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Rum and Jinn

Tuesday 6 May 2014
jinn app (12)

I never order takeaway. Like never. I didn’t have my first takeaway until I went to university and to be honest, I think university was the last time I ordered some. My only vision of takeaway is disgusting, tasteless food, that doesn’t resemble quality in anyway.

That’s not to say I’ll cook instead, oh no, as you are well aware, I am not without sin. Instead of takeaway I eat out. A lot. However I will be quite frank, it can get a little… tiresome? I adore the food, I really do, but I have other things to do as well. After long hours at work, sometimes I just want to come home instead, or even sometimes I have to take work home, so the idea of delivery does sound easy.

Well, then let’s just say I got very excited when I discovered a new app. Any food, any restaurant, they will go and deliver it to you. That’s right, I’m not talking about delivery restaurants only, and I mean any. Waggamama’s, Hawksmoor, jeez, Nobu if you wish! They’ll box it up, and in no time at all, it’s at your door. Nobu in my PJ’s? Oh hell yes!

jinn app (13)

Theres no limit to what you can request, just type it in freestyle, and let the magic happen.

jinn app (1) jinn app (11)

But this weekend, with the sun finally showing itself, all I could think about was summer lovin’ and that meant one thing. The Rum Kitchen. 

jinn app (3)

The Rum Kitchen is a Caribbean inspired beach shack restaurant in Carnaby Street. Serving tradition Caribbean feasts like Jerk Chicken, Rice and Peas and a whole lotta rum baby!

Sticking Bob Marely on my laptop, we feasted on soul food- and maybe in our PJ's after all.

Arriving tightly wrapped in foil and a heat retaining tray, he went for the Jerk Fried Chicken Burger with scotch bonnet garlic mayo. 

jinn app (9) jinn app (7)

With a side of Roti and Choka with burnt tomato and garlic dip and a smokey aubergine dip

jinn app (6)

Sweet Potato Fries

jinn app (2) jinn app (8)

Saltfish Fritters with grilled lime and chilli jam

jinn app (5)

And for me? Soft Shell crab burger spicy tamarind sauce, ginger, aioli and guava-lime relish. 

jinn app (4)

The food from The Rum Kitchen is unreal. Just one bite and its all happy and sunny, no matter what the weather. 

Delivered in 45 minutes, it may seem longer than your local Chinese, but this is fresh to order from a restaurant. Not bad at all really. Although it took us significantly less time to demolish it all. 

jinn app (10)

Forget the tasteless, crappy takeaway, I think this is a game changer. Although it does mean I am even less likely to start cooking myself now! My addiction to restaurants just got bigger. 

To download the app for yourself, just click here:


  1. Aw wow.... so happy for you sharing this, i NEED it in my life!! I cook and eat out a lot, but as you said, sometimes there's nothing better than the food you want in PJs at home :) thanks for sharing, can't wait to try it out!!!


  2. That is so cool!! I cannot believe that something like this only comes out when I leave London. Just my luck!

    {Teffy's Perks} X

  3. Oh Laura. How I wish they delivered this to Leeds. I'm currently sat in my student sitting room, eyeing up this utterly delicious looking food.
    I want that crab burger so so badly.
    Emily xx
    My GingerBread Journey