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Ideal Home Show

Tuesday 25 March 2014
Ideal Home Show (14)

Unsurprisingly my favourite department at Harrods is the shoe department. More surprising is my second is not the food court, but in fact the home wear section.

I adore interiors. I spend hours looking around interior stores that have those room set ups. I practically sequel at the sight of cushions and bedding. Please, I even squeal at coffee tables!

So when a little ping went off in my inbox asking whether I would like to attend the Ideal Home Show, my squeals may have gone to new heights.

Ideal Home Show (10)

Hosted at Earls Court Exhibition Centre, over 3 weekends up till the 30th, it is where companies come together to show their products to the general public. 

One such company was Ekornes Stressless, my sponsor for the day. Meticulously developed and designed to adapt to your body, they are the kings of comfort. Currently they have been aimed at lets just say, the older end of the market up until now, however they want to branch into the younger spectrum, and so asked if a few of us would give our views. 

I don't know alot about the science behind sofas, so there was only one way I was going to give my opinion- the hands on method!

Ideal Home Show (12) Ideal Home Show (13)
Ideal Home Show (11)

My expert criteria consisted of two things- comfort and style. The new modern range definitely ticked these boxes, I may have fallen in love with the orange one, which is why I brought this one with me to remind me of a 3rd criteria- price. 

With my Lawrence Llewelyn-Bowen hat firmly on, we headed to see what inspiration we could find, and oh sweet heaven, I can never visit Ikea again after this finery!
Ideal Home Show (25) Ideal Home Show (2) Ideal Home Show (1) Ideal Home Show (5) Ideal Home Show (3) Ideal Home Show (4)

I am surprised I'm not single sometimes...

Ideal Home Show (24)

A random, but special shout has to go to Smeg for the sheer genius of making a denim fridge!

Ideal Home Show (15)

Of course, its not just inside the home that I love, but also outside. I would love a gorgeous garden full in bloom- which maybe a problem living in London mind.

Just maybe don't ask me to do the gardening in my heels either. Oooh maybe I'll hire a gardener like John Rowland...

Ideal Home Show (16) Ideal Home Show (7) Ideal Home Show (6) Ideal Home Show (17) Ideal Home Show (18)

An outside cocktail bar, now we are talking about MY idea home.

Ideal Home Show (23)

Another big part of the Idea Home Show is the future concepts and technology. Virgin Media were there with their 'The home of the future'. It was a home where everything is powered my technology and the internet and seamlessly interconnected.

Makes sense I found this one here then.

Ideal Home Show (21) Ideal Home Show (22)

Also handy for our the twitter drained phones, was the power pillows, aka charger in a cushion.

Ideal Home Show (19)

Argh, my boyfriends a robot!

OK, so far that I can tell currently, he isn't actually. Instead he found these bad boys- TV Glasses. Weird I tell you.

Ideal Home Show (20)

Feeling rather overly domesticated, which is something we just aren't as a couple, we decided to make a hasty retreat upstairs for a needed drink. 

Ideal Home Show (9) Ideal Home Show (8)

Well why not? It's only what those rich old housewives would do- when in Rome and all that.

Ekornes realise that a sofa just not just make a room, it has to be the complete overall finish. So they asked if I would pick my top 3 finishing touches products from the show together.


My first pick is this fantastic Atlas cushion from Sass & Belle. I'm actually moving house next week, and my new place is older- its the equivalent of a traditional American Brownstone with high white ceilings and wooden floors, so I thought I'd carry that theme threw in my interiors. 


Next I was drawn to this fantastic lamp by Culinary Concepts. The picture doesn't do it justice but its about the length of both my hands, so I plan to put a big white candle in it and have it as a working light source.


Finally, sticking to my roots, it was actually Dan who found these majestic wine goblets. Solid silver, they are without a doubt, the most amazing addition to my cupboard- actually scratch that, these are never going in my cupboard! Although it might be a case of these are never empty...

Let me know what your Ideal Home is like, what what interior style floats your boat. I love getting new inspiration, especially seeing as I'm moving. How would you style a Brownstone style flat?


  1. Yes, this would have made me squeal too!

    Sophie x


  2. My nan recently went to the ideal home show and she absolutely loved it!

    xxx | daisydaisyxxo

  3. Exactly! Although saying that I rarely seem to be home these days. Out at 8 back by 9. Oh Dolly P, what happened to 9-5? Haha xx

  4. I would love to go somewhere like this some brilliant pieces there

    Carrieanne xx

  5. I love these shows. Those sofas look amazing!


  6. Oh my God, you need to come to Milan for Fuori Salone. It's basically like what you did but spread across the whole city, lasts a week, is free and often includes free prosecco in the evenings. It's in April, think it starts the 6th? Drop everything and book flights, you won't regret it!! xxx
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