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Time for Tea

Wednesday 11 December 2013
Greggs (9)

Recently I've felt a little bit down. I discovered a forum where I was being discussed, or more accurately, slated. Apparently I come across as a stuck up, horrible person who thinks I'm better than everyone else. I was dumb stuck when I read it, I felt nothing for a few moments, and then I truly felt awful. Is this how people thought I was? I'm horrified that people think I'm like that, as I genuinely never in a million, trillion years think I'm better than anyone else! Its laughable as what have I done to make me think I'm better than anyone else? If I ever came across like that then I am truly shamed, as I'm just a regular girl, wanting to express my passions through the form of blogging with the hope that someone might find it mildly useful or entertaining. 

And so all I wanted to do was wallow for a while- but good friends don't let that happen and so the girls came over to spend the day making me forget my troubles, and instead enjoy a lazy, silly Sunday afternoon. There was only one thing that would do, the Great British Afternoon Tea.

Greggs (15)

Greggs had recently asked if I'd like to try their latest pastries and sandwiches and so this seemed the perfect opportunity. To be honest, Greggs always reminded me of my student days as there was a shop on campus which I'd usually run in and out on the way to some lecture or other. However I was completely wrong, when you actually stop running, Greggs have some scrumptious treats for us, from fresh baked baguettes, to crispy pastries all straight from the oven on site. Nothing beats that waft of baked pastry filling the air. 

Oh and not forgetting some naughty treats too. 

Greggs (16)

From chorizo and mozzarella slices, to sweet chilli chicken bloomers. Everything was ready to eat- that's what we want on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Greggs (13) Greggs (11)

Then on to my favourite section, the sweets. Mint chocolate chip cupcakes, millionaire shortbread, Tottenham cake and Rocky Road- we feasted this Sunday. 

Greggs (14) Greggs (12) Greggs (17)

We even had popcorn. Salty of course.

Greggs (19) Greggs (18)

I know I'm typically British in saying this, but there isn't anything that a good cup of Tea can't fix, and so over a slice (oh who am I kidding- multiple slices) of cake and mugs of tea we vetoed pity talk, and instead decided to tell our embarrassing moments of the week. This week I may have managed to trip up the escalator stairs, get my arm stuck in the tube door and after waiting 15 minutes for my coffee immediately knock it over. Still want to hang out?

Greggs (4) Greggs (2) Greggs (3) Greggs (1) Greggs (8) Greggs (7)

Of course, as its December we soon had to put on the Christmas tune- believe it or not this is me in the middle of a rendition of 'Rockin' Robin'.

Greggs (5) Greggs (6)

While I love always being on the go, going out for dinner, and drinking at bars, sometimes I want nothing more than to put on my cutesy Christmas Jumper and throw back my head and act silly. 

If any of you have ever read or heard anything hurtful about yourself, don't let it consume you. Instead invite over the girlfriends, go buy some yummy treats and stick the kettle on.

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  1. Hey Hon! As you may or not remember I have been following you for sometime, and read the majority of your posts but dont always comment, but after reading about the comments you saw about yourself on a forum I was gob-smacked. If anything your blog makes you come across as a very down to earth, interesting and outgoing person. To be honest you also appear to be someone everyone would want to hang out with. I am glad your friends helped you feel better. That afternoon tea looks delicious. As a bit of a foodie snob myself I was actually shocked to see it was Greggs.

    Melanie xxx

  2. That afternoon tea looks lovely, slightly different to the usual which is good! Ah that's horrible about the comments, glad you've been able to pick yourself up, don't let it deter you as I think your blog is great! :)

  3. I read the forum you're talking about and saw your blog mentioned, had a look at it, liked it and started following you. So it's not all bad! Nobody is ever going to like every blog and sometimes they have constructive criticism, but other times it is just nasty. I'm not a blogger but I guess it is better that there is a separate place where people can go to complain, that bloggers can choose to look at, rather than leaving nasty comments on your blog.

  4. This has made me so super angry! How could anyone think that about you! You're the sweetest lil thing in the world and I feel truly lucky to have met you (albeit only a few times) but you really are the loveliest girlie and DO NOT come across the way these Jealous girls say you do.
    Your posts are always witty and entertaining and even though I normally only bother reading fashion blogs, your blog is one of my favourites truly for your lifestyle posts and fantastic journalistic tone!
    Lotsa love babe xxxx

  5. Please don't pay attention to the comments on the forum and if you're like any of the other people that have been stung by them you'll find your page views increase more from their mentions!

    As for the afternoon tea this looks like the sort of one I'd really enjoy. I love the 'original' styles but I always come out thinking... I want something proper to eat!


  6. I am so sad to hear that you've read some negative comments, that's just awful! I wish people would think before they type and realise how they're making other people feel.
    Just try to remember not to take them to heart, I imagine they're only teenage girls with nothing better to do!

    PS all that cake is making me hungry!

  7. It's absolutely disgusting that people think they can behave in a way like that. To be honest at the end of the day, their comments will be in the internet world forever so who will be the one's looking bad? Them!

    Looks like you had a lovely tea party though! I have to say, I've always been a little bit snobby about Greggs. But from the looks of these cakes, it looks like I'll be changing my tune!

    Katie <3

  8. Firstly, the food looks amazing. Secondly, stuck up? I think you seem one of the friendliest most approachable bloggers I follow! Love this post :)


  9. Never in a million years would of guessed this was Greggs food! Looks so good!
    Glad the girls cheered you up. As for the "haters"? Pathetic lonely people with far too much time on their hands.

    Christy x
    Another Weekend Without Make-up

  10. I think it's absolutely horrific that someone or some people have been going around saying that about you. There are some really sad people in this world who think they can get away with saying whatever the hell they want just because they can cower behind a computer screen. I've been following your blog for a while and I think you come across as genuinely lovely and approachable on here and whenever I've chatted to you on twitter!
    Ignore them is all I can say. You know you're not how they've made you out to be and so do all your readers who keep coming back over and over again!

  11. Hey hunni,
    I honestly can't believe what I've just read!! I've been following your blog since you told Pete about it last year but I've never commented on stuff before because it felt a little weird because I know you... but you most definitely do not sound stuck up at all!! If fact I'm so jealous of everything you've been up to! You look like you're having the time of your life in London! Please ignore it! You're such a beautiful person inside and out and I'm really glad to have known you even if it was for just a little bit of time.
    Don't tell Pete I got all sentimental! He'll never let me hear the end of it!!
    Much love, Nash x x x

  12. HAHA. Ignore the internet trolls. For every one hater I'm sure you have have 100 fans! It's sad that some people have to stoop to such levels but I'm proud, you've just risen above it with friends and cake at hand!
    (P.S...My cheeky student treat is Greggs... They have one on our campus and it is my guilty pleasure. Sausage rolls... Yes please!)
    Emily xx
    My Ginger Bread Journey

  13. ahhhh lovely girl time <3 Everything is so beautiful!



  14. I'm so sad to read that you've had some trolls writing such nonsense about you :( Love your blog, have followed you from the beginning. Keep at it girl! You're doing great x

  15. I'm new to your blog and it's fantastic. You go girl! Ignore the haters ... They are just jealous!

  16. I'm new to your blog and it's fantastic. You go girl! Ignore the haters ... They are just jealous!