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Pan Chai at Harrods

Wednesday 14 May 2014
Pan Chai (6)

Harrods can be a wonderful place, filled with shoes, clothes and furniture (I told you before I adore interiors). However it’s a lesser talked about section that excites me- the restaurants.

A haven away from the heaving, desperate shoppers, me and Caroline decided to have an Asian inspired catch-up after being invited down by Pan Chai.

A small, bar style restaurant, with only 22 leather bar stools, we sat around the open-plan kitchen watching chefs handiwork.

Pan Chai (5)

And also keeping an eye on these poor souls. Happily still snapping away, sorry boys, I have a feeling the Harrods crowd like lobster for lunch.

Pan Chai (4) Pan Chai (10) Pan Chai (8)
Pan Chai (9)

Working in Canary Wharf, lunch is usually a rush affair, with a quick run down to the shops and back to the desk. I’m quite a regular at Itsu there; however I was desperate to try ‘Proper’ sushi. You know, fresh, quality sushi, and not that packaged mass produced stuff.

Pan Chai (12)

We decided to start first with some edemame beans and miso soup while we waited for the sushi and sashimi to be freshly cut and rolled.

Pan Chai (11)

Pan Chai makes for an excellent people watching spot, and there is plenty to see in Harrods. With this we had our back turned when our waiter came over. With a little cough to bring us back round, we were stunned. Toto, I don’t we are in Itsu anymore!

Pan Chai (14)

A steaming boat of Sushi and Sashimi!

Pan Chai (13) Pan Chai (15) Pan Chai (19)
Pan Chai (20)

Caviar topped sushi, gold leaf encrusted sashimi; it’s the Bentley of the sushi world!

Pan Chai (22) Pan Chai (21) Pan Chai (24) Pan Chai (23) Pan Chai (27) Pan Chai (17) Pan Chai (16) Pan Chai (18)

Remember when I went to Inamo and I failed miserably to use chopsticks? Well I've been practising! 

Pan Chai (30) Pan Chai (25)

The platter also came with a crab, avocado and osceria caviar salad. A delicious amalgamation of salty and fresh flavours. A real delight.

Pan Chai (26) Pan Chai (29) Pan Chai (28)

However, while we are approaching summer, that day it was rather nippy, so with all that cold fish, we were craving something to warm the old cockles. 

Pan Chai (2)

And what better way that with beef. But not any old beef, no this was the best beef I've ever had. Wagyu Beef in a bulgogi sauce. So succulent, tender, and juicy. Oh I could have died right there and then and been happy. This is the Bentley of beef!

Pan Chai (1) Pan Chai (3)

After cleanly finishing off the plate, we sat around and continued to people watch. There is none of that horrible rush here that fills the air of Harrods, the staff at Pan Chai are such a dream. Kind and attentive to make you feel relaxed after probably getting into a scuffle over who saw those Choo's first. 

Which reminds me, Harrods has a shoe department doesn't it...

Harrods Food Halls
87-135 Brompton Rd


  1. wowee!!! This looks fabulous! I must try it out when I'm next in London! x

  2. This looks amazingly luxurious! Love the gold encrusted sushi, but I think that beef would definitely win me over! Yummy.

    Katie <3

  3. Wow, that boat is seriously impressive! Typical Harrods, always going that little bit further :) xx
    The perks of being a hipster

  4. Wow it looks utterly amazing!

  5. What amazing presentation of the good, that sushi boat , ahh
    Keep in touch

  6. Wow harrods stuns us all once again! This really is an exceptional spread :)
    x x x
    {The Lobster & Me}

  7. Wow the sushi in the smoking boat looks really yummy. I normally only make it to the ice cream bar but this is now on the list to check out Lucy x

  8. This sushi looks soooo good. Also, tell your friend that her hair is perfect!

    I really love your blog and your lifestyle-sort of posts. Reminds me of The Londoner, and is sort of what I'm trying to go for! This could be the start of a beautiful blogship....

    xoxo Britt

  9. This would be my death row meal.