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Breakfast at the Sanderson Hotel

Monday 3 March 2014
Sanderson Hotel (4)

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It kick starts your metabolism, gives you energy to tackle the day and gives an all round mood boost.

This last week or so, I've just feeling a little bit... frazzled. Like I'm going 100 miles an hour with no break. So on the back of a little advice, I decided to book the day off and take things easy, starting with a good, hearty breakfast at the Sanderson to give me the energy to tackle my problems... failing that, the champagne will help me forget them.

The Sanderson, is a 5 Star London hotel- Luxurious yes,  but what makes it different is it has a cheeky side and  isn't afraid to splash out the wit. You might be familiar with their very famous Mad Hatter's Afternoon Tea.

Talking of Mad Hatter's, after feeling a little mad this week, a long flute of Champagne was much appreciated.

Sanderson Hotel (9)

Sanderson Hotel (10)

I might have to start sneaking this into my coffee mug at work, much better at perking me up. Smiling already.

However, what may have also perked me up was this lovely thing-

Sanderson Hotel (2)


After 3 weeks of not seeing her, because she was bloody jetting round the globe (Jealous? Moi?) she had finally returned. My my cocktail companion is back!

Sanderson Hotel (5)

Feeling more ready to take on the world, we started by getting out daily fibre quota with some healthy grains and nuts from the counter.

Sanderson Hotel (6)

Now onto those other important things; protein, vitamins and carbohydrates with a Full English Breakfast.

Normally I try to resist, as we all know, even if we try to forget, that an English Breakfast isn't very good for us. However Sanderson seem to have met us in the middle.

Less grease and less carbs, no it is never going to be saintly, but then once in a while wont kill me.

Sanderson Hotel (12) Sanderson Hotel (13)

Caroline had better will power than me, and ordered a fluffy egg white omelette with peppers, tomato and chorizo. Fancy giving me some of that will power...

Sanderson Hotel (14)

...Ok maybe we both need some, as we tried to avoid eye contact with the waiter as he brought us another plate. Pancakes.

Sanderson Hotel (11)

Ah a breakfast of Kings- or should that be Queens. 

Sanderson Hotel (1)

After having a long lazy breakfast, catching up on all the holiday details, I was feeling ready to take on the world. Problems, what problems?

Sanderson Hotel (8)

We decided to finish with a couple of smoothies as it is something I can carry on with back at work.

Sanderson Hotel (7) Sanderson Hotel (3) IMG_5252

One very happy bunny- but is that just an innocent little smoothie in that glass.. Champagne... ;)

50 Berner's Street
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  1. You look amazing and what a luxurious breakfast - the Oats so simple don't seem very tempting anymore LOL Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  2. Lol! Its great to kick start the metabolism with a glass of champers!! I love having breakfast out, its such a lovely treat. It would be smoked salmon, a bagel and poached eggs for me!! You and Caroline both look gorge, that pink top really suits you and no sign of jet lag on Caroline! Fab post, thanks hon.
    SilverSpoon London

  3. You are gorgeous! This has definitely made me hungry, if only it was acceptable to make yourself a breakfast at 11pm!

    Phoebe-Cate x

  4. Champagne for breakfast? You're my kinda girl lol!

    Anna xx
    Cinnamon Girl

  5. I love going out for breakfast. Also, did you know, a small fried (grilled...) breakfast can be better for you than granola. It's better to get a huge protein hit in the morning rather than all the sugar in cereals. Also, a fried breakfast is better than no breakfast (a mind-blowing piece of advice from my nutritionist!).

    Lovely post, I wish it were acceptable to have champers for breakfast every morning!

    Jess x, Love Adventure

  6. That bacon looks absolutely perfect. -drools- So do the pancakes. Dammit. Why do you do this to us?!
    Water Painted Dreams xxx

  7. What a fabulous breakfast. I am so hungry right now!

    Becky The Shutterbug Blog xx

  8. ummm, please tell me where you got that top from? I'm have a bit of a lust-affair and that colour is incred. What an amazing breakfast! I'm amazed at how healthy the fry up looks!

    Katie <3

  9. I love going out for breakfast, it feels like such a treat!


  10. That looks sooo yummy! I couldn't have champagne that early though!

    p.s your hair is amazing!


  11. What a superb breakfast I have only had afternoon tea at the Sandison. This clearly needs to change and I will have to head over for the yummy pancakes. Have you tried indigo at the near covent grd. If you haven't they do a wonderful weekend brunch x

  12. I really want to try tea here now. The pancakes, smoothies and cooked breakfast look delicious! I could defffo have champagne for breakfast, haha!

  13. I think this is the most amazing breakfast I've ever seen! What I would do to have them pancakes right now mmmm
    Kirsty x