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Date Night

Wednesday 23 July 2014
   Tortilla burrito (14)

Saturday just gone I woke up around 10am. This is such a rare treat lately- and even rarer is having Dan about at the weekend. Lately our lives have just seemed to have become mad busy, and Dan has been travelling back and forth all over the place, so it was great to just lie in. Although reality may have caught up a little for one of us and it was off to the office… guess which one? Instead I decided to use my free time for a spot of mooching around London. Carefree in this glorious heat.

Tortilla burrito (11)Tortilla burrito (12) Tortilla burrito (13)
Tortilla burrito (15)

Have you noticed that when the sun comes out in London, everybody seems to descend onto whatever open space they can find. Everyone suddenly forgets that time exists and just lets the world roll on by- including me which is why I didn’t snap too much.

Come 9pm though and I was pretty famished and so we decided to meet up and hit up some dinner.

Now me and Dan don’t exactly have ‘Date Nights’. We aren’t really the conventional couple in that sense. We never have really, but I think that’s a combination of factors- first we’ve been friends for nearly 5 years and yet only been dating for less than a year, second, we both had stupid busy lives and finally, when my job as a blogger is mainly around food, going out for food dates just seems… well it doesn’t appeal and it kind of loses the magic of a date. I mean we both eat out about 4 times a week for dinner!
  Tortilla burrito (6)

And so one of those dinners out was at Tortilla. As a couple, fancy restaurants don’t do it for us. We want something delicious, unpretentious and usually with a fun atmosphere. Tortilla is darn good at filling those requirements. Burritos, tacos or bowls; there are endless filling combinations, which for two very hungry people was as welcoming as a roaring fire at Christmas. We decided on naked burrito- same fillings just less carbs. While they may not make the most artistic pictures, do not judge a book by its cover as I will tell you now, they were delicious.

Tortilla burrito (19)

Dan had chicken, loaded with onions and peppers with lime and coriander rice.

Tortilla burrito (16)

I had the pulled pork, which was rich, spicy and unbelievably juicy. I topped with a multitude of rice, beans and lots of guacamole.

Tortilla burrito (18)

Big shout out to the nachos though- fully loaded and ready to go. A party in my mouth I think.

Tortilla burrito (17)   Tortilla burrito (2)Tortilla burrito (1)

Tortilla burrito (3) Tortilla burrito (4)

Even better though- Frozen Margaritas slushy machine! Oh yeah. 

Tortilla burrito (20) Tortilla burrito (5)

The place got even busier as the night drew on and had great vibe. It’s no surprise really as its far far better than any horrible late night place you might find. We decided to finish with a little stroll down to Trafalgar Square- by which I mean cross the road.
  Tortilla burrito (7)Tortilla burrito (8) Tortilla burrito (9) Tortilla burrito (10)

Normally it’s a place we try and avoid due to tourists, although this time, Dan did blend in rather well with his two strap look…

13 Islington High St
N1 9LQ
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  1. I love Mexican food, might have to search out this restaurant next time I'm in London!

  2. Hey Laura, I'd like to find somewhere that does great fish tacos! We had amazing ones in California and I've just never seen them here! Do you know anywhere?
    Lots of love,
    SilverSpoon London

  3. Oh gosh, that food looks amazing. I love unpretentious places, and totally agree that It needs to have a friendly vibe!

    Sounds like a perfect day.

    Katie <3