Heroine In Heels is a top 10 London lifestyle blog aimed at the modern day woman. Covering things to do in London, restaurant reviews, hotels as well as where to go in the world when you want to escape London

Heroine In Heels is a top 10 London lifestyle blog aimed at the modern day woman. Covering things to do in London, restaurant reviews, hotels as well as where to go in the world when you want to escape London

Kandee Shoes (8)

This weekend, me and Helen had a very special girlie day. We played ladies of leisure at a Spa with glasses of champagne. Having secretly watched  many episodes of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, I decided to put on my best rich housewife inspired outfit and spend a day pretending I didn't have a care in the world. Well for one day we can escape the real world surely. 

Kandee Shoes (2)

A black thick dress never fails to add class to any outfit- team it with expensive jewellery, stilettos, and tinted 'no paparazzi please sunglasses' and no one will know the difference between you those housewives. Well until Friday afternoon when you look drained after a week of work, and by then I just want my slacks and slippers. 

Kandee Shoes (1)

By now you should all know my favourite brand of jewellery is Azuni, but I've now also discovered what could be my favourite brand of shoes. Let me introduce you to Kandee Shoes. Crazy, unique and a little bit mad, they are brilliant. I got 3 people comment on my shoes just on the way to the spa. You don't need to be a Desperate Housewife to get attention when you are wearing these bad ass heels. 

Kandee Shoes (4)Kandee Shoes (3)

Sunglasses- Ray Ban
Dress- Zara
Heels- Kandee Shoes
Neckance- c/o Azuni
Large cuff- c/o Azuni
Thin cuff- c/o Azuni

Kandee Shoes (7) Kandee Shoes (6)

Move over Lisa Vanderpump, Laura's coming for your crown.

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Chotto Matte (5)

There is a new menu cooking up quite a storm in Soho. Chotto Matte have just launched their new Tostadita menu, which is perfect for getting the girls (or guys) together and sharing some platters over their handy new cocktail menu too. Thought of everything haven’t they?

On Wednesday, me and some of my friends headed down for their launch party to see what it was all about.

Chotto Matte (10)

Chotto Matte serves Nikkei cuisine which is a Japanese evolution of Peruvian food. Executive Chef Jordan Sclare has created an affordable, tostadita menu, which essentially are tortillas topped with Nikkei flavors such a seafood, ceviche and chilies. Shaped like a pizza, it’s perfect for ordering a few and sharing amongst a group whilst letting off steam after a long day at work. 

They even have set up a dedicated Tostadita work station.

Chotto Matte (11)Chotto Matte (12)

 Of course I had to have a go at the manly version of their ice crusher. Just maybe don’t distract me.

Chotto Matte (13)

The as ever, gorgeous Angie and Caroline.

Of course when the idea behind the menu is sharing and relaxing, what’s a girl to do but grab a cocktail… or two?

Chotto Matte (6)

Sparkling Sake was very unusual but a clear winner for me.

Chotto Matte (9)Chotto Matte (19)Chotto Matte (27)Chotto Matte (8)

OK I lied, more like 4 cocktails. Well it would be rude not to try them, surely?

Chotto Matte (26)Chotto Matte (20)

However the star of the show wanted attention, so without further a do. Let me introduce you to the Tosadita’s. Prepare for some serious beautiful colours.

Chotto Matte (14)

Salmon guacamole with jalapeno and citrus soy salsa.  It had the qualities of sashimi, and the citrus made fora beautifully fresh taste. 

Chotto Matte (15)Chotto Matte (16)

Next was Sea bass hucatay with kumquat and coriander. Again done sashimi style, the flavours really lifted through.

Chotto Matte (18)Chotto Matte (17)Chotto Matte (21)

Tuna sashimi with Jalapeno, coriander and wasabi was firey hot- a real kick.

Chotto Matte (23)

Shrimp and lobster with yuzu creme fraiche was extremely succulent.

Chotto Matte (22)Chotto Matte (28)

Aburi black cod miso with baby gem and yuzu dressing- its almost too pretty to eat.

Chotto Matte (24)

Heritage tomato huacatay aburi with Kumquat, coriander cress and chive oil.

Chotto Matte (25)

Was it tasty Catherine? I think that's a resounding yes. 

Chotto Matte (29)

Of course, as Chotto Matte is perfect for friends, they have their own residents DJ booth, which I had to have a go at. With the Dixon Brothers from Kiss fm as my teacher, what could go wrong...?

Chotto Matte (30)Chotto Matte (1)

Finally we were treated to a platter of Petit Fours. Sugar and spice and all things nice after all.

Chotto Matte (2)Chotto Matte (4)

Chotto Matte's Tositdita menu is now on, so grab your friends, or impress a date with your gourmet snack food pallete. What more could they want from you?

Chotto Matte
11–13 Frith Street
Mildreds (6)

"Good drink, good meat, good god let's eat"
Holy Grace, as performed by Homer Simpson.

There are not many things I agree with Homer Simpson on, but by God I agree with this. I love meat. Bacon, chicken, duck, beef. Who doesn't love a good bacon sarnie in the morning or a hefty cut of steak? As you can see I get excited by the idea of crushing open a lobster.

I was brought up on the notion that a meal wasn't complete until there was meat in it. I once served my mum Gnocchi with a gorgonzola and spinach sauce, only when I presented it to her she asked, where the meat?

However at University I had a group of friends where 3 where vegetarian. Some how over these last 8 months, we've all ended up in London or the Home Counties, so we try to meet up once every couple of months for dinner. I knew that usually there may be one or two veggie friendly dishes on the menu at a standard restaurant, so feeling rather selfless I decided to book at an all vegetarian restaurant. Aren’t I Saint like?

For any vegetarians in London you probably already no of the institution that is Mildred’s. If not, where have you been hiding? Get your butt over ASAP, it’s about to change your life. Yes, string words there.

Mildred’s is a tiny little restaurant in Soho that has a strict no booking policy. Its packed to the rafters every night so don’t come too hungry, as by the time you get a table, you’ll be ready to eat everything! 

The menu is quite an eclectic mix from Mexican, to middle eastern to Italian, so none of this “Looks like I’m having the nut roast AGAIN”

Mildreds (10)

A few of us started with the Middle Eastern sharing platter of falafel with tahini, spanakopita, beetroot yoghurt dip, hummus and flat bread. Both Nessa and I fell for the Spanakopita, which I can only really describe as Spinach Pie with Feta. Simple enough, but there was something quite special about it. Please sir can I have some more?

Mildreds (9) Mildreds (11) Mildreds (7)

A couple of the girls went for the gyoza dumplings with mirin and soy dipping sauce.

Mildreds (12)

Of course the language of cocktails is universal. Here is some common ground.

Mildreds (2)

Starting already to feel the pinch, we settled down for our mains. 

I had to have a pie. I am northern after all. It was a mixed mushroom, porcini and ale pie with mushy peas and fries. Now a pie is something I hold in great esteem. Mess it up and there will be trouble. Luckily Mildred’s is quite safe from my northern wrath. More than safe in fact. It was heaven. Flaky and crumbly with an ooze of gravy once cut. There really was something quite special about the pie- in fact, and keep this on the down low, I think it was better than my last steak and ale pie. Shhh

Mildreds (1) Mildreds (13)

Others went for the fresh tortellini filled with pumpkin and ricotta, with a chestnut mushroom, white wine and cream sauce, drizzled with truffle oil. A may have pinched a mouthful and discovered that it was creamy, smooth and rich. A very decadent dish that that would make belly’s everywhere happy.

Mildreds (16)

Organic black bean burrito, with red pepper and green tomatillo rice, topped with tomato salsa and cheddar served with iceberg, sour cream, guacamole and pico de gallo.

Mildreds (15)

The stir fried asian vegetables with tofu in plum terryaki sauce with garlic and ginger and fresh chilli was a hit.

Mildreds (14)

Smoked tofu and white bean sausages, with carrot, parsnip and potato mash, wilted kale and pear cider gravy.

Of course one good thing about most restaurants is that dessert is nearly always vegetarian. Bring on the cake. 

Without a split seconds thought it had to be chocolate peanut butter brownie with ice cream and chocolate sauce. Anything with the word pecan in it and I’m sold. Signed, sealed delivered, I’m yours.

Mildreds (3) Mildreds (4) Mildreds (5)

Vegetarian or not, I cant recommend enough, grabbing yourself a group of your bestest friends and heading down to Soho for some fluffy-lamb friendly dinner. The food really is quite special here- truly. So go on. Do it for the baby lambs?

45 Lexington St,
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