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A Night Of Magic

Wednesday 29 October 2014
Oliver B Magician (6)

Do you have one of those friends who you may not have spoken too in years but when you finally meet, it’s like no time has passed?

I’ve really come to appreciate the power of friendship lately. Not just those who flit n and out of your life, but those who you can call up when the shit hits the fan, or just go for a girl drink with to chat about your new found love for Made in Chelsea.

Becky is that. Technically we’ve known each other 5 years as we lived next door to each other on campus in first year of university, however it wasn’t properly till 4th year when we actually lived together that we became friends.

For the past year I’ve been down here in London and she’s been up north and so we lost touch a bit. Yet low and behold here she is, down in London for good for a kick ass job with Cadburys. Chocolate heaven no?

After 1 year apart, we had so much to catch up on, and so we headed to the W hotel in Leicester square for some cocktails and catch ups.

Oliver B Magician (5)

Catching a lift up to the Wyld bar, you instantly step into a glitz lounge.

I think it was definitely pencil skirt worthy- I told you I was a little bit obsessed. My latest buy comes from River Island of all places and it’s a little bit naughty- its PVC. Ooh err *wink*

My necklace is new from Topshop too. Sadly my Zara caution clutch and my favourite shoes in the world are no longer for sale, but for more crazy crazy designs, check out Kandee.

Oliver B Magician (26)

While pretty glam and a little show off-y (err hello disco ball tower), The Wyld bar is quite relaxed. With huge sprawling sofas to recline on, with little coffee tables to stow a cocktail or two, it makes the perfect relaxed night for chatting away with friends. 

Oliver B Magician (25) Oliver B Magician (24) Oliver B Magician (2) Oliver B Magician (7) Oliver B Magician (1) Oliver B Magician (28)

Getting in the first round of drinks, we opted both for the Bubble-gum. A sugary muddle of strawberry’s and marshmallows.

Not having seen each other for so long, Becky didn’t fully understand the world of blogging, so it was great to explain and yet also nice not feel that pressure sometimes you get from people who think bloggers are a strange breed. You know the judgemental eyes, as if to say, what are you?

Yet free meals could wait its turn, let’s talk about free chocolate! Ok not really free, but Becky has just started working in sales for Cadburys with her own fleet of shops to manage. You know that feeling when a friend does really well for themselves? Well I couldn’t be more proud of Becky. Out of my other housemates, she worked the hardest, applying for graduate jobs and attending interviews. Finally her hard work has paid off.

Oliver B Magician (27) Oliver B Magician (8)

We vaguely became aware of someone coming over to our table. Cards in hand and a strange miniature brief case.

He introduced himself as Oliver B, a magician with some serious credentials behind him. Having entertained the likes of One Direction, Ed Sheeran and the whole of The Brit Awards, we were intrigued. He started with the usual name of the card which still fails to amaze me. Yet when the card started to fly, that’s when we were hooked.

I know magic isn’t real, and there has to be some kind of backstage work going on, but I still fall in love with the fantasy for that one moment, things are not as they seem. 

Oliver B Magician (29)

We tried to get back to our lazy cocktail chats, yet we were too giddy after that to bother chatting about trivial things like what TV we were hooked on. We were hooked on magic instead.

So off we went in hunt of Oliver B.

Oliver B Magician (10)

Grabbing him by the lifts, like a couple of fan girls we asked him to do some more magic. This time upping his game. And of course, he rose to the magical challenge.

Oliver B Magician (11) Oliver B Magician (12) Oliver B Magician (13)

Turns out we needed have been so fan girl with him as he actually works every Tuesday at The Wyld Bar, wowing drinkers all night.

Unlike the mysterious Dynamo (who happens to be his friend by the way) he was as friendly as could be. Randomly I even got a book recommendation of him which I've since bought. Stranger meetings have occurred.

Oliver B Magician (14) Oliver B Magician (15) Oliver B Magician (16) Oliver B Magician (17) Oliver B Magician (19)

Of course, cards are OK, but I had to go ask him to make something fly. Well I mean Harry Potter was a magician of sorts, and he could make things fly!

Oliver B Magician (21) Oliver B Magician (20) Oliver B Magician (18)

OK, fair play to you Sir.

Oliver B Magician (22) Oliver B Magician (23)

So magic may be an illusion, but isn't that half the magic of it. Being swept up in something other than plain, visible reality, for one moment?

With this in mind, Becky and I left the poor man alone as we stepped away into the night, with a sense of magic in us. 

I'd definitely go check him out at The Wyld Bar next time you need a girls catch up. Forget traditional cocktails now, I want mine with added magic from now on.

W Hotel
10 Wardour Street,

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  1. I have that skirt and I wish I had bought one in every colour as it is so flattering on!

    Anoushka xx www.Anoushkaloves.com

  2. The ring trick is amazing to look at and a great photo. Congratulations to Becky on her new job!
    Lots of love,
    SilverSpoon London

  3. You know when you come across those blogs that you get really jealous of and are comparing every aspect of your own blog with theirs? This is one of those blogs. The layout is so pretty, I can only imagine how long it took to get it looking this powerful and your entrance to this post is totally relatable when it comes to friends you haven't spoken to in ages love love love it, nice blog!

  4. well , i guess thats who true friends are
    u look fab in olive top , loved your heels
    keep in touch

  5. Seriously in love with your outfit. It's so posh, but with a hint of flirty. Reading this makes me all that much more excited for two very girly nights with friends I haven't seen in a while - but just know we'll gab and laugh the night away. Friendship is such a valuable thing -and the older I get, the more I realize the best friends aren't the ones you see all the time...but the ones you click with one day - week - month- year-later.


  6. In love with your outfit! I was at the Wyld bar earlier this week with a friend, they do the *best* cocktails! So yum!

    C x
    Lux Life Blog

  7. That ring trick is awesome! We stayed at the W Hotel a few months ago and it was awesome, such a great atmosphere and the lovely bartender made me my own special tea cocktail which was delicious! xx

  8. The W hotel was one of my first dates with Ben! I love it there, it feels so glamorous and gorgeous! I also am a huge fan of magic, it's so lovely to have an escape from real life sometimes. Also, I'm in love with your necklace!

    Katie <3