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Voluminous Curly Hair Tutorial

Monday 20 January 2014
ghd Jewel Styler (9)

It took me a while to think how to do this post, as I am no beauty blogger. I like make up, don't get me wrong, but my routine is pretty generic and same old, same old. However one thing beauty related I am obsessed with is my hair. I get comments quite alot on this blog about my hair, whether that's to do with the colour, or how big it is! 

So ghd and me collaborated to bring you a voluminous curly hair tutorial. 

ghd Jewel Styler (10)

I like my hair very big, with loose, textured curls. It's quite natural looking- that whole, 'not too much effort' look, which is why I use a thin ghd straightener, rather than a curling iron or rollers. 

I use the ghd V pink diamond styler as the plates have contoured edges which makes it much easier to twist it round the hair and create curls and movement. 

ghd Jewel Styler (1) ghd Jewel Styler (6)

So, lets get to it. 

You'll want to start with completely dry hair, it doesn't matter if it's not poker straight, as curling it will help smooth out your hair.

First section your hair and pin all but a small under layer up on your head- yes looking very sexy right now. 

ghd Jewel Styler (5)

Roughly divide this into small sections about 1.5 cm wide, and taking one at a time, place the straightener at the top. Whilst straightening down, bend the iron under and curl the hair round the straighter. 

Once you get to the bottom, the hair should be a curl. 

Keep going all the way round until, big loose waves and curls have formed. They won't be princess curls, but that's OK, this is a natural, everyday look.

ghd Jewel Styler (7)

Then move onto the next layer of hair, until you get all the way to the top.

ghd Jewel Styler (8)

Once you get to the top layer of your hair, take a section in between the straighteners, and pull upwards and round about an inch away from your head, which adds height and volume to your roots. My little secret- Back comb a little of the roots now, and hair spray under this section to hold it. 

Then, taking a curl balm, scrunch up the hair a little at the bottom, to hold the curls in place.

ghd Jewel Styler (4)

Finally touch up and sections which look too curled, or perfect or that have curled the wrong way- I make this mistake all the time. 

ghd Jewel Styler (3)

And there you have it, my everyday hair style. A voluminous, curly look. I find that this lasts a couple of days, and I just touch up a few pieces the next day.

If you want to recreate this look, you can get the ghd V Jewel Styler here

If you enjoyed this post, let me know below, I'd love to know your feedback. Thanks lovelies. 

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  1. I'm so lazy when it comes to hair. I always tell myself I will try a curly look or straighten my hair but when I wake up in the morning, I rather stay snoozing in bed to the point where I no longer have time to do anything with my hair besides brush it or whip it in a ponytail. Booooooring I know. I'll try this on a Sunday maybe...

  2. I loved this post :) I could never curl my hair with straighteners before no matter how many ways I tried it, but you made it sound so simple! xx

    D Is For...

  3. Wohoo, a beauty post! I am so lazy with my hair because it's so long! I just wash, blow dry and straighten then dry shampoo for the next few days lol! The pictures are awesome and I love the pink straighteners!

    Katie <3

  4. You hair look so voluminous , and so cool.. I am defibtalu going to try out this trick
    Happy Monday

  5. Very nice tutorial!! :)


  6. I have the biggest issue ever with curling my hair with GHDs - I'm absolutely useless!!

    Vickie xx | vickieblogs

  7. I am so horribly lazy with my hair... every time I do it I make a vow to keep it up, but it never happens and I end up au natural.

    {Teffy's Perks} X

  8. You have the most gorgeous hair! Thanks for the tips!

  9. Awesome! I love it. I have naturally curly hair but I got the keratin treatment a couple months ago. I've thought about doing a little something like this to spice it up a little. Your blog is cute! I'm a new follower through Twitter & Facebook.


  10. Great post!!Thank you so much for youe comment in my blog) Would you like to follow each other? Just let me know in my blog. xoxo

  11. Your look gorgeous. I love voluminous hair myself! :)

  12. Love this hair style :) never know how to do it though so great post :) might give it a go this week at some point!!

    Katie xx | Katies World

  13. Just discovered your blog today and have started following - I love it!
    I wish I had the patience to curl my hair like yours, it looks amazing. x

    Lola & Behold

  14. Love the volume and movement you've managed to get here.