bottle of this stuff without realising. 

Mango Tree, London (1)

Having well and truly lined our stomachs for the next 20 years, we decided to head off into the night for a good old wiggle on the dance floor.

While Mango Tree certainty isn't as cheap as that Thai at University, I'd definitely recommend it. For authentic, rich flavours, Mango Tree is your place.

You can them here:
46 Grosvenor place

And here on the web- Mango Tree

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  1. What a meal that was, eh? Love the picture of you and Mr Lobster!

    Can't wait to see you in 2014!

    Caroline x
    Cocktails and Caroline

    1. Me and Mr Lobster had a short but sweet love affair :P
      Can not wait to see what 2014 brings us! ♥

  2. I absolutely love Thai food, and that green curry in a pineapple sounds so amazing!
    Oh wow think it's also been 6 months for me! Crazy isn't it?! Definitely don't miss University.

    {Teffy's Perks} X

  3. Oh wow this looks absolutely beautiful. I do need to try more thai food, like your university town, my home town isn't exactly buzzing with trendy restaurants! The scallops look lovely.
    Water Painted Dreams xxx

    1. I think Thai's definitely becoming more popular. Hey if my sleepy town got Thai there is hope for yours! :) x

  4. Ah I'm putting the fact I'mutting on weight entirely on you! You keep posting some amazing restaurants!

    1. Oops sorry hun! Although I've put on so much weight too since mivingy to London. I just eat all the time haha. Mr Lobster didn't help! :P xx

  5. I really really like the post and the originality of the photos, but I love even more the header of the blog, is gorgeous!!!

    A chic kiss from http://justohana.blogspot.com.es/ feel free to stop by ;)

  6. Such a great post! and that food!! yum! :)
    You take such great photos! :)

    Looks like you had a great night! Merry Christmas!



  7. This sounds great, although I wouldn't have eaten anything you ordered!


  8. GOSH! This post seriously made me hungry... Please excuse my drooling over the food. Love the gold dress too.
    Happy eating.