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Ladies who lunch at The Ivy

Thursday 23 January 2014
The Ivy (5)

Ladies who lunch. In my head I always envisage yummy mummies, and women with far too much botox who drawl "but darrrrrling". I'm more of a girl who runs around like a headless chicken, with wild hair and a black coffee in hand. 

However on Friday I had the day of from work, so with this unexpected free time, me and Caroline decided to done lunch and the theatre. True ladies who lunch style! Just with out the frozen foreheads and stupid accents. 

The Ivy (4)

Caroline suggested The Ivy for lunch. Now from my 90's gossip magazine reading days, The Ivy was the hottest celeb hang out. Kate Moss probably necking back a double vodka in the bar, Nicole Kidman probably picking at her salad. A List teritory. 

Fast forward to 2014. Not so much. However the food is still A list quality, and it means nobodies like us can get now. Perfect. 

The Ivy (7)

I started Seared foie gras with caramelised chicory tart & sour cherries after I loved it so much at Meat People the other week. I have to say, sorry Meat People, this one blew yours out the way. It was delicious. Plus, extra brownie points for cherries, which FYI, are my favourite. 

The Ivy (8) The Ivy (9)

Caroline went for Barbecue spiced duck, lychee & watercress salad, which we both agreed the lychee was a nice change to watermelon. 

As you can probably tell the menu is quite an eclectic mix of tastes. Do they call that international cusine? Fusion? Or just great cooking?

The Ivy (10)

For mains, Caroline was straight in there with Black Mount Estate venison, golden beetroot, juniper & orange, which looked a sight to behold. 

The Ivy (11)

I ummed and ahhed between the Deep fried haddock, and the Morrocan spiced lamb rump. The lamb won.

With chickpeas, smoked aubergine & preserved lemon, it was cooked pink and beautiful. Lamb is so easy to get wrong, but not this. 

The Ivy (6)

The Ivy has quite traditional values. Today, its no longer young celebs, but more refined businessmen discussing board meetings. This also applied to photos. My SLR clearly wasn't to their liking, however in true blogger mentality, I managed to do a couple of sneaky snaps of dessert.

The Ivy (12) The Ivy (13)

We decided to share a Pecan Pie with toffee ice cream, and the sharing platter.

The pecan pie was outstanding. The sharing platter- that was a disappointment. Sadly, it was a bit of nothing really.

Full to the brim, we decided to kill a little time before heading to the theatre by getting a couple of cocktails in the bar. I could get used to this ladies who lunch business!

The Ivy (17) The Ivy (16) The Ivy (14) The Ivy (15) The Ivy (3) The Ivy (19) The Ivy (20)

After gossiped like true processionals, we headed onto see The Weir. When it first premièred in 1997, The Weir won the Evening Standard, Critics’ Circle and Olivier awards for Best New Play. 

The Ivy (21) The Ivy (1) The Ivy (23)

The play is set in a remote Irish bar where four old friends gather for a lock-in to swap old ghost stories. However a young female stranger, who has a haunted past, the night takes a dramatic turn more real and unsettling than any of them could have foreseen.

A real gripping, haunting performance, I genuinely came away breathless.

The Ivy (2)

Feeling a little unnerved, we decided to end the night with a couple of drinks in new club Chakana, and then in a very unlady's who lunch fashion, we headed for a good old Chinese in China Town.

Best day ever.

Sorry work, I think I may not want to come back now.

The Ivy
1 - 5 West Street

The Weir
Wydhams Theatre
You can buy tickets here.

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  1. Ladies who lunch, how fancy of you ;-) no seriously, the food looked absolutely delicious and it seems you had a great time at the theatre.

  2. Sounds very SATC! The food looks absolutely incredible and don't get me started on the cocktails!

    Is the play slightly scary? Sounds right up my street!

    Katie <3

  3. You are SO pretty!
    I love your hair :)
    This looks like an amazing day, the food looks delicious !!

    Day Dreams & Daisy Chains

  4. Your hair omg!! to die for ...
    You look pretty hun!!


  5. Yeah...I think I could breakfast,lunch and dine at The Ivy....that would be nice!!


  6. Your shoes are AMAZING. And that food!!

  7. Stunning pictures - it sounds like such a lovely! And a chinese is always a good way to end a day/night of drinking :)

    Eve & Faye x
    Sugar Spun Sisters - A blog about cosmetics, clothes & coeliac disease

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  9. Delicious!! I must go back there one day! Have you been to Scott's? It's my favourite of the Caprice restaurants.

    www.silverspoonlondon.blogspot.co.uk (food and luxury travel blog)

  10. Food look yum and love your heels!
    Following you :D Check out my blog and follow back :D



  11. The food looks pretty amazing but I don't like the really small servings that high end restaurants serve as I feel like I'm paying a lot to not really be full. Also really want to see The Weir! It's on my to do list and then I'll upload it to my blog which is about all things theatre related x