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Lindos: Girls Break Away

Tuesday 24 June 2014
Lindos Blu (2)

Lifestyle blogs seem to be a euphemism for a little bit of everything these days. Food, fashion, nights out. I’m no exception, except there has always been one key section missing from my blog compared to other lifestyle blogs- travel.

I’ve never really had the opportunity to travel growing up, with the extent to my adventures taking me to caravans in Wales. However all that was about to change, as Caroline and I stepped on a plane to take us to Lindos in Rhodes.

We’d decided we needed a girls break away. I’ll be honest with you, I’m feeling the stress mount up more and more trying to juggle a City career and write this blog. I want neither to suffer, so it ends up being 2am write ups a lot of the time. So it was time to put down the keyboard, put down my mobile and take some time out.

Lindos Blu (28)

We were staying in Lindos Blu, an absolutely stunning hotel right on the beach front. Nothing was too small, or too much trouble for them, even to the point where we received a cheeky upgrade to our own villa. Private terrace, private pool- bloggers in paradise?

Lindos Blu (29) Lindos Blu (30) Lindos Blu (31)

What a view to wake up to.

Lindos Blu (34) Lindos Blu (12)

As I announced last week, I've just launched a new fashion collection in collaboration with Tina Lobondi. So my skirt is our own design. A perfect little number for holidays wouldn't you agree? To order, email me at heroineinheels@gmail.com Its a bargain at £65

Lindos Blu (11)


Lindos Blu (19) Lindos Blu (13)

Never having been to Greece I was keen to discover the local cuisine. First with a Greek Coffee and a Greek Salad. Why had no one told me before how good they are?

Lindos Blu (25) Lindos Blu (26)

Although while you can take the Brit out of Britain, you can't take the Britain out of the Brit. Cheese board please.

Lindos Blu (27) Lindos Blu (5)

However it wouldn't be a girls break away without some alcohol. I soon became very acquainted with The Hibiscus Daiquiri over our time.

Lindos Blu (7) Lindos Blu (8) Lindos Blu (21)

Yet as temperatures soared it was time to strip off- oh err- and do what we came to do, sun bath and swim.
My bikini is a cheeky little number from Matalan no less.

Lindos Blu (22)

Ahhhh sea hair.

Lindos Blu (23) Lindos Blu (35)

We lazed about in the sun all day, until it started to dip behind the mountains. We quickly rushed out to the edge to watch the beautiful sky change colours.

Lindos Blu (16) Lindos Blu (15)

Of course it wouldn't be a girls break away without some bubble either. I think this will help me relax!

Lindos Blu (33) Lindos Blu (32) Lindos Blu (14) Lindos Blu (17)

Once the sun was firmly down, it was time for us to get ready and come out. We sipped a few cocktails in the hotel bar before jumping into a taxi to Lindos town. But that my friends is for another post...

Lindos Blu (24) Lindos Blu (18) Lindos Blu (1)

But let's just say with some dutch courage, its going to be a fun night...


  1. This hotel looks amazing! What a treat. Love the skirt as well - well done you! x

  2. I'm getting major holiday envy!

  3. So glad you had a great holiday. I went to Pefkos last year so got to spend some time in Lindos and loved it. So beautiful!


  4. Whoa everything about that trip looks amazing! I shouldn't have looked at these pics so early at work... now I will be daydreaming of vacations all day.

  5. What an idyllic holiday! I miss girly trips...I'm usually with Mr S unless its a hen do. Looking forward to reading your take on Lindos, I really enjoyed Caroline's!
    Lots of love,
    SilverSpoon London

  6. Beautiful! Love all the flowers. Isn't the lighting so much more beautiful in other countries? Everything is photographable!

    Katie <3