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Who To Look Out For- Food & Drink

Wednesday 13 August 2014
Yelp summer bash (9)

London has so many places to eat, drink and be merry, it can all get a little bit overwhelming. With so many places popping up all the time, it's quite easy to get lost in a sea of big names, and fancy places with oodles of PR.

I love scoping out small, unknown eateries; I'm secretly hoping to find a life changing meal. So last week I went to Yelp's Summer Bash to scope out who to look out for in the coming months.

If you don't know Yelp, there the worlds largest review site and such a handy tool to have when trying to gauge whether that new quirky restaurant is East London cool or just a bit run down.

Armed with a stretchy skirt, I tasted and drank my heart out (in the name of research of course) and have put together a handy little post about who I think you should look out for and go try over the next few months.

Yelp summer bash (6)

Research I tell you, research...

Yelp summer bash (14)

First we start with cake. Always cake.

Ms Cupcake are the naughtiest Vegan cakes in town. I'm no Vegan, but I know many people are and yet its so hard to eat out when following a vegan lifestyle.

The good thing about Ms Cupcake is that I had no clue they were vegan until after I'd demolished the red velvet sandwich. Not because of the taste, hell no, but because I then noticed the sigh. Oh Laura...

Rich, indulgent, they are extremely moreish for something without eggs and butter. They are practically a health food!...

Yelp summer bash (18) Yelp summer bash (15)

Of course one cake is never enough, so I present to you, Bad Brownie. Oh and they are so bad ass. 

These peanut Brownies have peanuts, peanut butter, peanut brittle AND brownie base made of Reese's cups! Holy smokes.

I think the best brownie I've ever had was from Kooky Bakes, however I think this might have matched it. Trust me, go get one!

Yelp summer bash (17) Yelp summer bash (16) Yelp summer bash (19) Yelp summer bash (13)

Now I know Hotel Chocolat isn't strictly small time, however I wanted to let you know about their new Chocolate Making Class. I can't think of a better way to spend a weekend than getting covered in chocolate and licking the bowl. I was a messy child OK?

Yelp summer bash (12) Yelp summer bash (11)

Oh and their Champagne Truffles were pretty darn fine too.

Yelp summer bash (2)

Now we have to have something Savoury, so my choice for you is Big Apple Hot Dogs

Influenced by the great city of New York and its love for street dogs, these are big, messy and down right delicious. Top with what you like from onions to gherkins, and every kind of sauce imaginable. Perfect.

Yelp summer bash (3) Yelp summer bash (5) Yelp summer bash (4) Yelp summer bash (1)

Now I think it's safe to say we all know I like a little tipple now and again... ahem. However usually you find me with my glass firmly in hand. I don't tend to like messy drinks...

Yelp summer bash (20)

Yet this has to be the coolest thing I've ever seen. A Vodka Luge. Yep as it sounds, straight vodka puoured through a elaboratly carved ice skupture straight into my open mouth.

Yelp summer bash (21) Yelp summer bash (22) Yelp summer bash (23)

I told you it was straight vodka.

Available to hire, I'm defintly doing this for my next party.

Yelp summer bash (24)

Now to more my style- cocktails at a bar. Babylon at Roof Gardens have just started making some pretty cool creations. Not only are they doing pretty darn good cocktails, but they've also come up with edible cocktails too. Yes, little bites of alcoholic goodness.

Yelp summer bash (25) Yelp summer bash (26) Yelp summer bash (27)

This is a lemon merangue cocktail. Yes like the pie, but it's actually made with vodka and lemoncello. Carefull though, it will get you drunk. Eating is cheating... say what now?

Yelp summer bash (30)

And finally, becuase I am a little bit barking mad, I decided to sign up for Kankun Sauce's chilli challange.

They make some delicious mexican table and cooking sauces, but also man, some pretty hot ones. Not strictly a place to eat out, but I couldn't not show you my hot sauce face...

Yelp summer bash (7) Yelp summer bash (8)

Such a beauty eh?

Well I hope this has inspired you and given you some new things to go try.

Let me know if you go, and tweet me a picture. If you liked this and want me to do more wheres good to go style posts, let me know below. Enjoy.


  1. I've got true food envy right now - it all looks amazing! I love spicy food and a bit of heat but I'm not sure I'd be brave enough to enter the chilli challenge, haha :)

    Meg at Meg Says

  2. Some great tips, thanks lovely!! One of my friends from university started Bad Brownie and it's great to see how far it's come!
    Lots of love,
    SilverSpoon London

  3. Bad brownie is by far the best around. I always head straight for them at Street Feast! Little London Girl x

  4. i am a big foodie and this looks like heaven to me
    i so want to try the browine
    keep in touch

  5. Ahh how I love the London food scene.
    Ms Cupcake is from Brixton I think, aren't they?? And Badass Brownies do a famous bacon brownie as well if I'm not mistaken!
    Looks like such fun =)

    {Teffy's Perks} X

  6. Your chilli face is the best!! All these look so yummy - I love Bad Brownie's caramel sauce. That stuff is literally like crack. I want to know how you manage to maintain such a good figure when you get to go to these types of amazing foodie events :)

    Tamsin xx | A Certain Adventure

  7. Omg those brownies look incredible. I really need to get back into baking - I miss it so much!

    Katie <3