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Hello Summer Moments

Tuesday 19 August 2014
Daniel Footwear (10)

Can I say summer is here, without jinxing it? Yes I know we are in mid August but as I sit here typing away wrapped in my thick fur throw, it is absolutely lashing down with rain. Typical. 

However for the most part, it's been pretty sunny outside. So don't think you'll find me confined to my- albeit so super cosy throw- no no, I'll be outside wandering around London seeing whats going on. 

Daniel Footwear (1)

I'll be completely honest, I'm not really a jeans person. These are in fact my only pair. Resigned to house only/ dash to the corner store, they weren't very stylish. I was struggling to find something summery to wear with my new gorgeous booties (which don't you think are like sex on legs?), so I did something a little bit wild. I took a pair of scissors to them. 

The rips and holes are all down to my own fair hand- which for a pair of jeans from a charity shop, I think I've saved myself a pretty penny. 

Daniel Footwear (8)

Plus I think they make my booty look rather perky. 

Daniel Footwear (9) Daniel Footwear (2) Daniel Footwear (7) Daniel Footwear (6)

Jeans- Zara (Plus DIY)
Boots- c/o Daniel Footwear*
Necklace- c/o Azuni*
Clutch- Alphabet Bags c/o Costa*

When we had that ridiculous heatwave about a month ago, I discovered something rather wonderful. Iced fruit drinks. I know I know, what is this, the 90s? But seriously, I'd just never had one before. 

Anyway, I'm working with Costa on their new summer menu, which has some pretty tasty treats as well as your go to coffee, so looking out on my instagram for some seriously yummy food- err hello to the giant fondant fancy! But in the mean time, I am addicted to their Strawberry and Lime cooler. It's like summer in a cup.

Daniel Footwear (3)

Daniel Footwear (4) Daniel Footwear (9) - Copy

So say hello to those all important summer moments. Strap on your walking boots and drink to the British sunshine.


  1. I'm not a jeans girl either...but I love how you've added your own signature look to them! I got to see the look in person and you looked awesome!
    Lots of love.
    SilverSpoon London

  2. Looking good girl! I still love this whole outfit!

    Katie <3

  3. Looking amazing as always hun :D

    Hannah xxx

  4. Nice jeans, nice pictures! I am sure that in one hundred years people will still wearing jeans!

  5. Witwoo, looking gorgeous Laura!
    Costa do a cracking fresh lemonade too, parfait!
    M x Life Outside London

  6. I'm not really a jeans person either, but I have several pair "/ lol. Adoring your clutch! (: & Wishing more sunny days your way.

    ♥ | www.connect-the-cloths.com | xoxo

  7. Definitely looks as though summer has given up!

    But, that outfit - bang on! Loving the customised rips as well.

    Em x Hmm maybe...