Heroine In Heels is a top 10 London lifestyle blog aimed at the modern day woman. Covering things to do in London, restaurant reviews, hotels as well as where to go in the world when you want to escape London

Heroine In Heels is a top 10 London lifestyle blog aimed at the modern day woman. Covering things to do in London, restaurant reviews, hotels as well as where to go in the world when you want to escape London


Afternoon tea in Claridge’s is all about the refined, classic tradition. The setting is beautifully elegant, yet relaxing, with sofas and cushions. Served with a pianist whose songs drift sweetly under the chatter, a traditional selection of sandwiches, scones and award winning pastries are presented. There’s a reason why Claridge’s been serving afternoon teas for 150 years.

Afternoon tea is served daily at 3pm, 3.30pm & 5pm or 5.30pm at £50 per person.

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Sanderson Spa

The Sanderson do a wonderful afternoon tea downstairs in their terrace, however few people know is that you can have it in their Spa. In conjunction with booking a treatment, follow up with their Mad hatters Afternoon Tea. Based on Alice In Wonderland, think kooky fillings, and clock shaped pastries- there's even a mystery bottle entitled 'Drink Me'. Best part is eating in your robes though.

The Mad Hatters Afternoon Tea is served between 12:30pm and 5:30pm, at £38 per person- Ask for the Spa option.

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The Knightsbridge Lounge

The Knightsbridge lounge is a gorgeous little place. It feels cosy and relaxed, with deep sofas to sink yourself into. The Distinctly Knightsbridge Afternoon Tea is influenced by the gardens of Hyde Park- think salmon from the Serpentine and swan shaped pastries. Although with an added twist of a very sugary nature. Think marshmallows and sherbet.

The Distinctly Knightsbridge Afternoon Tea is served between 3pm and 6pm, at £37 per person.

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Lane of London

Set in a cosy room overlooking Marble arch and Hyde Park, afternoon tea is an traditional affair. Big pots of tea that are clear so you can watch the brewing tasking place. Cucumber, and egg and cress sandwiches, light buttermilk scones with thick jam, and the most beautiful pastries. A relatively new kid on the block, but not one to be overlooked.

Afternoon Tea is served between 12:30pm and 5:30pm, at £23 per person.

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Birthdays come once a year, which means they should be spent having the most fun you possible can. It is after all, the one day when people will treat you extra nice. 

Last year I spent it having a rather typical meal with a handful of friends. This year? I hopped on a plane to Barcelona. 

At midday, a taxi picked me up where I met an excited Caroline. We started as we meant to go one, drinking champagne in the taxi, and eating the best brownies ever aka Caroline’s special recipe.

We decided to start with a bang, and flew business class, which meant free bar!

After only 2 hours in the sky, we landed in Barcelona, where we whizzed off the Ohla Hotel. The Ohla Hotel is a new five-star hotel located in the heart of Barcelona, right next to La Ramblas, meaning it was the most perfectly located hotel for nipping to all the sightseeing spots.

ohla hotel (22)

On the roof, is the most amazing terrace, with spectacular views over Barcelona. This is what really sold it to us.
ohla hotel (18) ohla hotel (19)

Just look at that.

ohla hotel (21) ohla hotel (20) ohla hotel (23)

With no time to spare, it was time to get the first birthday drinks round in under their canopy huts.

ohla hotel (25) ohla hotel (26) ohla hotel (27) ohla hotel (24) ohla hotel (2)

After chatting, and giggling away for what seemed like ages, we headed back to our room for a quick change, ready to hit the town.

My outfit comes from Zara and Matalan, which are all well worn staples in my wardrobe.


But the new additions are this gorgeous peridot ring- the birthstone of August- from Gemporia, which I just love. How pretty is it?

ohla hotel (8)

And of course, little red heels from Caroline, from Tatty Devine. So in love with these. 

ohla hotel (3)

We had a bit of time to kill, so setting up the boom box, we blasted out classic tunes and drank champagne. What better way to celebrate a birthday!

ohla hotel (4) ohla hotel (5) ohla hotel (7) ohla hotel (6) ohla hotel (16)

We were fully in the party mood now, and so we headed back upstairs for some more drinks. 

ohla hotel (14) ohla hotel (17) ohla hotel (10)

With more than enough champagne in our systems, we decided to have vodka cocktails at our table. I do love how the Europeans make everything so strong. Wow, we weren’t going to need many of these!

Our one complaint was that the sound system was just so quiet, but fear not, Caroline whipped her boom box out of her bag- seriously, women do carry the most bizarre things in there bags!

ohla hotel (9) ohla hotel (15) ohla hotel (13) ohla hotel (12)

I have never seen sweets before as bar snacks before. London, please take note!

ohla hotel (1)

I'm sure you have that friend too, that you can just chat about anything too. Never is there a dry moment, and usually everything ends in laughs and giggles. Well Caroline is just that, meaning my birthday was an absolute hoot!

After what must have been hours giggling away, we decided to call up a taxi, and head off into Barcelona's bar scene. This is where the camera ends, and probably best too.

I had such a fantastic birthday, and maybe the headache the next day to prove it, but fear not as there was lots of food to aid our recovery's. More on that next time...
Holborn dinning room (10)

Birthdays come once a year, but that doesn't mean they only have to last once day. 

This year I'd taken quite a hedonistic approach to my birthday and booked a mini break to Barcelona, yet the girl who loves all things London, couldn't not do something in my favourite city. 

Barely 15 minutes from my house, I decided to head to Holborn Dinning Rooms- well if the celebrations got a bit wild, I'd be able to find my way home easily. 

Holborn dinning room (9)

A few weeks ago, me and Dan went for brunch there. A refined but bustling brasserie, that is beautifully charming, with reclaimed oak furniature, antique mirrors, red leather booths and those grand copper bars you see in the movies. We loved it so much we wanted to see what evening would be like.

At brunch we has discovered that the bread they served for the toast was incredible. Light, doughy and incredibly moreish, which is why we decided to step up our game an order the entire loaf. So much for no carbs before marbs Barcelona.

Holborn dinning room (11)

Holborn Dinning Room's menu is different to most restaurants, in the sense they don't have clearly defined starters and mains. They have a charcuterie section, a hot and a cold section and a crustacea area which judging by price alone, are the stater alternatives. It would also make for a great tapas style meal.

We however opted to have wild boar salami, which we slavered on the ancient loaf bread.

Holborn dinning room (12) Holborn dinning room (13)

Having lapped up the boar we were eagerly eyeing up the woman across the rooms steak, when these appeared in front of us.

Holborn dinning room (1)

A entire dish of langoustines! Compliments of the chef for my birthday. How thoughtful was that?

Holborn dinning room (15) Holborn dinning room (14)

Say hello to my little friend....

Holborn dinning room (2) Holborn dinning room (3)

I may have just got a year older, but sometimes I'm still childish as I was 10 years ago.

Holborn dinning room (4)

Nailed it.

Holborn dinning room (5)

After all of that, we'd almost forgotten that we had steak to come. We had the chop of the week which was an amazing 28 day matured steak.

Truly melt in the mouth.

By the end we were clutching our stomachs- full but very happy. We refused dessert to enable us to actually walk home. However just before we staggered out, I was presented with this cutey.

Holborn dinning room (6) Holborn dinning room (7)

If the food was this good here, I can only imagine what Barcelona is going to be like...

NO 252 High Holborn,
United Kingdom 
Copa De Cava (2)

Today is my birthday! Yay birthdays! I'm about to get onto a plane in a few hours to sun myself and chink glasses to another year older. So I thought if I'm doing it, why can't you?

My blog would be nothing without you, my readers, and so I wanted to thank you. The blog has given me so much, and given me the oppertunity to go to some amazing places, and be invited to try some delicious food. I hope that my blog inspires you to go to them, but in case you haven't managed to go, I decided to give away a meal to a restaurent I went to earlier in the year and just fell in love with.

Copa De Cava (18)

Copa de Cava is the UK's first Cava bar in London, and is in a little magical brick vault. Cava is a sparkling wine, which in the past was referred to as "Spanish champagne", although its not allowed under European Union law any more, as Champagne is a protected name under something called Protected Geographical Status.

Yet it is not to be sniffed at. Cava is as prestigious, and as much a labour of love as Champagne is, it just hasn't quite translated over to us Brits yet.
Copa de Cava also do the most wonderful Tapas. Think cured meats, ceviche and some more unusual items like whole octopus tail!

Copa De Cava (22) Copa De Cava (12) Copa De Cava (6)

Now before anyone comments, no this is not in conjunction with Copa de Cava. This is out of my own fair pocket. I just wanted to introduce someone to this little gem. I fully support small businesses and this is a shining example. 

So the prize is a £45 meal at Copa de Cava. I'd say this this is for 2, but of course you are more than welcome to go as a group of friends. There is no date, the winner just has to let me know when they are going and I will put £45 on your table, so of course you are more than welcome to spend more if you like. 

I'm afraid this is a restaurant in London, technically anyone can enter, but realistically it's probably only a London giveaway. But fear not, I am going to do another one for everyone else soon too. 

So to enter, all you have to do is:

@laurajhyatt is having a birthday #giveaway. #win a meal for 2 at @CopadeCava Enter here: http://www.heroineinheels.com/2014/08/birthday-giveaway-meal.html

Do this by using the rafflecopter below:

Good luck! x

33 Blackfriars Lane