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Dirty Chicken and Chocolate Bacon

Friday 23 May 2014
Meat Mission (7)

I’ve ate at a fair few refined places lately. Pan Chai in Harrods, The London Cabaret Club and The Sanderson. However all these glamorous, yet expensive places are starting to give people the impression I was born some kind of silver spoon a la Made in Chelsea. On contraire my dear friends! Oh contraire! A lot of studying, interning in the city and working my arse off got me to the bright lights of London. So listen up kids, work hard now… means you can party later! I think that’s a better campaign than Michael Gough’s one right?

Anyways, because of this, after- lets just say after a night of too hard partying, I don’t want no fillet migon with petit pois and a red jus! I want something hard, dirty and dripping in hot sauce!

But first I must confess my sins of consumption of atrocious amounts of cocktails.

Forgive me Meat Mission for I have sinned.

Meat Mission (25)

Meat Mission is the sister restaurant of Meat Liquor. Occupying a old church, all those who come here preach the way of the dirty burger.

With a stain glass ceiling, church pews and scriptures, I was ready for my confession.

Meat Mission (23) Meat Mission (13) Meat Mission (12) Meat Mission (22)

Of course, if even at church you receive some wine, then it would only be fitting we started with some of the good stuff too.

Meat Mission (11) Meat Mission (21) Meat Mission (20) Meat Mission (8) Meat Mission (9)

We then decided to break bread… or chicken wings really. 

Meat Mission (16) Meat Mission (19)

And no, I don’t look glamorous when I’ve rolled out of bed with less than a clear head. Well I don’t have a hair stylist on standby like Made in Chelsea.

Meat Mission (14)

After repenting for our sins, we were granted a second chance. A second chance at enjoying the infamous burgers that the old Meat Liquor so diligently served.

One double cheese burger with bacon with dead hippie sauce and gravy soaked fries with fried onions.

Meat Mission (15) Meat Mission (10) Meat Mission (17)

And of course, more fried chicken for me! I love me some chicken!

Now, it is a sin to lie in church, so you know I am preaching only the truth here. BEST BURGER I HAVE HAD IN LONDON! Amen.

Meat Mission (18)

Meat Mission (5)

We then headed down to Camden for a little stroll, basking in our new found enlightenment- only to quite literally crash (I said I had a less than clear head) into this sign.

Chocolate Bacon? 100 combo hot chocolate? Faster than a nun in a brothel, we headed inside to candy land.

Meat Mission (6) Meat Mission (2)

Might Fine are a handmade chocolate and treat shop at Camden Lock. They had every combination of fudge you could ever imagine. Tequila, champagne... I could feel us slipping back into our old sinful ways.

Meat Mission (3)

Thats more like it.

Meat Mission (30)

Of course, like a kid in.. well, a candy shop! I dived behind the counter to make my own epic hot chocolate. Never let it be said I don't work for my food.

Meat Mission (29) Meat Mission (1)

First, select the flavour hot chocolate you wish, then which fudge you want melted into it, then whether you want cream and finally, what sinful topping you wish.

Meat Mission (26) Meat Mission (27) Meat Mission (4)

It may not look much, but oh boy, how wrong you are my friends. Cherry hot chocolate, with peanut butter fudge, cream and honeycomb on top. 

I am so going to hell for this!

15 Hoxton Market
N1 6HG

51 Camden Lock Pl,


  1. Brings a whole new meaning to burgers being my religion!


  2. Mmmm looks delicious! All I want now is a hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream. You look great even with a dreaded hangover! Little London Girl x www.littlelondongirl.co.uk

  3. I want hot chocolate now and I'm lactose intolerant, darn you!
    Water Painted Dreams xo

  4. looks like a really nice chocolate place, and I'm craving hot chocolate chicken wings just looking at these pictures - ahh all the comfort food x

    Check out my latest post on the Blog :)
    AL xx

  5. Ohhhhhhhh, MY GOD. The food looks incredible, uber jealous over here right now! Next time i'm in Camden I am definitely checking this place out! :)

    Hannas’ UK Beauty | Lifestyle blog @ hannatalks

  6. the wings look super yummy!


  7. Yummy sitting reading this starving and what I wouldn't give for pulled pork, fries and a orange hot chocolate. Lucy

  8. This all sounds so deliciously tasty and shut up about not looking glamorous - you still look gorgeous!

    Sounds like, come winter, i'ma be frequenting that hot chocolate place a lot!

    Katie <3