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Chotto Matte Tostadito Launch

Friday 25 April 2014
Chotto Matte (5)

There is a new menu cooking up quite a storm in Soho. Chotto Matte have just launched their new Tostadita menu, which is perfect for getting the girls (or guys) together and sharing some platters over their handy new cocktail menu too. Thought of everything haven’t they?

On Wednesday, me and some of my friends headed down for their launch party to see what it was all about.

Chotto Matte (10)

Chotto Matte serves Nikkei cuisine which is a Japanese evolution of Peruvian food. Executive Chef Jordan Sclare has created an affordable, tostadita menu, which essentially are tortillas topped with Nikkei flavors such a seafood, ceviche and chilies. Shaped like a pizza, it’s perfect for ordering a few and sharing amongst a group whilst letting off steam after a long day at work. 

They even have set up a dedicated Tostadita work station.

Chotto Matte (11)Chotto Matte (12)

 Of course I had to have a go at the manly version of their ice crusher. Just maybe don’t distract me.

Chotto Matte (13)

The as ever, gorgeous Angie and Caroline.

Of course when the idea behind the menu is sharing and relaxing, what’s a girl to do but grab a cocktail… or two?

Chotto Matte (6)

Sparkling Sake was very unusual but a clear winner for me.

Chotto Matte (9)Chotto Matte (19)Chotto Matte (27)Chotto Matte (8)

OK I lied, more like 4 cocktails. Well it would be rude not to try them, surely?

Chotto Matte (26)Chotto Matte (20)

However the star of the show wanted attention, so without further a do. Let me introduce you to the Tosadita’s. Prepare for some serious beautiful colours.

Chotto Matte (14)

Salmon guacamole with jalapeno and citrus soy salsa.  It had the qualities of sashimi, and the citrus made fora beautifully fresh taste. 

Chotto Matte (15)Chotto Matte (16)

Next was Sea bass hucatay with kumquat and coriander. Again done sashimi style, the flavours really lifted through.

Chotto Matte (18)Chotto Matte (17)Chotto Matte (21)

Tuna sashimi with Jalapeno, coriander and wasabi was firey hot- a real kick.

Chotto Matte (23)

Shrimp and lobster with yuzu creme fraiche was extremely succulent.

Chotto Matte (22)Chotto Matte (28)

Aburi black cod miso with baby gem and yuzu dressing- its almost too pretty to eat.

Chotto Matte (24)

Heritage tomato huacatay aburi with Kumquat, coriander cress and chive oil.

Chotto Matte (25)

Was it tasty Catherine? I think that's a resounding yes. 

Chotto Matte (29)

Of course, as Chotto Matte is perfect for friends, they have their own residents DJ booth, which I had to have a go at. With the Dixon Brothers from Kiss fm as my teacher, what could go wrong...?

Chotto Matte (30)Chotto Matte (1)

Finally we were treated to a platter of Petit Fours. Sugar and spice and all things nice after all.

Chotto Matte (2)Chotto Matte (4)

Chotto Matte's Tositdita menu is now on, so grab your friends, or impress a date with your gourmet snack food pallete. What more could they want from you?

Chotto Matte
11–13 Frith Street


  1. Yum!! Looks fun.



  2. Love it! It was VERY tasty! These pics have defo reminded me to book in my eyebrow appt ASAP though! Devo I missed out on dessert :(

    C x

  3. Fabulous, gorgeous food pics!! Had such a fantastic night with you ladies, I can't wait for an dinner and cocktails session.
    Lots of love,
    SilverSpoon London