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Restaurant Story

Monday 7 July 2014
Restaurant Story (9)

Food evokes the best stories. Food can play with your senses, your imagination and your memories. Powerful feelings can occur with every bite, throwing your mind into a world of endless enjoyment.

Which is why after postponing far too many times to count, finally me and Caroline went to Restaurant Story to discover what food adventure lay waiting for us.

Headed up by chef Tom Sellers, it opened in April 2013 and gained a Michelin star only five months after opening. Inspired by Chef Tom Sellers’ culinary career and the history of British food, the dishes are an edible story, each one inspired by a memory of his.

Restaurant Story (5)

However I’ll think you’ll agree it’s more of a saga than a story with either 6 or 10 courses. However they like to give you a little teaser while you decide- think of it as the blurb on the back if you will.

Restaurant Story (16) Restaurant Story (11)

We started with crispy cod skin dotted with smoked cod roe, carrot tops and something called gin botanicals. This was always going to be an original kind of story…

Restaurant Story (10)

Something called nasturtium flowers with a oyster sabayon- No I haven't the foggiest, shhhh I wont tell anyone if you won't.

Restaurant Story (12)

There were "Storeos”- squid ink biscuits with a smoked eel mouse filling. Forget marshmallows now, these are amazing!

Restaurant Story (14)

A good slab rabbit fingers topped with tarragon cream and carrost pickled in bergamot.

Restaurant Story (13)

And finally ending with one of the prettiest dishes- the razor clam shells with crispy barley annnnd champagne snow! Snow!

So had we decided on our Story? It was only ever going to be the 10 wasn't it?

Restaurant Story (17)

Now do you remember that picture of the candle? See I'm testing your attention to my post now. Well that's because that turned out to be part of the first course. 

Bread and dripping- where the dripping is the candle. Cue gasps of amazement and some made exciting clapping from a certain someone... OK it was me.

Restaurant Story (32)

Next up was Lamb with grilled salad and sheep’s yogurt. 

Restaurant Story (15)

While only a small taster, fear not as as one plate was whipped away another came in its place- although I've been a bad blogger and can't for the life of me remember what this was. But it I do remember doing a oooh and ahhh as I ate it.

Restaurant Story (18)

Next was the onion, apple and old tom. I love charred onions and so this was a great little dish.

But I soon forgot all about it when this came into view...

Restaurant Story (26)


Restaurant Story (27)

Which can only then be duplicated when this arrived. Double wowsa.

Restaurant Story (28)
Restaurant Story (29)

A basket of langoustines for us to pick our favourite one. So evil picking which should be our dinner tonight.

Restaurant Story (30)

Once picked the chosen one is cooked and served with Wild stems and clam broth which is poured at the table.

Restaurant Story (31) Restaurant Story (19)

Carrying on the seafood pallet, we were treated to scallops with cucumber and dill ash. Luckily, it doesn't taste of ash in the sense we are all thinking of. 

Restaurant Story (22)

I just loved the texture of the mixed radish and fried onion medley.

Restaurant Story (21)

But it was this that had me smiling. Mashed Potato. Simple, but something that really did bring out the memories. Think mum's home cooked dinners after a long day at school. Minus the flower of course. 

Restaurant Story (20) Restaurant Story (23)

We both decided to have the additional Raw beef, apple and summer truffle. Extremely rich, but a dish to make your mouth sing with delight.

Restaurant Story (24) Restaurant Story (25) Restaurant Story (33)

Lamb, fat and sweet potato- what's more is there to say than mmmm.

Restaurant Story (1)

The savoury finale was something that made my face light up when I saw on the menu. Foie Gras. I know its controversial, but by god its good. It had been brulee'd on top, which meant a little crack and your spoon dipped into sweet, rich, almost fudgey goodness. Oh gosh I just love Fois Gras.

Restaurant Story (4)

Whilst that was the end of the savoury chapter, part two of our saga commences with dessert... or two.

Simply called Almond and Hay, this was such a light, refreshing dish. A real melt in the mouth, happiness inducing flavour. 

Although forgive me as anything that included ice cream has me smiling. 

Restaurant Story (3)

Of course no dessert story is complete without chocolate in my eyes, which was happily fulfilled by red berry sorbet and dark chocolate dust. Now that hit the spot.

Restaurant Story (2)

Finally we had had lemon 3 ways- meringue, cream and some crazy lemon ice shaving. Utterly refreshing. I can imagine as the the weather gets warmer, it would be the perfect end to a lovely long lunch.

Restaurant Story (7)

Story is one of the most exciting, mesmerising and fascinating food journeys I've been one. Every dish was complete surprise, and yes me and Caroline did play 'Guess the presentation' game (we were rubbish).

I'll tell you know, it isn't cheap at £80 for the 10 course, but if you want to experience something quite incredible, its worth it. 

Restaurant Story (6) Restaurant Story (8)

Food has such a powerful meaning to me and so anything that can stir up emotions and memories, and leave a last smile on my face- I'll drink to that.

199 Tooley Street

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  1. I'd forgotten how beautiful the food was! I loved that mashed potato!

  2. I've read about this tasting menu before... Feel like I need to save a tad beforehand but looks like it's worth it :)

    Sophie x


  3. It all looks so lovely - I love foie gras too, so bad but soooo good! I ate somewhere recently and they called it goose liver parfait on the menu, but it was definitely just foie gras!!

    Rosie xx

  4. I have heard about this before, but after your lovely photos I think I definitely need to go and try it! Thanks for sharing x

  5. The food is so stunning. Chef's are so clever making appropriate works of art for our palettes. I want to go now too!!

    Katie <3

  6. Wow what an experience! I have never had a tasting menu and it must be a whole new way of eating and enjoying food - I particularly love the idea of the edible candle!