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World Class House '14

Wednesday 30 July 2014
World Class 14 (27)

This week started rather nicely. After a rather silly weekend of Pedi busing it around London Bridge (Don't ask) and trying not to burn burgers on a makeshift barbie, it was rather a sophisticated evening for me on Monday.

World Class is the drinks industries most prestigious mixology competition in the World. From all over Mixologists show the judges what they can do and create. It's like the Oscars of the drinking world.

This week they have opened up the doors of their own luxury Georgian Townhouse for consumers for cocktails from these masters, tasting classes from the brands themselves and some other rather unique experiences. 

World Class 14 (30)

This is for those who take their drink very seriously indeed, and apparently their decor too- just how beautiful is this place?

World Class 14 (29) World Class 14 (28) World Class 14 (9) World Class 14 (26)

A number of brands had their own bar on spread over the entire house. Tanqueray No. Ten was my favourite of the night. Elegant, sophisticated and very refined. Gin done well.

World Class 14 (31)

The Au'Pear Martini was so crisp, delicate yet still full flavoured.

World Class 14 (33)

The house is spread over 5 stories with dozens of rooms and bars. And if you look har enough, some hidden passage ways too...

World Class 14 (10) World Class 14 (13) World Class 14 (32) World Class 14 (12) World Class 14 (21)

You might remember a while ago I attended a Johnnie Walker Masterclass. Since then I've had rather a little love affair with Whiskey. I've worked with Johnnie Walker before so one of the main excitements of the night was the sneak preview of the new Johnnie Walker film; The Gentleman's Wager. And no obviously Jude Law wasn't a draw...

World Class 14 (22) World Class 14 (23)

Can all cinema's have this set up please?

World Class 14 (24)

We first had a little talk on Blue Label, with a rather ingenious invention by Johnnie Walker- the individual scent notes of the whiskey have been captured and bottled. 

Its a new tool they use in whiskey tasting for novices who need to learn to break down the smell.

World Class 14 (25)

However without further a do here is the film itself. Grab yourself a whiskey... or you know a cuppa and enjoy.

World Class 14 (8) World Class 14 (7) World Class 14 (34)

After mopping up my drool from Jude I wandered over to what looked suspiciously like a kitchen.

But my kind of kitchen... covered in cocktail ingredients.

World Class 14 (1)

Alexander & James are a premium spirit gift service. You can buy exclusive brands, gift sets and something rather fun...

Your own mixologist at home! Best party idea ever.

World Class 14 (4) World Class 14 (3) World Class 14 (2) World Class 14 (5) World Class 14 (6)

And it tasted even better because I made it.

World Class 14 (11)
(Photo Credit- Wilkes McDermid)

I rounded off the evening entering the world of Don Julio's Jalisco (Mexico). Getting into the South American spirit, the talk may have led onto those South American ladies behinds.... I swear it was the men! Nothing to do with me.

So obviously we had to take a #Belfie. Well when in Rome Mexico.

I can't recommend World Class House enough to you. Whats this, you'd like to go?
Well your in luck- its on all week!

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  1. Love the #Belfie. start a trend! Definitely sounds like my kind of evening. Wish I had a chance to go this week. Just super jam packed!

    Have fun tonight btw and good luck!

    Katie <3