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Thoroughly G-A-Y

Friday 20 December 2013
G-A-Y (8)

I can whole heartedly say I am a huge fan of the London night life- the atmosphere, the dancing, the drinks- I always come away that little bit happier. However it can sometimes feel like the same night over and over, so when Caroline text we mid afternoon saying how did I fancy a thoroughly G-A-Y night, I knew I was in for something different.

But first we met at Maison Touareg on Greek Street, a Lebanese restaurant where I met Angela and Chantelle for the first time. 

G-A-Y (19)

As my last post suggested, I'm quite the carnivore, and so I couldn't resist going of Lamb Shank Tagine as I knew it would be hearty and meaty. Just how I like it- oh er!

G-A-Y (23) G-A-Y (21)

Angela had the chicken skewers and cous cous.

G-A-Y (7)

Caroline opted for a mixture of Mezze dishes, including Falafel and Halloumi. What did the cheese say when it looked in the mirror? ... Halloumi! I couldn't resist- such a child!

G-A-Y (20) G-A-Y (22) G-A-Y (18)

It didn't take long for Chantelle to get her fair share of compliments, and our waitress was outrageously flirty. Jealous much?

Sadly for Chantelle, a new girl arrived who got all the attention, including me as I was soon mesmerised by the belly dancer. 

G-A-Y (25) G-A-Y (24) G-A-Y (26)

This soon whipped us up into Saturday night mode, leading onto our first Gay bar of the night in Soho.

G-A-Y (27) G-A-Y (1)

Where discussions about  boobs were common place.

G-A-Y (28)

I have found in London people are a lot less chatty with strangers; back iup north we'd chat to everyone and anyone, but down here, if looks could kill...

However in gay bars, the chatter is reclaimed, and so we soon got talking to others about where to go next. It was also where I first discovered Tinder. For anyone who doesn't know what it is, its a mobile apps, where you search for potential dates in your area. It all sounds a little bit... well... hook up like tp me? Please correct me if I'm completely way off.

G-A-Y (2)

We were told we had to go to G-A-Y for the full experience, and so easily led astray, we started to head towards the club. However G-A-Y is over by Embankment, so a form of transport was needed. In the spirit of a night out with a difference, we decided to try one of those things- a Rickshaw. 

G-A-Y (3)

Weaving in and out of traffic, those things are mental. I'm pretty sure they can;t mount the pavement either, so when on a busy Saturday night, our driver was causing tourists to literally dive out of the way, me and Caroline shrunk back in our seats and hoped for the best.

G-A-Y (4) G-A-Y (5) G-A-Y (6)

After a very short outside queue (thanks Chantelle!) and a very long clock room queue, we headed onto the dance floor for some unpretentious, good old harmless fun to the sounds of S Club 7 and Steps. What, I'm a 90's child?

G-A-Y (12) G-A-Y (9) G-A-Y (11) G-A-Y (10) G-A-Y (13)

Leona Lewis was there that night too to sing some of her new album tracks. Amazing voice as always- she was from the time X Factor actually had talent on it... ooh controversial!

G-A-Y (14)

Of course as the night wore on, we grew in our confidence, and soon were recreating the 90's band dance moves including the classic that is 'Reach' and yes, of course I know the routine by heart. What a silly thing to question?

G-A-Y (15) G-A-Y (16)

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Transgender, it doesn't matter, everyone is thoroughly welcome at G-A-Y. It may not come with expensive vodka, or a private booth, but it was gone 4pm before we left, so it just proves that all that flash is sometimes no comparison for having a genuine fun filled good old boogie.   

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  1. It was such a fun night! Here's to many more :D

    Caroline x
    Cocktails and Caroline

  2. Looks like such a fun night!
    I think that restaurant is the same I went for a friend's engagement party.. their tagines are insanely good!

    {Teffy's Perks} X

  3. WOW, that food looks to die for! I am a hige fan of the gay scene, I often go to Canal Street in Manc, such a great night out.


    Em’s Mixed Bag

  4. I am so jealous of your London life!


  5. Oh wow it looks like you had an amazing time! I am so jealous you got to go in a rickshaw, that's such an hilarious way to travel! I'd love to try one of those haha! xx
    Gem // Miss Makeup Magpie

  6. This sounds like such an amazing night! You all look fabulous as always. The 90's music is always the best right?! Those rickshaw's terrify me after a friend and I crashed one on a night out once!

    Katie <3