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Camden Beach Is Open

Friday 1 August 2014
Camden Beach (18)

London has many a good things for summer. Restaurants, bars, museums, history- but the one thing we don’t have compared to other city’s is a good old beach.

But wait, what’s this? 150 tonnes of white sandy beach in the heart of Camden? Say what?

Welcome to Camden Beach.

Camden Beach (2)
Camden Beach
Camden Beach

Me and Caroline attended the launch party to scope out what will be occurring at the main events.

At Camden beach there will be food, music cocktails and even a swimming pool! Oh and of course good old Mr Whippy.

Deckchairs a plenty, you can also hire a private beach hut for up to 8 people. I’m looking forward to mine later on this month for the television, a fridge of alcohol, and all the candy floss and rock a girl could need.

Camden Beach (14) Camden Beach (15) Camden Beach (17)

Remember girls though, this is a proper beach…

Heels are not sensible…

Camden Beach
Camden Beach (13) Camden Beach (16)

Caroline got it right

Camden Beach

With face painting, silly peep boards and a lot of cheesy selfies, the party roared on which can only mean good things for the rest of Camden Beach's time.

Camden Beach

With the sun beating down  on us, there way only one thing to do. Grab a chair, a drink and maybe a beach ball or two and enjoy the British Summer.

Camden Beach (9) Camden Beach (3) Camden Beach (20) Camden Beach (1) Camden Beach (5)

And a British beach would never be complete without a cheesy brass band.

Camden Beach (4)
Camden Beach

Why travel outside of this glorious city when you have it all on your door step? Pass me my bikini and I might see you at the main event in later this month.

And if you fancy your own hut, here's that cheeky link too- http://www.roundhouse.org.uk/whats-on/2014/camden-beach-2014/beach-huts/

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  1. Looking forward to seeing you on the beach later this month!!
    Lots of love,
    SilverSpoon London

  2. Ah looks like you had an absolute blast!

  3. i so want to go this beach and stay in the hut .. u girls look lovely

  4. This looks amazing! I definitely need to go here, I love Camden anyway but this just makes it even better x

    Gegsy Lifestyle & Fashion Blog

  5. That last picture is just stunning! I'm so excited for the beach this weekend! Looks awesome.

    I'll be wearing wedges ;)

    Katie <3