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City Girl Night

Friday 11 July 2014
The only problem with working in canary wharf is that you’re a city girl without all the perks- have you been to c.wharf lately? It’s hardly raving. Caroline used to work in the city so promised to take me and show me how it’s done. Apparently going to work, working and then going home is NOT how it’s done. Bad banker.
  Core Bar London (10)

We decided to try the newly opened Core Bar as it promised to “shake up our weekend and show us a good time”- sounding like a cheesy chat up line we just had to investigate; secretly who doesn’t quite like those lines?

Finding a table in the sun,I was surprised to find POPPING CANDY on the table! Are we not supposed to be financial professionals? Maybe a small child had left them by accident...

Core Bar London (8)

Oh, or maybe not. Fruit loop cocktail? I thought this was a serious career person kind of bar eh!

Core Bar London (9) Core Bar London (11)

Jelly beans? Caroline whats going on here!

Core Bar London (12)

So it turns out that the old saying work hard, play hard is defiantly driven into the souls of City folk. Once everyone clocks off. it serious down time o'clock. And if that includes a little childish fun, well why the hell not eh?

Core Bar London (15)

Which lead to the great idea of putting the popping candy in our drinks once we decided to head inside.

Core Bar London (19) Core Bar London (16)

Only I may have got a bit of a shock...

Core Bar London (17) Core Bar London (18)

Turns out some alcohol and popping candy cause quite a explosive reaction!

Core Bar London (21)

Of course what City folk would we be if there wasn't shooters involved. Give us one of everything, I think I've got alot of catching up to do.

Core Bar London (22) Core Bar London (1)Core Bar London (2)

After we may have ordered another round or two and fendied off the advances of some rather drunk City boys, we decided to call it a night... but not before we got some pre hangover cure Dim Sum from Ping Pong.

Core Bar London (4) Core Bar London (5) Core Bar London (6) Core Bar London (7)

Fuelled by our City Girl night we devoured the lot with little grace but washed down with more than a few tipples.

Core Bar London (20)

I think I may have to relocate from Canary Wharf, or better still, I could start a Wharf revolution. I'll bring the party to me.

10-15 Queen Street,

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  1. Popping candy and alcohol? Amazing!

  2. What a fun night!! I love the popping candy and alcohol combo!!
    Lots of love,
    SilverSpoon London

  3. I need to try popping candy in my cocktails.

  4. I need to try this looks like so much fun, Great pictures.

    Gaby x


  5. What a great night out. A mixture of adult fun and reliving childhood sweeties. Popping candy and alcohol sounds fab I need to give this a go Lucy x

  6. It looks like such a great place, defo going to try it out. xx


  7. I was just commenting on Caroline's blog that she ate at Bodeans which is round the corner from my office and this is another refurb'd haunt that I need to add to my list!


  8. Drag the party into Mayfair please darling. Things need to be shaken up a bit around these parts!

    Katie <3