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Heaven On A Plate

Friday 2 May 2014
sanderson (3)

Every girl just wants to be treated right. A little TLC, R&R and some completely selfish me time is goof for the mind body and soul.

I’m not talking about chilling out on the sofa with a box of minstrels (although I can’t bash this) but no, I’m talking about real indulgence.

On Saturday me and Helen had just that. A spa day at Sanderson’s Agua spa followed by their legendary Mad Hatters afternoon tea in the actual spa. Can I just say I most defiantly died and went to heaven. Minstrels will never compare again. Period.

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The spa is the ultimate paradise in the heart if London. It is a world away from the hustle and bustle. We entered into a double story floor that had no walls, only thin, floating silk divide the gigantic spa. The sound of the lapping, tropical sea filled my mind. It took all my will power to not give a little squeal of delight when we were shown to our dressing room by the most serene women talking in hushed, calming voices. 

Elegant, luxurious, we have everything we desired at our finger tips. We had our own private pods to lay down in and let the world float by, a full work station of hair tools, and a lounge with magazines and detoxing juices. 

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Of course, I couldn’t leave reality behind too much- I had to get a reality biting #selfie

sanderson (3)

Robes are so this season darling!

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I have been ramping up my fitness routine lately, with daily morning sessions of weights. However I have bad circulation in my leg’s and so I have been struggling to tone them. One way to boost circulation is through a massage, so after discussing with the masseuse, she suggested a hot stone massage as the mixture of hot and cold, will get the blood flowing. Jen Selter, watch out. 

sanderson (8)

A stepped into my room and let the magic take place…

sanderson (13)

Oh my days, I can not express how heavenly, how amazing, how perfect that massage felt. To say the hands of God’s were working their magic on my legs might be a tad OTT, but in all seriousness, I have never had a better massage in all my life. It was quite surreal. 

Floating back to our lounge, we were greeted with heaven on a plate. Champagne afternoon tea to the sounds of lapping water, and dimmed lights. 

sanderson (9) sanderson (12) sanderson (17)

Sanderson's afternoon tea is based on the Mad Hatters Tea Party. Spinach rolls and rye bread sandwiches, thick cream drenched sponge and dark, rich chocolate; its indulgence on another level. 

sanderson (20) sanderson (16)

Everything is marked with a quirky twist, bring fun to an often stuffy afternoon hobby.

sanderson (14) sanderson (25) sanderson (24)

Of course a crucial part of  Afternoon Tea is well, the tea. Here, there is no Earl Grey or Breakfast Tea. I had Strawberry's and Cream, whilst Helen when for Mint Chocolate. 

sanderson (15) sanderson (18) sanderson (23) sanderson (30)

The cakes were moist, rich and had a good balance of sweet flavours without giving the candy coat sugar rush. The clock was the most delectable of all. 

sanderson (31) sanderson (29) sanderson (21)

Do you wish to travel down the Rabbit Hole? The Rabbit Hole of relaxation that is!

sanderson (28)
sanderson (22) sanderson (27) sanderson (26)

The Afternoon Tea is incredibly indulgent, and yet it surprisingly feels light. I didn't come away busting at the seams like I have in the past, which is good when I've been trying to work out at the gym. 

The entire day I felt like it was a dream, all my cares, fears and stresses just melted away. You will feel like a movie star here. No trouble is too much here. It is one of the best experiences I have ever had; heaven starts here.

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Oh and on a little final note, what is the answer to this riddle? Leave a comment below my beauties. Have a gorgeous, stress free weekend.

To book this package, get in touch below, you will not regret it:

Sanderson Hotel
50 Berners St


  1. Dreams?

    This place looks amazing. I've been the Sanctuary in London a few times but it's closing so I need to find somewhere new. This afternoon tea might just tip the scales.

  2. They're stars!!!

    This looks so amazing. But I couldn't get out of my head that it reminded me of something. You know A Little Princess (one of my all time favourite films) You two in your big fluffy dressing gowns on those beautiful Chaise Lounges look like the scene when the two girls wake up to find all their dreams have come true with that huge breakfast feast! Magical.

    Cat that got the cream for sure!

    Looks heavenly, I am so very jealous. Definitely booking myself in for a pamper day soon!

    Katie <3

  3. Hi lovely,

    The tea looks incredible, your writing makes me want it more and you, of course, look beautiful!! I love the green sandwiches and drink me bottles!! Is there any hotel more fun than the Sanderson?! Hope to see you soon!
    Lots of love,
    SilverSpoon London

  4. PS, Katie I love a Little Princess, Mr Silver calls me Princess Angie! I loved a Secret Garden too!!

  5. This place looks so relaxing, the workstation alone would have made my day. Lovely photos :) x


  6. Wow this spa looks so luxurious!! I also love the cakes and tea such a nice set up sounds and looks like you had an incredible time or shall I say relaxing ;) xx

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  7. Looks awesome, need to check in next time I'm in London!

    Cinnamon Girl

  8. What a lovely post! Looks like the perfect day..!

  9. The Sandison is a wonderful hotel so relaxed and service is always excellent. The spa looks divine the perfect place to relax Lucy

  10. I took my mum to the mad hatter afternoon tea earlier this year! It so magical!