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Selfies with Dorothy Perkins

Tuesday 10 June 2014
Dorothy Perkins (6)

Dorothy Perkins is a British Institution. Known for their key pieces and brilliant collaborations, its been a place I've been shopping at for years.

Today they have just launched an pretty awesome new competition which I just had to let you know about. 

They have just launched their ‘Destination Dress’, which will be the go-to place for all dress-worthy occasions, whether you need a dress for prom, graduation, a wedding or even just a night out with your girls. So to coincide, you can win a new dress every single month of the year!

All you have to do is take a Selfie wearing your favourite Dorothy Perkins dress and tag it using the hashtag #DPDressSelfie on either Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

We all love a good dress, and our dresses go to come pretty awesome destinations with us. They can take us from a relaxing holiday in the sun, to getting our wiggle on in the latest bar. However, I thought about this, and for me, I spend most of my time at work, and so of course I want to wear something gorgeous there too. I think work clothes can often get forgotten about in blogging, and so I thought I'd take you on a little journey of my daily destination- the working day through the eyes of #selfies

Dorothy Perkins (9)

Up and out early, its all aboard the tube for the commuter rush. Now ladies and gents, see that sign above? Yes, mind the gap... please, please do mind the gap. Take it from me, shoes can fall off into that gap...

Dorothy Perkins (7)

Working for a bulge bracket Investment Bank, the dress code is pretty smart, however I always make sure I have a swish pair of heels. Should I be this daring in my job? Hmmm.

Dorothy Perkins (1)

My day consists of lots of meetings and talking on the phone to people across the world. Going to meetings with some seniors in investment banking can be intimidating. There are definitely the personalities you see on TV, and so without coming across as the token girl, I do find that wearing something nice gives me confidence.  

Although I'm still left needing plenty of coffee.

Dorothy Perkins (5)

Though luckily this week my calendar is freeeeeeee.

Dorothy Perkins (2)

When I can I like to try and leave the office for lunch. I never usually have time for something big, but a sandwich in the sun is more than enough to keep me smiling.

Dorothy Perkins (3)

The most gorgeous light colour for summer, its fitted and classy so perfect for the office, but relieves me of the dreaded black attire that's usually staple. 

Dorothy Perkins (4)

Afternoons are like mornings; more coffee please! 

Dorothy Perkins (6)

Whist busy, there is always time for a quick selfie. All you have to do is upload one like this and boom, a new wardrobe could be yours? Pretty sweet.

As you can probably tell, I'm not usually a selfie person, and so my skills leave a lot to be desired.

So when I saw a girl taking a selfie on the tube going home, I though, better get practising, and so I just had to join in...

Dorothy Perkins (8)

To enter, all you have to do, is like me, and take a selfie, using the hashtag #DPDressSelfie

I'd love to see some great work selfies, as in the brilliant words of Destiny's Child- 

All the women who are independent

Throw your hands up at me
All the honey's who makin' money
Throw your hands up at me

Preach it Yonce.


  1. The white dress with black piping is really lovely. Perfect for summer, works well as an office and evening dress to hit London Town. Great competition Lucy x

  2. Such a gorgeous dress! Have a lovely holiday xxx

  3. Wish we had dot they Perkins here in India too .
    Nice dress
    Keep in touch

  4. Love the selfies. To be honest, my work outfits consist of pencil skirts and light tops (the office always gets really warm) I don't make THAT much of an effort unless I have meetings and things!

    I love that you make an effort and look lovely. I wish I bothered more!!

    Katie <3

  5. I love the dress. Could totally murder a sandwich like that right now!
    Water Painted Dreams xo

  6. Really great photos :) love your shoes and that lunch looks amazing

    Katie xx | Katies World

  7. I love seeing what people wear to work. I work in television and the dress code is the complete opposite. I could probably wear pyjamas and as long as the top and bottom didn't match no one would probably notice... it sounds great but sometimes I like an excuse to dress up and put on those killer heels!

    Your white and black dress is beautiful. I love how the piping gives it more structure than it would have otherwise.

    Sorcha x Bright Field Notes

  8. that is such a pretty/classic dress. I would TOTALLY wear that!!!!!!!