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The Conservatory at Dead Dolls House

Wednesday 26 February 2014
Dead dolls house (10)

I firmly believe everyone needs a bar they feel comfortable and at home in. Somewhere you just know you are going to have a great time no matter what day or who you are with. Its not that easy though finding those, especially in London. A lot of bars are not your social drinking houses, so when you find THE ONE, grab it with both hands and for God's sake don't let go! 

So let me introduce you to my soon to be second home- The Dead Dolls House in Hoxton. 

Dead dolls house (6)

You might remember it from when I went for Checkon's Sunday dinner there, and you know how much I raved about that, so like I said when you find that special one, you just have to go back time and time again.

Dead Dolls House is members club, however you don't have to be some Made in Chelsea Daddies Girl, membership here is made in the form of a gift of either a fine, top shelf bottle of spirits or a a fine china dog for The Parlour. Yes, a China Dog. 

Dead dolls house (4)

Now something rather exciting is finally happening over at Dead Dolls House- They've finally opened their inside conservatory. When I went last time, it was still a painter and decorators dream, but now  its open (OK in two weeks, us press types got a sneak peak).  With hand drawn drawings done by the incredible Kate, it is a visual masterpiece.

Dead dolls house (5)

Finally someone is thinking outside the horrible winter season we are in, and in true British style they have launched their British Tapas menu in The Conservatory made from the very best British Produce.

Think of it as a indoor picnic- handy really seeing as we are in Britain! Hurrah!

Dead dolls house (11)

Remember I said about finding a bar that you feel truly at home in? What other bar would get you your own golden tea cup?!

Last time I went to Dead Dolls House, I received my espresso Martini in a tea cup to my utter delight. So in a moment of banter I tweeted on the morning before coming, would I be re-acquainted with the teacup. Thinking I was all hilarious, I carried on my day. 

So on arrival, when I gave my name to the doorman, he said in a enlightened manner 'Oh your Laura'  Errr yes I am good Sir.

'There is a golden tea cup with your name on it behind the bar' A golden tea cup?

Kate and Adam the owners of the House had gone and got me my very own golden tea cup!

Collecting it from the bar to another round of 'Your Laura!' I carried my tea cup around with me with utter pride! I love these guys!

Dead dolls house (13) Dead dolls house (14) Dead dolls house (3)

Now in true British fashion, what goes with a tea cup? Food of course!

Taking my seat with Wilkes, All things Meaty and the ever mysterious Clerkenwell Boy, we started with Salsify, Jerusalem artichoke drizzled in a light Vinaigrette

Dead dolls house (2) Dead dolls house (1)

We of course, all started snapping away. Typical blogger habits. 

Dead dolls house (18)

Then came the veal meatballs with gremolata. I loved these as they made for a great alternative to a bit of a plain pork meatball. Sorry Sweden, I think we do it better.

Dead dolls house (15)

Next were scallops and crispy pigs cheeks topped with fennel and apple. The scallops were lovely and fresh, and the fennel made a deliciously British twist on a seafod dish.

Dead dolls house (9)

Finally we shared the Tofu salad with wild broccoli, Garlic and Chili oil. I'm actually rather a fan of Tofu, so may have nicked more than my fair share.

Dead dolls house (16)

Same as this Wilkes then really. Food bloggers eh, cant take us anywhere! 

Dead dolls house (17)

After our picnic, the drinks started flowing. Dead Dolls House bartenders are amazing. I'd recommend the Gin Aviation and the Whiskey Sour.

Dead dolls house (8)

Like old friends, us bloggers chatted and laughed all night. Everyone at Dead Dolls House instantly becomes friends, its just that kind of place. So much so that the drinks really started flowing... one tequila... two tequila...

Dead dolls house (7) Dead dolls house (12)

But even after all that Tequila, I still couldn't be parted from my Golden Tea cup.

35 Hoxton Square.
N1 6NN

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  1. Those meatballs look luscious! Are you a member yet?

    Wish I could have made it :( Definitely going to take them a china dog along soon...

    Caroline x
    Cocktails and Caroline

  2. Awesome to have your own golden chalice!! Looks like such a great place and I agree it's soo nice to have a bar where you feel really at home. Food looks fab too!
    SilverSpoon London

  3. Shocking!!!!!!! Really beautiful photos!!!! I'm already hungry!!
    Eni K.


  4. This looks like an incredible place! Thanks for sharing :)


  5. That place looks incredible. I just discovered your blog today and am already loving it!!



  6. Haha that's awesome the story about your own tea cup, so kind and thoughtful :)
    I just love the homeyness of DDH, always so friendly and welcoming and the all-together style seating is the cherry on the cake
    x x x
    {The Lobster & Me}

  7. Mmm looks like delicious food! How cute that they got you your own teacup! :)


  8. Everything looks so good! How adorable of them to get you your own golden teacup. What a lovely touch!

    Katie <3