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Meat People

Wednesday 8 January 2014
Meat People (5)

Today is the first full week of 2014, which also means its the first full week of New Years Resolutions. 

I never really know what to do with resolutions as I kind of have myself sussed out, and know 99% of the time I wont stick to them. Sure, if I was that type of person, I'd love to to lose 5lbs and complete the London marathon this year, but I know I'll never do it. So instead I've set myself the very broad, eat healthier and save money task. 

I've started making soup to take to work which ticks both of those boxes, but it is the evenings that I really do struggle with, as if I want to see friends, it tends to be dinner, as what else can you really do? So until someone gives me a solution (please do!) then I'll have to ramp up the save money resolution. 

I've had a Tastecard for nearly 3 years now, so I can't believe I've never told you about it before. It's no big secret, but in case you don't know what a Tastecard is, you need to know. Basically it gives you 50% off the total food bill, or 2 meals for the price of 1 at thousands of restaurants across the country. Yes, most are in London but big cities like Manchester have plenty of choice. It is such great value for money to join, and while it is £79.95, there are always offers for around £30 floating on the net which I'll try and scope out for you. 

So armed with my secret weapon, me and Nessa headed to Meat People in Angel for some guilt free food.

Meat People (6)

Meat People is no imposing Gaucho, instead a local neighbourhood steak restaurant. Housed in a 1920s Grade II-listed building, it is very keeping with the era as it feels inspired by art deco themes with wood panelling and yellow booths- almost a jazz club feel. 

Meat People (8)

Then menu is as it says on the tin, Meat, so vegetarians I'm afraid this might be one to skip. However carnivores, you are in for treat, as the more unusual animals made a appearance, including, Octopus, Zebra and Ox Heart. 

Meat People (7)

We decided to plump for Zebra in a mango and pomegranate sauce (I say we as sharing is caring of course).

While the overall flavour is not wildly different to beef, it is sweeter and slightly lighter on the game-y taste. However what stood out was  that it is incredibly tender. Paired with the mango, it really was a stand out starter.

Meat People (9) Meat People (10) Meat People (11)

We also ordered Foie Gras with figs and papaya purée out of pure curiosity to what exactly Foie Gras was.

Turns out it almost like a meat moose. I know that is an odd picture, but its a very airy, whipped meat consistency.

Meat People (12) Meat People (13)

Now remember my resolution to save money? Well armed with the Tastecard me and Nessa got a devilish glint in our eyes. Eye spy a Meat Platter!

200g Rib Eye, 250g Onglet and 150g Iberico. It was a Meat sensation!

Meat People (16) Meat People (1) Meat People (2) Meat People (3)

Keen to get stuck in, I left Nessa to the task of carving up our carnivorous platter, while I sat back and watched lazily.

Meat People (4)

They were all truly fantastic, flavoursome meats and while this is no Gaucho or Hawksmoor, I would would say it was up their with some London's best steak.

We both agreed the Onglet stole the show. It is a richer taste, and more game-y than rib eye or sirloin which was a winner in my book.

Meat People (15) Meat People (14)

After defeating the mighty meat platter, we went to go pay the bill...

Now a word to the wise, you savvy money saving experts, always double check your Tastecard T&C's. Remember how I said it was 50% or 2 for 1? Well Meat People is 2 for 1, and how many mains did we have technically? 1. No discount!

Absolutely gutted that our resolution was broken already we hung our heads in shame. HOWEVER, the amazing people at  Meat People must have took pity on us (or our stupidity) and offered us discount of a whole steak of the bill. I wanted to mention this, as they didn't have to at all, and yet their incredible kindness touched me, so a big big thank you to them!

There is still good in the world.

You can find Meat People here:
4-6 Essex Road
N1 8LN
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  1. looks amazing and that was so nice of them. I had a taste card but never ended up using it may have to look into it again

    Carrieanne xx

  2. Ooh lovely food and how nice of them to do that for you! :)


  3. I love tastecard! Sometimes it feels like there's only chain restaurants on there, but there are quite a few gems. There's a place called B-Soho (in Soho!!) that accepts tastecard, and they do brilliant cocktails (not on the tastecard) and really yummy Italian food. I always meet my mates there if I'm in town - it's definitely worth checking out :)

    Rosie xx

  4. My BF told me about this place a few days ago - I'd love to sample some of the more exotic meats!

    Also, did you find out what Foie Gras is? I don't think I want to be one to tell you! I do really like the taste though, even if the way of creation is slightly frowned upon!

    Katie <3

  5. This is definitely my kind of place! My fave meat is Kangeroo (drools), I have tried wild boar, zebra, antelope the lot, give me the meat!


    Em’s Mixed Bag

  6. We have tastecards as well and we made the same mistake at Yard pizza! It was still at a discount, just not to the amount with thought.

    I've always wanted to try Meat People, it looks so delicious. Ultimate meat-eater's dream.

    {Teffy's Perks} X

  7. oh my goodness that food looks incredible, it's making my mouth water! I've never heard of Meat People before, but I need to try it!

    lillies and lipbalm

  8. I have to say I am one of the biggest meat lovers so this sounds perfect!! The pictures just themselves make me hungry :P

    Katie xx | Katies World