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Tweet 4 a Table

Tuesday 5 August 2014
tweet4atable (17)

My parents came down to visit this weekend which always begs the question, what the hell do I do to entertain them? 

I could pretend to want to go round all the touristy things with them, but then that would be a big pretence. So instead I decided to show them the real me- one big hungry foodie.

tweet4atable (21)

The Co-op have literally had a stroke of genius when it comes to their marketing.

They are running something called Tweet 4 a Table currently all over the country, where by tweeting at the dedicated account with your reason why you should be chosen, you can get a free lunch for you and your friends.

All the food served is from the Co-ops own summer range, meaning its something you can easily recreate at home- pretty genius eh?

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With a little pop up cafe in Brick Lane, I got to show them the hipster side of London (no they hadn't a clue what a hipster was) before settling down in surprisingly sunny outside for a spot of good old summer BBQ food.

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All sounding ridiculously dirty, we were all reduced to munching on the cardboard signs to keep hunger at bay whilst we waited.

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Luckily a bowl of naughty nachos arrived just in time.

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Swiftly followed by the real deal. 

We all went for dogs- sorry dawwwwgs. Although I think mine won-

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A utter filthy mess of pulled pork, BBQ sauce, cheese and onion rings. And for good measure- some chilli cheese fries. You know because on its own that dawwwwg isn't enough. Obviously.

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Although Nessa's did come close- I mean nacho hot dogs. Got to give them some credit for that genius move. 

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GIF of the day...

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After we had chowed down on what was a pretty awesome meal, we took the edge off with something sweet from the co-ops new mini dessert range. 

tweet4atable (8) tweet4atable (7) tweet4atable (10)

At the end of the meal we were given this- but fear not- its not a bill as the entire thing is free!

No its how much it would cost to make your meal at home for one person. £4.99 for that? You'd pay over double at these cool- hipster burger joints eh?

Fancy a free meal too? Then get you fingers out and get tweeting! For once tweeting has a purpose other than to view Kim K's Selfies. 

1st – 3rd AugustLondonTruman Brewery, Brick Lane
8th – 10th AugustNewquayBoardmasters, Watergate Bay
10th – 12th SeptemberLiverpoolParadise Place, Liverpool One
17th – 19th SeptemberManchesterExchange Square, outside Selfridges
24th – 26th SeptemberNewcastleGrainger Street, outside Urban Outfitters


  1. we need one such in delhi too

  2. I went to Tweet4aTable when it was in Leeds and was so impressed with the food! Had me wanting to track down all the recipes immediately!

    North of London - Beauty Blog

  3. This looks so cool and the food looks amazing too! x


  4. This is such a great idea...well done co-op! Looks incredible too. Hope you had a lovely time with your parents hun, we should have a catch up soon.

    Hannah xxx

  5. I love it! They never do cool stuff like this is North Wales though.


  6. I have seen people tweeting and joining in this wonderful work of PR genius. It is a great concept and glad that the food is as good as the concept Lucy x

  7. This is such a cool idea - I'm definitely going to have a go at tweeting for a table!! I love the funny pics!

  8. Gutted I missed this. Would have loved some free food, especially when it looks this good!

    Hope they do it again soon!

    Katie <3