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Grazing and Boozing

Monday 28 July 2014
Graze Filofax

The rush hour commute in a morning can be horrific, especially in this weather. No matter what I am wearing I still seem to sweat profusely (sorry for that mental image). Which is why, when I had a very important meeting to go to where I needed to give a rock star performance, sometimes a cheeky taxi is worth it.

Yet a non sweaty brow isn’t all that’s needed for success. We need fuel. No not fuel for your taxi, I’m talking breakfast; which is why I just had to share this with you. 

Graze Box (2)

Addison Lee have teamed up with Graze Box and now in every taxi you book there will be a Graze inside.

Its pure genius!

Graze Box (3) Graze Box (5)

Early mornings they put in the Brainy Breakfast. In the evening they have Party Pretox and airport runs they include the Long Haul Refuel. I think its brilliant. 

Graze Box (8) Graze Box (10)

Perfectly portioned snacks of healthy nuts, seed and fruit; its better than scoffing that muffin on the tube wouldn't you agree?

And its pretty darn yummy.

Graze Box (7) Graze Box (6) Graze Box (1) Graze Box (11)

My taxi was taking me to a important meeting I had in The City which I had been up all night going over again and again in my head. Thankfully by mid day it was out of the way and I had a nice quite afternoon to do as I pleased.

Taking advantage of the good weather- which lets be honest probably wont last- I decided to take a stroll along South Bank and go for a little picnic.

World Duty Free (12) World Duty Free (6) World Duty Free (9) World Duty Free (11)

And meet up with this babe, the ever gorgeous Frou from the amazing wanderlust Facebook page FrouLoves.

World Duty Free (13)

My meeting had gone pretty darn well, and I've got lots of exciting things on my horizon, which is why we decided to spice things up a little bit with a spot of afternoon boozing. 

How very middle class of us.

World Duty Free (7)

One of my new favourite drinks is a little tipple called Pink 76. Its a twist on classic French cocktails by throwing pomegranate juice into the mix.

It was designed by the pretty epic Charlie McCarthy from All About the Cocktail for World Duty Free, and since receiving a copy of their new cocktail book, I've been hooked. 

World Duty Free (8) World Duty Free (14)

They are super easy to make, so yes, even in a park. Grab yourself the key ingredients and get shaking:

You'll need:
  • 20ml Belvedere Intense Vodka
  • 20ml Cointreau
  • 10ml Pomegranate Juice
  • 25ml Veuve Clicquot Champagne
  • A cocktail shaker
World Duty Free (1)

Pop open your champagne... easy peasy. 

World Duty Free (2) World Duty Free (15)

Glug in the Belvedere- go on add a little more. Shhh no ones watching. 

World Duty Free (16) World Duty Free (3)

Add the Cointreau and pomegranate and getttttt shakinggggggggg! 

World Duty Free (4)

Its good the bingo wings.

World Duty Free (5)

Serve in a chilled flute and relax. 

I think all meetings should end like this don't you?

I'll pop all the details below for your power meeting prep. Enjoy lovlies.

http://www.addisonlee.com/ - Remember to mentio Graze when you book to make sure they don't forget.
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  1. What an awesome day!! Cocktails in the park, what more do you need on a summer's day!!
    Lots of love,

    SilverSpoon London

  2. Cocktails in the park sounds like the ideal way to unwind after an important meeting and I love Graze boxes so agree that it's a great idea of Addison Lee's to offer them in their taxis!

  3. what an amazing idea of Addison Lee's - makes me want to jump in a cab right now! That cocktail sounds pretty amazing too, definitely one for me to try.

  4. Wow, that's such a cool idea! Also, cocktails in the park, a perfect way to spend the day!

    Jx - www.feelingstylish.co.uk

  5. Cocktail in park , nice idea
    I must try the brainy breakfast
    Keep in touch

  6. Cocktails in the park is how every good meeting should end. Frou's dress is stunning.

    Graze in Addison Lee is a brilliant touch, happy customers!

    Katie <3

  7. What a clever idea to have Graze boxes in taxis!! Very nifty indeed...