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Dirty Bones: Bones and Booze Tasting

Friday 7 March 2014
Dirty Bones (29) 
London is obsessed with burgers and to be honest, I think I was. Forget your bog standard cheese and bacon, I've tried them all, hash brown burger, crab burger, 5 cheese burger. You could say I've been round the burger block a few times.

Yet now, I'm pretty bored of burgers, and so like the (food) junkie I am, I was on the hunt for my next fix.

And that's when Dirty Bones came calling.

Dirty Bones (30)

Dirty Bones has been for a few month now, but they invited a few of us media types down for a Bones and Booze tasting night.

Dirty Bones rejects the burger cult and instead brings us the hot dog and and on-the-bone meat plates. OK, so burgers are being replaced by hot dogs, big wow. Oh but trust me readers, it is quite a big wow behind the scene's.

Ross Clarke, the man behind Dirty Bone’s menu comes from the Fat Duck Experimental Kitchen. Yes, that is where Heston's crazy experiments start life. So this ain't no ordinary dog.

Dirty Bones (4)

We started with a snack sized version of one of their most creative dogs, The Asian Dog. Kimichi Puree, Wasabi Mayonnaise, crispy seaweed topped with sesame seeds. 

A pure fusion of flavours is possible the only way to describe it. A exhilarating Japanese sensation, yet this American sausage bursts through. 

Ross told me, that they actually study the molecules is food via a machine they have to scientifically work out what flavours work best together and in what quantities. Now that's quality cooking.

Dirty Bones (3)

To prove this scientific side of Dirty Bones, out came Grilled and Smoked Pickles which when released through soft smoke into the air. 

Dirty Bones (2) Dirty Bones (5) Dirty Bones (1)

To kick of the booze for the night, this was paired with the beautifully named Mutt’s nuts, a Woodford reserve cocktail, with cinnamon and vanilla infused maple syrup, bitters and a slash of lemon and apple juice. 

Dirty Bones (6)

Now you may be thinking, what is this rather artistic bottle of ketchup?

Well, no there is a reason. I want to draw attention to this very special bottle of BBQ sauce. This sauce is made with marshmallows. Yes, you read that right. Apparently marshmallows have a higher gelatin content and so make a better 'stickiness' for the sticky BBQ sauce. Well I never!

Dirty Bones (7) Dirty Bones (10)

What's the one think Ross can't cook up in his lab? Good company- the lovely Nancy and of course Caroline.

Dirty Bones (9)

But then he went and distracted me with more food...

Dirty Bones (11)

Next we tried some of the titled 'bones'. Crispy spiced fired chicken wit charred lemon. By now, you also know I have a thing for chicken on the bone, so I'd like to say I'm a pretty good judge of the chicken kind. 

Well ladies and gentleman, this was spectacular.
 Dirty Bones (12) Dirty Bones (13) Dirty Bones (14)

Equally spectacular were the Bourbon Beans.

Dirty Bones (15)

And the Mac and Cheese was pretty good too. 

Dirty Bones (8)

Too cool off our mouths, we sipped Leo the Wonderdog, a Tequila and wine based cocktail with lemon. I can just picture this being their most popular come summer as it was so refreshing.

Dirty Bones (21)

Now what did I say about obsession with burgers? Well even Dirty Bones couldn't quite say no to what us Londoner's desire. Say hello to the Burger Dog.

Dirty Bones (19)

Aged Bavette and Beef Mince, rolled into a dog shape, covered in beer cheese, a drizzle of mustard and of course, the king of burger relish, Mr Ketchup.

OK, so I know I said I was bored of Burgers, but really, This. Is. Good. Everyone on the room was nodding with agreement.

Dirty Bones (18) Dirty Bones (17)

This was served with blackened peppers which were no looker and were all right taste wise, a little too blackened in my view however...

Dirty Bones (20)

I could have ate this little pot all day long. Wow, it may look like just a bunch of sweetcorn, but there was something magical about the Glazed & Charred Sweetcorn. I still don't know what, but I want, no need more!

Dirty Bones (16)

We washed this down with a big helping of Steak to the heart- a cognac cocktail with blackberries, raspberries, apple juice, and St Cosme little James basket press.

Dirty Bones (22)

After a dirty dog meal, a heart dessert isn't always wanted and the sweet section goes unloved. However, there will always be love for Cookies and Milk. A feel good, home comfort remedy.

Pretty innocent looking, I'll forgive you for thinking this is just another cookie. Incredibly, these cookies are steamed baked. Steamed! Well I never. Plus the milk is actually frozen milk- so I'm thinking that's ice cream right?

Dirty Bones (23)

The final cocktail of the night was Top Dog. Vodka, fresh strawberries, chambord, prosecco and a dash of lemon to finish.

By far my favourite of the night, I'm just such a girlie drinker.

Dirty Bones (24)

Or was it...

Dirty Bones (25)

Meet the forgotten course, Petit Four. Literally meaning small confectionery, somehow I think this one missed that note.

101 dalmatians is  a Baileys Chocolate hard shake with Vodka, Disaronno, cream an chocolate chip ice cream.  Its not quite a milkshake, not quite a cocktail, but by 'eck its devilishly good.

Dirty Bones (26) Dirty Bones (27)
I went expecting Dirty Bones to be like any other American Fast food restaurant, and yet what I discovered is underground experimental food cooking. I would have never have guessed!

So Caroline, are we converted to the way of the Dirty Bone? I think that grin is a big fat yes!

20 Kensington Church St
 W8 4EP

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  1. the food and drinks look amazing :) x

  2. Oh Jesus Christ. I will live in London, I will live in London, I will live in London... not that this is much good for me as a vegetarian but hey :) I literally gasped when I saw the tequila and wine cocktail and I am not one to physically react to the things I read normally! Can't wait to try this, it is going on my official list (a grubby post it tucked under my desk)
    Lucy xxx
    La Lingua : Food, Life & Travel in Italy

  3. Yumm this looks SO good! Yet another one to add to my list...I love the names of the cocktails too haha


  4. Mmmm beer cheese and burger dog sounds amazing! And the chicken looks so delicious. Yum!!

    Rosie xx

  5. Burger hotdogs? Oreo baileys disaronno petit four? steamed cookies? I feel like my foodie beliefs have been turned upside down - in a good way!

    You and Caroline look gorgeous as always! Even with such amounts of food being places in front of you!

    {Teffy's Perks} X

  6. As always this looks AMAZINGGGG!


  7. OMG you got to the best places! How do you not weigh a tonne girl, I need your metabolism!! xx


  8. This looks like the perfect comfort food but with a fun gourmet twist and the cocktails look divine.

  9. oh my goodness that looks amazing!!! I definitely want to give this a try! Your photos are fab! :) Also can't believe that the BBQ sauce was made out of marshmallows

    Life as a Petite

  10. All I have to say is oh em gee!

  11. MMMMMM! So, I go read Caroline's post, then flick over here and it's more bloody food. Thanks Laura, now craving mac and cheese! Lol, your blog is horrendous for my waistline!

    Katie <3