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Voodoo Blues

Monday 31 March 2014
Voodooblues (20)

Leave your prudish personality at the door, for tonight we are going to live like we have not a care in the world. Sexy, debauterous, glutinous behaviour, swirled in with a hint of voodoo. What's your poison?

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Nessa and I slipped into Roxx Club under a veil of red haze and crushed velvet for the press dinner of The Wandering Chef's latest pop-up, Voodoo Blues, a journey through the heady, debauched and frenetic night life of the Mississippi. 

Influence  by New Orleans blues and voodoo mysticism, the 7 course dinner was like no other, sitting still is positively discouraged. Dancing with the Voodoo master is however deeply encouraged.

Voodooblues (14) Voodooblues (12) Voodooblues (17)

Deep in the heart of the Mississippi, lives the Voodoo Queen. We were presented with her poison, do we want to proceed into this under world? 

Live like it is your last day on earth. Voodoo Okra Pickle Back's straight down our throats.

Voodooblues (18) Voodooblues (19) Voodooblues (21) Voodooblues (25)

And then came out the feast. We started Papa’s Pork Rinds with Cured Cucumber, JalapeƱo and Dill Relish, and Devilled Eggs, Crab Salad & Mama’s Creole Crab Sauce.

A real feast on the taste buds, the flavours were truly sensational. A eruption of moans and mmmmms could be heard around the room as we tucked in. 

Voodooblues (16) Voodooblues (15) Voodooblues (24)

Then a slow, steady drum beat started. That voodoo poison was kicking in, and soon we were up dancing with a blues band whist we grazed on BBQ Salt Beef Brisket, salad and with buttermilk ranch.

Voodooblues (23)

However we all rushed to our seats for The Sacrefice. 

New Orleans Po-Boy Slider with Soft Shell Crab, Latin Slaw & Smoked Chilli and Roast Garlic Mayo stabbed through a voodoo doll.

Who did I think of when I re-stabbed the doll? Now that would be telling...

Voodooblues (26) Voodooblues (27)

Rich, succulent, and extremely moreish, let me tell you, while the party had great pizzaz, its also about the phenomenal food.

Voodooblues (28) Voodooblues (29)

Quickly moving on from that dark thought we lazily feasted on Buttermilk Fried Turkey with a Spiked Cajun Remoulade Salad whilst sipping on whisky cocktails till we met HER.

The Voodoo Queen. The most exquisite woman.

Voodooblues (30) Voodooblues (31) Voodooblues (32) Voodooblues (33) Voodooblues (34) Voodooblues (35)

She was just the most fabulous, exquisite woman. I think I may have a slight girl crush on the Voodoo Queen.

Voodooblues (1)

The voodoo queen the presented us with the juice of our earlier sacrifice. And it was delicious!

Voodooblues (2) Voodooblues (3)

We then finished with a southern classic of Crawfish, Pork Belly and Grits with Bourbon, Chipotle and Smoked Tomatoes. Whilst Nessa was on the fence with this dish, I certainly lapped it up. I still don't fully understand what grits are, sort of a kind of savoury porridge, but I do know that I like them!

Voodooblues (4)

Finally we ushered into a lift, that dropped us deep into the depths of Roxx club to Marie Laveau’s Lair; a naughty boudoir, where we were told we were ready for our dessert...

Voodooblues (7) Voodooblues (8) Voodooblues (9) Voodooblues (10)

We then ended the night with some classic blues and dancing before moving onto the after party for Friday night at Roxx.

Voodooblues (11) Voodooblues (5) Voodooblues (6)

I met some amazing people in the Mississippi jungle including Gavin from I'm a Londoner , Elsa from The London Sinner and Alex from Yelp.co.uk and not forgetting the unforgettable The Wandering Chef duo themselves. 

Voodooblues (13)

A truly A-Mazing night. Voodoo, blues and debauchery, take me, for I want to live fast and die last.

Voodoo Blues will be held every Friday night at Roxx from April 4th 2014. 

Tickets are £55pp and entitle the diner, to a gorgeous welcome cocktail by Amathus Drinks, club entry for the after party, seven course feast and live entertainment.

Buy your tickets here at The Wandering Chef Website 

4 Winsley Street 

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  1. Sounds like an epic night. I love all the Voodoo elements and those powder dusted puddings are hilarious!

    Katie <3

    1. Oh Katie, I can't describe how good it was. I would definitely recommend it too you. X

  2. This just looks awesome!!! I've not been to anything like this in London before; looks perfect for a birthday party or hen do.
    Lot of love
    SilverSpoon London

  3. How do you always find THE BEST places in London? You really need to take me on a night out with you, looks so fun and you always find crazy little bars and restaurants I could never find!

    Would hugely appreciate a follow on Bloglovin! https://www.bloglovin.com/blog/4287801

    1. Aw thanks Lily! Many hours spent in bars I think just means you start to get a sense of whats coming up soon.

      Yes, if you are ever around in London, I'd be more than happy to take you around :)


  4. Christopher Evans-Gordon ( member of the wandering chef)31 March 2014 at 18:04

    This is a fantastically kind review, we are so glad you enjoyed your time.


  5. This looks absolutely incredible. i'm booking for the boy and I! Any idea what they do on a Sat? I'm looking for plans this coming one, but gutted they only do this on a Friday!

    Sophie X


    1. Voodoo Blues is only on a Friday and as far as I'm aware Roxx is just the regulars club on s Saturday? Are you looking for plans this sat? Xx

  6. Ahh Laura this looks like such an incredible night!!
    Love these kind of affairs, when there is such different entertainment to all other nights. So special!