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Barts Balsamic Vinegar Cocktails

Wednesday 5 February 2014

Being asked if I'd like to come taste a new range of cocktails has to be my dream day. Well dream no more, as the ping of my inbox alerted me to the news that Barts had just launched a new range of cocktails and did I want to come try? Let me think about that one...

Pulling up "Somewhere on Sloane Avenue" as the website says, I thought maybe I'd feel confused after the cocktails, not before. Barts is a little secret speakeasy bar, where the test is to actually find it, however I'm going to give you a clue it's inside the Chelsea Cloisters apartment building- well they do have the reputation as London's worst kept secret, so I think its OK to help you.

Look out for the little plack by the lantern, and ring the door bell. 


Be prepared to be met by a pair of judging eyes- just maybe less scary than this crazy one!


Once in, welcome to a world of prohibition style oddity. Leave your stiff up lip at the door please.

Barts1.CR2 Barts3.CR2 barts9 heroineinheels

There is something about cocktails that I find so enticing, so glam, so sophisticated. The creativity behind the measures, the combinations and sheer art that goes into a master cocktail. So I was seriously intrigued by the proposal to put balsamic vinegar into cocktails. Vinegar? In cocktails? I looked over at my partner in crime with raised eyebrows. "Fear not ye of little faith", apparently, its a the trend of the moment in New York. Well if the big apple darlings are doing it, then here's to Uncle Bart's Gets Pickled menu. Bottoms up! 


There are 3 signature cocktails on the menu.

We started with the Mon Cheri, a chocolate, cherry and  apple vinegar, with Grand Marnier and Pampero AƱejo. A sweet but rich flavour, it was rather unusual really, something very different to the standard fruit based cocktails. 

barts5 barts6

Then we tried the Twelve Years, made from Woodford Reserve, infused with cooked apple and balsamic vinegar before dropping in a cube of sugar and some Bart's special apple bitters. This was quite a strong drink, and without sounding sexist, it was quite manly. Well I'll openly admit I'm a girly drinker. 

barts8 barts10

Finally with The Queen of Tarts - a tart  Belvedere vodka Martini, muddled with strawberries, lemon juice, sugar and that home-made balsamic vinegar jam. I honestly died and went to heaven drinking this, it was incredibly juicy, refreshing, with a tart under-layer. I may have had a couple of those... 


I may have been sceptical at first about balsamic in my drink, but I've certainly been converted. New York, I salute you!

Of course, already in cocktail tasting mode, me and Caroline decided to move onto their regular menu with the fabulously named Basil Fawlty Martinis, a basil, pineapple, Russian Standard vodka sensation!

barts12 barts13 barts14 caroline heroineinheels2

This cocktail tasting business is thirsty work.


Who know's maybe I'll change career- professional cocktail taster. Well there certainly are worst jobs out there.

Secret location aka
Chelsea Cloisters
87 Sloane Ave
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  1. What a couple of old drunkards! Haha! Good times :) xxx

  2. Ah you're really living the dream m'dear!

  3. That place looks so much fun!
    Love all the quirks, the worst kept secret part, and, of course, the cocktails. Seems like you ladies had an amazing time!

    {Teffy's Perks} X

  4. What a lovely little hole in the wall! The cocktails look delicious! ;D & I'm loving the bold red blazer with screen t combo!

    <3 Carsla
    Founder & CEO of Connect-the-Cloths
    A stylist, foodie, & writer's blog in development.

  5. Ohhh....really nice photos!!!! Thank you for follow me in Bloglovin, now I follow you!!!!
    Eni K.

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  6. I think professional cocktail drinker sounds like a pretty decent job. I love Caroline's face in the peephole! I also have to agree that I'm a rather girlie cocktail drinker too!

    Katie <3

  7. Ooh the strawberry one sounds nice :)