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Made in the Shade

Monday 12 May 2014
Made In The Shade (1)

On Saturday I had everything I ever wanted in the comfort of my very own palm tree. No, I haven't been smoking some funky stuff, apparently Made in the Shade is an old 50's phrase meaning having everything you ever wanted in the comfort of your very own palm tree. No I don’t get it either, but I've been told on good authority that it’s a very good thing. So with the promise of receiving all my dreams, I couldn't turn down drinks in the Hoxton Bar, could I?

Made In The Shade (3)

The bar is far more relaxed and chilled than I expected, but then we were in Hoxton, so I guess that laid back, hipster vibe is to be expected. Big comfy sofas, a huge oak bar and not to mention a piano in the corner make for a rather relaxed and unruffled Saturday. Although I'm not sure 5inch Stilettos quite qualify me for Hipster status.

Set up by Jim Wrigley, a legend of a bartender, you know you are in the ultimate cool location when the bar is known locally as 'the bar for bartenders'.

Made In The Shade (6)

Me and Caroline had been out for a long, lazy and possibly boozy lunch so a round of Espresso Martini's were seen as not only advisable but a must. However this little fiend had a extra kick up its sleeve. Tequila!

Made In The Shade (7) Made In The Shade (9) Made In The Shade (10)

Well you only live once right!

Made In The Shade (5)

I decided to start on something a little more fruity after a lunch of salty sushi. Old Possum's Punch was a clash of rums and cherry jam. Come summer it will be a good little drink with a BBQ roaring. Although maybe on a cold, Saturday night, a little too fruit punch like for me.

Made In The Shade (4) Made In The Shade (11) Made In The Shade (12)

Seeing as we were in Hoxton, I couldn't not make a cool vibe effort style wise. Don't tell anyone though but my dress is distinctively not 'up and coming label' enough for Hoxton. Matalan- I cant help it, I just love you!

Made In The Shade (8) Made In The Shade (21)

Seeing as its billed as a bar tenders bar, I decided to take the risk and go blind. Bartenders choice. The result was something that had rum, orange and grapefruit in it. This one I liked.

Made In The Shade (19)

Caroline went for a grapefruit margarita, which again hit the spot.

Made In The Shade (16)

As the drinks flowed, the music turned up. 50's rockabilly music may have led to a few confident ladies getting up and swinging those hips in and out of the tables.

Realising that on Saturday it is one month exactly till me and Caroline jet off to Lindos for our girls, sun, sea and cocktails holiday we decided a final round of fruity summer cocktails were in order.

Made In The Shade (17)

Of course, holidays also usually mean the dreaded bikini diet, which tends not to go hand in hand with cocktails. So in a move of genius, I opted for the Block Rocking Beets. A very healthy tasting beetroot cocktail.

Made In The Shade (18)

Fruit is healthy, so of course it means this counts towards my five a day.

Made In The Shade (15)

With a little swing in our step, bright colourful pictures of Greek blue sea in our minds, we may have been a little unprepared for the wind once we stepped outside. I guess things really are Made in the Shade inside rather than outside the bar!

77 Hoxton St
N1 6PJ


  1. I could easily drink one of those now!

  2. A beetroot cocktail!! How unusual! Love the look of this place. Can't wait to hear all about your Grecian Odyssey!! Greek food is awesome!!
    Lots of love,
    SilverSpoon London

  3. Those cocktails all look so beautiful, would love to visit this bar

  4. I agree with Angie. I've had some amazing cocktails in my life, but beetroot isn't one of them! Sounds amazing! I think the blue of the Grapefruit Margarita may put me off, but looks like a lovely time. Can't beat a good cocktail!

    Katie <3

  5. These look amazing! :D