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Dinner in the Sky

Monday 15 September 2014
London in the sky (11)

There are some moments in life that make your heart beat fast, your skin tingle and your brain all fuzzy from excitement. On Thursday I found myself running- OK walking very fast; I was in heels- back to my flat to grab my camera, beaming like an idiot all the way.
Only half an hour before I’d gotten one of the most exciting messages I’ve had this year.
“Laura, are you free tonight? I’ve got a spare ticket to London in the Sky. Do you want it?”

London in the sky (10)

Oh my gosh. Even if I wasn’t free, I would have dropped everything. So with a quick ‘Sorry guys I’ve got to go’ to work I dashed off beaming like a kid at Christmas.

Why? Might you ask.  Well London in the Sky, is the most exciting this I’ve possibly done in London. Scratch that, it is.

It an effectively a restaurant in the sky. 22 seats surround a small stove, where some of London’s best Michelin star chefs cook dinner- 100ft up in the air, suspended from a crane above canary wharf. 

London in the sky (12)

That’s right, suspended by a wire, the table spins and moves with the wind, and most defiantly things can drop.

Excited does not cover it. 

London in the sky (13) London in the sky (14)

Arriving early for a pre ‘flight’ drink of Taittinger, we were given a safety talk and shown the rules of the night. No loose shoes... I’m so glad I changed my work courts into strappy shoes. Can’t have my babies plunging to their death. 

London in the sky (15) London in the sky (16)

As darkness fell, the previous dinners descended, and soon it was out turn. All aboard. 

London in the sky (9)

The platform is surrounded by 22 race car style seats, with heavy duty seat belts to make sure no one takes an untimely tumble. All strapped, prepare for lift off.

London in the sky (17) London in the sky (18) London in the sky (20)

London in the sky is by no means just a cheap tacky stunt, oh no. This is dinning with class. Michelin Star restaurants fought to get places with a few select making the cut. Tonight I was lucky enough to be cooked for by Tom Fleming himself from Michelin Star Angler, the seafood restaurant in Moorgate.

London in the sky (19)
London in the sky (21)

You could be quite distracted by Tom and his cooking... until you look down.

London in the sky (22)

Woah. The seats are completely suspended 100ft above the ground. With your whole body exposed to the elements, this is certainly not for the vertigo inclined. It may not look that high up from the pictures, but in real life, it sure does feel it.

London in the sky (28) London in the sky (7)

Legs and feet are just left dangling above the ground. I'm sure glad I changed my shoes now.

London in the sky (23) London in the sky (29)

Once you have gotten used to the unique environment, let me tell you, the view is pretty damn good. No other restaurant will veer be able to rival the feeling of actually being surrounded by the night.

It feels like you have left this world, and taken a break far away, just watching everyone else go by their lives. It really is quite surreal. I can't explain, but its so peaceful and quiet up their, it really does feel like an oasis away from the madness that is City life. For one short moment, you can leave it all behind.

Now that I'd pay good money for.

London in the sky (24) London in the sky (25) London in the sky (26)

Dangling your glass of New Zealand's most awarded wine; Villa Maria, over the vast nothing. I said it was pretty surreal. 

London in the sky (30)

Turning back around, it was time for the first course. 

London in the sky (27)

Shellfish ravioli with tomato, chive butter and fennel and ginger slaw.

My gosh, it was outstanding. No wonder they have a Michelin Star. It was unbelievably flavoursome and just cooked to perfection. Possibly one of the best dishes I've had. Yes, that good. 

London in the sky (3)

Next up was, Orkney Scallop ceviche, with pink grapefruit and pickled cucumber. Again, these scallops were out of this world. I've had scallops before and was always a bit meh about them, but these have changed my opinion. 

London in the sky (2) London in the sky (5)

Watching the chefs work this close was simply amazing. No where else would you get this exposure and intimacy. 

London in the sky (4)

For mains there was Roast turbot, ragout of squid and sea purslane. Rague of squid- its a game changer. More please?

London in the sky (1)

Now all was going fine, the height wasn't bothering me at all... until we discovered that the seats reclined. Oh. My. Gosh. 

One of the scariest moments- I may have freaked out a little...

(Please someone comment to say whether this works or not, as I can't view it on the machine I'm currently on- I'm being sneaky sneaky)

London in the sky (6)

Finally dessert rolled out, with Lemon posset, with lavender and white chocolate crumb first and then Manjari chocolate ganache with banana bread and caramelised peanuts. Oh dear lord these were amazing. No seriously. You know how I said the other week I went to Bubo, where the offical worlds best chocolate dessert was? Well that was like Asda's cake compared this these masterpeices. 

London in the sky (8)

Sadly after what felt like a lifetime up there as genuinely time jst seems to move so slowly, we were lowered down to earth.

I can not even express how amazing this whole experience was. Really, I still get butterflies talking about it now. I’ve got to do some pretty awesome things this year, but this is up there at the top.
I won’t lie, its not cheap. Dinner, which is what I had, costs an eye watering £250. However if you have a special occasion coming up; birthday, anniversary etc, please do this. You won’t regret it I assure you. 

For more information, visit the website: http://www.eventsinthesky.co.uk/events/london-in-the-sky/


  1. I love this!!! Looks like you had a fun night out.

  2. Looks amazing! Was it cold up there though??

  3. Wow what a totally amazing experience! Very jealous!

  4. This looks amazing. They followed me on twitter ages ago and I was desperate to go. Obviously I can't justify £250 on a meal in the sky though - doesn't help the BF is scared of heights!

    The video works btw. I'm being sneaky sneaky too, but played it minus the sound ;)

    Katie <3

  5. i am going to add it to my list of places to visit
    what an amazing place
    Keep in touch

  6. Wow! Amazing!!


  7. I have seen so much promotion for this and the concept is brilliant. I love anything foodie and boy this is dining to the extreme. The food looks wonderful only one minor drawback I absolutely hate heights and a chair that goes vertical I would die Lucy x

  8. That looks utterly terrifying - especially in the video where your seat starts to recline! I think I'd probably start to get vertigo after about two seconds of my feet dangling into nothingness, but the food looks divine. Those chefs are brave... Definitely an experience!

    Tamsin / A Certain Adventure xx

  9. Oh my goodness, that is so cool! The food looks good, too! But, I'd rather being on the ground than hanging like that only to dine, even if the food is great. I'm so terrified of heights! Haha. Still, it must be such an amazing experience for you!

  10. This looks absolutely amazing and the food looks fab. I just wish I wasn't so petrified of heights. I wouldn't make it up let alone past the first course. Zoe x

  11. That menu looks sublime! I'd love to try this but sadly out of my price range at the moment x

  12. I am SO jealous you got to do this!! I really wanted to get booked in but was away. Looks incredible.

    Vicky xx
    Lots of Love, Me.

  13. Ahhh so glad I just stumbled across this post - I am taking my boyfriend for Tattinger flight as a surprise for his bday next Thursday - looks SO amazing!!!!! eeeee. Lots of love, Andrea xxx

    Andrea's Passions