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Exploring Barcelona

Friday 5 September 2014
Barcelona (26)

Our trip to Barcelona had been pretty much a food extravaganza. After eating ridiculous amounts of tapas the night before, on our last day we decided to slow it down a little and relax a bit- that's not to say we didn't eat of course!

Barcelona has a great beach, and so we took a gentle stroll down there as the sun was picking up. This being August, the beach was insanely busy, and we didn't fancy being fenced in between the man with a beer belly and some kids chucking sand everywhere as they tried to dig to Australia.

So just along the beach we found a bar- standard. This however wasn't quite like last nights local haunt, no this was a little more... Ibiza.

Barcelona (20)

Completely doused in white, with thumping club music coming from the in house DJ, Opium was a little oasis away from the mayhem in the beach. Girls withered around in bikinis dancing, the wealthy lounged with their Pradas and then there was me, who just wanted a cold glass of champagne and some relaxation.

Barcelona (21)
Barcelona (22)
Barcelona (23)

2 of my favourite gems, jewellery and Champagne. My shiny little number is from Gemporia

Barcelona (24)
Barcelona (25)

After we had lounged around for a good few hours, we decided to reawaken our dead legs, and went in search of some nibbles. Last night at the tapas tour, we'd be tipped off about a very special place. Here in Barcelona was a cake shop, but not just any old cake shop, oh no, this cake shop housed 2010's WORLDS BEST CAKE. 

I'll just repeat that again for impact- worlds best cake. That's right, one of their cakes has won the prestigious award 4 years ago. Well, we knew what we had to do.

Barcelona (8)
Barcelona (19)

Bubo  was a cavern of pure indulgence. These weren't cakes, they were creations. 

Barcelona (10)
Barcelona (9)

We poured over them for ages, ooh-ing and ahhh-ing at the sheer beauty of them. I think the staff were getting a bit impatient at our typical tourist nature, and so we quickly chose a few to share.

Barcelona (11)

So with no further a do, this my friends, is 2010's worlds best cake. It was such a thing of beauty. 

Barcelona (12)
Barcelona (13)

But not less beautiful were these 2. Adorned with jewels like toppings, they were nearly too good to eat.

Barcelona (14)

Especially this sandwich looking cake- how cute is that?

Barcelona (15)

Says it all really.

Barcelona (18)
Barcelona (16)

Tucking in, we had our first bite of the once worlds best cake. 

Barcelona (17)

The cake was very good, so tasty and rich, with a silky touch. It was defiantly very good... however I'll be completely honest, I thought I'd be blown away by the once worlds best cake. As in i thought I'd be drooling at each mouth full, begging for more. While there's no denying it was very good, far better than your average cake, it just didn't quite meet my expectations. Sadly, I wouldn't say it was the best cake I've ever had.

Satisfied, and in need of a good walk, we headed off down the road, with no real plan. We hadn't really done any tourist-y sightseeing while we'd been here, so this was the first opportunity to just wander and soak in the sights. 

It was happened that we stumbled across this majestic building. 

Barcelona (2)

Barri Gòtic (The Gothic Quarter) of Barcelona is the home to the masterpiece that is Barcelona Cathedral. It has been around since the early 13th century, and has a wealth of history as well as beauty. Paying our €5, oh and donning a scarf to cover up- ladies remember this, we entered.

Barcelona (5)
Barcelona (7)
Barcelona (6)
Barcelona (3)

The inside is the most beautiful sight I've seen in a long long time, it will take your breath away. Every way your turn, the architecture catches the light, leaving dancing shadows across the walls to just mesmerise. 

Soon the sun was setting over Barcelona, so we scurried off back to our hotel, for a quick change before our last night out in Barcelona. 

Barcelona (27)

For dinner we headed to Casa Calvet. The restaurant is actually in one of Gaudi's own buildings. Two in one history and food, perfect.

Barcelona (28)
Barcelona (29)

The menu is quite extravagant in it's flavor combinations, with things such as salmon and pistachio sauce or beef and raspberry couli. Licking our lips at this, we dived right in with some gorgonzola puffs with a red wine jus to nibble on while we ordered our starters. 

Barcelona (31)

First up was Caroline's Lobster and mango salad with vanilla oil.

Barcelona (30)

And my Poached egg and potato confit Fourme d’Ambert cheese sauce and crispy ham. We both agreed the food was outstanding.

Barcelona (32)

We followed it up with a hunk of Veal sirloin with duck liver and Port wine sauce, which was heaven.

Barcelona (34)

Caroline opted for the Angus beef hamburger with raspberry sauce, peas with onion confit and pumpkin chips. A world away from our very own London style burgers.

Barcelona (33)

Sadly I actually became ill that night- nothing to do with the food don't worry- so we had to forfeit our night on the tiles. However the whole trip was just an amazing experience, and defiantly one of the best birthdays I've had. 

If your thinking of having a city break, you really should consider Barcelona. Until the next time Barcelona. Adios!


  1. worls best cake , wow
    i must go and try it
    keep in touch

  2. I've always wanted to go to Barcelona, looks like you are having an amazing time

    Written with style | Bloglovin

  3. I love this sentence :

    "and then there was me, who just wanted a cold glass of champagne"

    - Perfection !! What a great way (minus being ill) to end your birthday trip.

    India x

  4. World best cake? Well I know where I'm going on holiday next!!! Anything for cake.

    Your posts make me hungry :'(

  5. I have always wanted to go for a city trip to Barcelona and this has just made me want to go even more. This looks like such a lovely and pretty place with an amazing relaxed atmosphere. I love the look of Opium and will 100% be visiting there if I do go to Barcelona. These cakes look delicious and topped off with a macaroon mmm! I don't have much interest in sightseeing sometimes but this looks so worth it. Glad you had an amazing time and an amazing birthday!xxx

  6. Wish I hadn't read this whilst on my lunch break - made me hungry all over again!! x

  7. In which hotel did you stay?? The pics are amazing, Barcelona is going to be my next destination, I'm sure!!