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1 year work anniversary

Thursday 18 September 2014
Eelbrook Fulham (5)

1 year, 365 days, and what honestly some day feels like a lifetime, is the amount of time I have spent in my job. 

Tuesday marked my 1 year anniversary at work. Strictly speaking I moved to London a couple of weeks beforehand so I can't say its 1 year in London, but well, when there's a chance to celebrate I'll take as many reasons to as possible. 

In my book, celebrations mean champagne, and so glass firmly in hand, I reclined on Eelbrook's terrace overlooking Eelbrook common in Fulham. 

Eelbrook Fulham (6)

I wont lie, it's a very yummy mummy area, so I half wished I had a pair of over sized sunnys and a giant designer tote with me. Work-aversary present?

Eelbrook Fulham (7) Eelbrook Fulham (8)

A few of us had gathered at Eelbrook as ever on the look out for new restaurants, this was firmly on the list, and needed to be crossed off. Eelbrook is a gorgeous little find, on the corner of Eelbrook Common specialising in Mediterranean cuisine. This being Fulham though meant the new kid on the block had to have some serious game, and boy does it. They've only gone and put Brett Barnes in the kitchen, of Hix and Ducksoup fame. Not bad boys.

Eelbrook Fulham (12)

Tasting menus are sometimes the best choice for dinner. Why? Because you get to eat everything! Don't judge the greedy pig in me.

Eelbrook Fulham (9)

We kicked things off with Salt cod brandade with the most delicious seaweed bread. Never would I have thought of those two together, but trust me it works.

Eelbrook Fulham (10)

Before I could make a cheeky request for more bread, the next course was in front of me. No bread needed. Smoked eel on potato pancakes with horseradish cream. Now I'll be frank, I normally hate horsradish, but honestly, this was nice. It had that awful blunt kick taken away to just leave a lingering soft flavour. Oh and of course the pancakes were spot on, but there pancakes, pancakes just rule by default.

Eelbrook Fulham (11)

This was followed by one of my fast growing favourite; steak tartare. Except this was better, much better. It was Venison. Oh yes. Mixed with juniper berrys, lemon and a burnt shallot sauce, it was so pleasurable.

Eelbrook Fulham (13)

Moving back to fish, we feasted on wild salmon with such a light, summary herb pistou. If you want something light and almost refreshing, this is your dish.

Eelbrook Fulham (14)

It was the last dish that stole the show though. Seriously, look at that beauty! A whole partridge just for me, with what is now my new found love; sweetcorn puree- if you haven't tried creamed sweetcorn, you haven't lived.

Eelbrook Fulham (1)

Before desserts arrived, Brett came over and sat with us, chatting about cooking and of course the dishes in question. I had to ask what made the horseradish not so... well horseradish like. Top tip for you here folks- add lots of creme fraiche and a good kick of lemon juice. 

I just loved his work ethic which being my 1 year work anniversary, struck a cord with me. Trying to balance a full time job at one of the worlds largest investment banks, a blog, and some sort of home life is pretty manic. I do find I have very little down time, to the point where I don't even have a TV, as what’s the point? I'd never see it. I know a lot of people will say oh blogging, its just fun and games, swanning off to fancy parties. Which I won't deny, I do get to go to some pretty amazing places, however it is hard work. These parties are there because a client has invited you. I treat it like I would my clients at my bank- blogging feels like my second job, and so I treat it as such.

Eelbrook Fulham (2) Eelbrook Fulham (3)

Never one to finish a meal without dessert, I devoured a glorious plum soup with icecream... oh and then cheese and rye bread. Because you know, cheese is errr... full of protein? Yes, that means it's healthy. 

Eelbrook Fulham (4)

Having drank probably my fair share of their wine collection in celebration, it was time to hit the road, but not before one last lazy drink overlooking the now dark and silent common.

Eelbrook is such a lovely, relaxed place, I'm already planning my next meet up here- 1 year, 6 months anniversary maybe? Next time though, with my sunnies, and that giant tote...

Eel Brook Common
New King's Road


  1. Congrats on the anniversary! Also, your hair looks amazing in the last pic, whatever you did to it on the day.
    Emma x

    1. Thanks love! Oh really? Well I'll let you in to a secret- it's way overdue for a wash! Ha. Might not bother washing it as much next time then! :P xx

    2. I was about to comment on your hair too! You look so beautiful in that last pic!

      Katie <3

  2. Happy work-iversary to you!
    This looks like the absolute best kind of celebration, even without the oversized sunnies and designer tote!
    (And cheese is definitely a health food!)
    M x

  3. Congratulations on the anniversary! The restaurant looks incredible! I must also comment on how fab your hair looks in the picture above xx
    Lots of love,
    SilverSpoon London

  4. Congrats for your anniversary! I really want to go to Eelbrook, and it definitely looks worth a visit Your hair looks fab in this post too :)

    Rosie xx

  5. happy one year work anniversary
    Keep in touch

  6. Congratulations on the 1 year work anniversary, mine is fast approaching too. The cheese and rye bread look super tasty mmm! Your hair looks gorgeous by the way and I love your necklace x

  7. Congrats on your one year work anniversary! Looks like you celebrated in style!
    Cat from Outside Beauty Inside Health

  8. Happy work anniversary! That plum soup looks delicious, like your funky necklace too

    Suze | LuxuryColumnist

  9. Your blog makes me so hungry! Congrats on the work anniversary! I celebrated mine in June, time goes so quickly.

  10. Happy work anniversary!! I really like your blog! The picture quality is AMAZING!!
    xx beautyybychloe.blogspot.com