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Pre-Birthday at Holborn Dining Room

Tuesday 26 August 2014
Holborn dinning room (10)

Birthdays come once a year, but that doesn't mean they only have to last once day. 

This year I'd taken quite a hedonistic approach to my birthday and booked a mini break to Barcelona, yet the girl who loves all things London, couldn't not do something in my favourite city. 

Barely 15 minutes from my house, I decided to head to Holborn Dinning Rooms- well if the celebrations got a bit wild, I'd be able to find my way home easily. 

Holborn dinning room (9)

A few weeks ago, me and Dan went for brunch there. A refined but bustling brasserie, that is beautifully charming, with reclaimed oak furniature, antique mirrors, red leather booths and those grand copper bars you see in the movies. We loved it so much we wanted to see what evening would be like.

At brunch we has discovered that the bread they served for the toast was incredible. Light, doughy and incredibly moreish, which is why we decided to step up our game an order the entire loaf. So much for no carbs before marbs Barcelona.

Holborn dinning room (11)

Holborn Dinning Room's menu is different to most restaurants, in the sense they don't have clearly defined starters and mains. They have a charcuterie section, a hot and a cold section and a crustacea area which judging by price alone, are the stater alternatives. It would also make for a great tapas style meal.

We however opted to have wild boar salami, which we slavered on the ancient loaf bread.

Holborn dinning room (12) Holborn dinning room (13)

Having lapped up the boar we were eagerly eyeing up the woman across the rooms steak, when these appeared in front of us.

Holborn dinning room (1)

A entire dish of langoustines! Compliments of the chef for my birthday. How thoughtful was that?

Holborn dinning room (15) Holborn dinning room (14)

Say hello to my little friend....

Holborn dinning room (2) Holborn dinning room (3)

I may have just got a year older, but sometimes I'm still childish as I was 10 years ago.

Holborn dinning room (4)

Nailed it.

Holborn dinning room (5)

After all of that, we'd almost forgotten that we had steak to come. We had the chop of the week which was an amazing 28 day matured steak.

Truly melt in the mouth.

By the end we were clutching our stomachs- full but very happy. We refused dessert to enable us to actually walk home. However just before we staggered out, I was presented with this cutey.

Holborn dinning room (6) Holborn dinning room (7)

If the food was this good here, I can only imagine what Barcelona is going to be like...

NO 252 High Holborn,
United Kingdom