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The Gin T Garden

Monday 14 July 2014
York and Albany Gin T Menu(9)

Ah sunshine. In Britain when it decided to poke its little head out, us lot run to the nearest piece of open space- a park, a beach or more usually a pub. So making use of the short time we’ll inevitably have, me and Caroline decided to head out into a pub garden of shorts too. Except with less beer and more Gin. Hurrah!

York and Albany Gin T Menu(13) York and Albany Gin T Menu(11) York and Albany Gin T Menu(10)

The York and Albany; Gordon Ramsey’s little pub, has just launched their Gin T Garden. Afternoon Tea with my kind of twist- Tanqueray Gin T cocktail along with all the traditional sandwiches, scones and cakes.

Seated outside to catch maximum rays, we settled on a pot of Earl Grey & Grapefruit Sour. Made with Tanqueray No. TEN, Earl Grey tea, grapefruit, lemon, agave and orange bitters, I will admit I was sceptical- it didn’t sound anything thrilling….

York and Albany Gin T Menu(12) York and Albany Gin T Menu(14)

I can honestly say it was delicious. Really, it was something special, and I could have drank another one… oh wait, we did. Blame the good weather. 

York and Albany Gin T Menu(25)

Also for you fashionista's my little flirty number is from ASOS- I've got so many compliments on it, and yet I bought it on a total whim. Enjoy.

York and Albany Gin T Menu(24)

We then eagerly waited for our afternoon tea for two…

York and Albany Gin T Menu(23)

Now Afternoon tea is pretty much a universal thing- there are oodles of sandwiches, a couple of scones each and always so many cakes, you give yourself tooth ache just looking at them. Which is why when it arrived we gave a puzzled look to the waiter- “Is this it?”

York and Albany Gin T Menu(15)

There was one square of pork belly flat bread and one square of smoked salmon each. Savoury wise that was it. Now I do hate to moan, especially as really the food was outstanding, especially the pork, so tender! But really? This was my lunch.

York and Albany Gin T Menu(19) York and Albany Gin T Menu(17) York and Albany Gin T Menu(16)

There was a gorgeous, crumbly scone each with some light, fluffy cream. Scone’s always make me think of the British Summer. Pimm’s and Scones- now that’s what summer is about.

York and Albany Gin T Menu(18)

We each had Liquorice macaroon with sweet lime ganache.

York and Albany Gin T Menu(22)

An Elderflower panna cotta with Tanqueray No. TEN jelly

York and Albany Gin T Menu(21) York and Albany Gin T Menu(20)

And to finish off, Tanqueray No. TEN Gin & tonic chocolates

Now you may be thinking, but that would satisfy you surely? Well no not really. It’s the fact that the price is so wildly wrong. What you see if for two people which comes in at £48 and the Gin cocktail is separate at another £14. That’s £62 for this!

I can’t fault the taste as it really was scrumptious, but after a mouthful we’d polished off the savoury, and didn’t really fancy having pure sugary for lunch.

So what did we do?

York and Albany Gin T Menu(5)

We ordered a pizza!

Caramelised Onion and 4 cheese. It really was delicious, and certainly filled our savoury hole.

York and Albany Gin T Menu(6)

Moving on from the price/ quantity saga, it was fabulous food. The scones were just what the doctor ordered, and I loved the sharp lime macaroon. Even if it looked a little strange!

York and Albany Gin T Menu(7) York and Albany Gin T Menu(8)

It's such a shame that the price is wildly inflated for the quantity as the website clearly states Afternoon Tea, but never the less it is delicious. So I'll let you make up your mid whether you think its worth it. 

However the staff were very understanding with our complaint and offered us some fresh out of the oven scones to keep our belly's full. 

Happy days! 

127-129 Parkway

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  1. wow, thats such a fancy place , i love the presentation of food.. nice kettle
    love your dress
    keep in touch

  2. I see what you mean about the quantity and in comparison to other teas that's really poor value for money! At the Intercontinental it was free flowing champagne and lots of food for £45!! And there are no sandwiches!! Gasp! Still I love York and Albany, some of the best food in London so at least what you had was tasty!
    Lots of love,
    SilverSpoon London

  3. First of all those gin cocktails look amazing! I especially like the look of the cucumber one. Secondly though, I would have also been super disappointed with the amount of food - I usually prefer the savoury parts of afternoon tea so would have been annoyed to only have those small amounts!

  4. Wow yea, that's a bit of a sad amount of savoury for an afternoon tea. I see why you ordered the pizza. Looks pretty delicious though and that's good of the staff to offer some scones!

  5. Hmm I would want more savouries definitely but my god it does look good x

  6. That looks amazing, but I can completely see why you needed the pizza! xx

  7. I absolutely love your hair - just thought you should know!

    Gwenayfer | PeacockBeauty.net