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Cabaret Des Distractions

Friday 3 October 2014
Cafe de Paris Cabaret (34)

I’ll be honest, I’ve pretty much given up clubbing in London. I know, at the grand old age of 23 I’ve given up clubbing. Although I can hardly say I’ve become boring, I think the blog is testament to that, it’s just I hate the queuing, the pretentious door staff, the packed in like sardine atmosphere, the sweaty hot bodies trying to rub against you. Not my scene. I need a nice seat where I can sit down as while dancing constantly for 4 hours may be a good workout, I’d rather sacrifice the cardio for comfort.

No, I like to do things are little differently on a Friday night and so I headed down to Café De Paris.

Wait, isn’t that a club?

Just trust me on this one okay?

Cafe de Paris Cabaret (33)

Arriving at the very un-club like hour of 7pm, I sat down to watch their new Cabaret show, Cabaret Des Distractions and have a spot of dinner.

You may remember way back last year I went to watch one of their shows from the galleries above. While it was fun, it was rather camp and silly. However they’d had a bit of a grownup makeover and their new show is more theatrical, with a story line and less of the dancing sailors. 

Cafe de Paris Cabaret (32) Cafe de Paris Cabaret (35)

Circling the tables while everyone filtered in was a magician who did the most amazing tricks. I wish I had more photos but she was just so quick with a slight of hand, nothing came out!

Cafe de Paris Cabaret (36)

Once everyone on my table at arrived, it was time for the first course.

Duck Pâté and Fois Gras Terrine with toasted brioche and caramelised onions.

I have to admit I wasn’t too impressed with the starter. I Pâté was nice enough, but I couldn’t taste any fois gras which is what sold it to me. Also the brioche was sort of soggy and chewy, which I didn’t actually realise it was brioche until writing this when I re-looked over the menu and read brioche! Oh, it’s clicked now. 

Cafe de Paris Cabaret (37)

Soon we were on to the main, which was nice. Rather oddly the steak was heavily charred, like on a BBQ, and not the usual tender joint you expect. It may not be for everyone this way, but I enjoyed the twist. I wouldn’t rave about, it but it was nice.

However the food was the least of my concerns soon, as the lights when down and an eerie chill took to the air, when this man dramatically appeared. 

Cafe de Paris Cabaret (38)

His name was Ruben R Kaye, and I want him to be my best friend. Fierce, completely harsh and as sassy and witty as any man could ever be. Comments like “Welcome! Come on people, Welcome is made up of two of my favourite words- Well and Come (Cum?) so you should react accordingly!” and “Rose? Really table 8, well I guess it fits the table accordingly, trashy”. Prepare to get involved. 

He told of a tale of love and temptation set to the backdrop of thee Féeries of 19th century Paris. The story is of the classic trials of love. Man meets Women, love forms, but then temptations come their way, and they have to fight for their love. I don’t want to spoilt the story for you, so I won’t describe the plot of the tale, and instead I’ll just show you some of the most amazing acts for this is no lyrical tale, the story is instead brought to life through the power of circus and performances.

Cafe de Paris Cabaret (39) Cafe de Paris Cabaret (40) Cafe de Paris Cabaret (41) Cafe de Paris Cabaret (42) Cafe de Paris Cabaret (51) Cafe de Paris Cabaret (52) Cafe de Paris Cabaret (54) Cafe de Paris Cabaret (53) Cafe de Paris Cabaret (50)

Half way through desert arrived, a warm fudge brownie with ice cream, and all was redeemed. Gooey and indulgent as it should be.

Cafe de Paris Cabaret (49)

I'd invited along a few friends, including Katie who I'd gotten to know well in recent months. Also we sat between Kitty Brucknell and Matt Evers- who I’ll admit I have no idea was. “So what do you do?” “I’m a skater” “Oh cool, been anywhere nice with it?”. I really must brush up on my popular culture.

Cafe de Paris Cabaret (48)

Cafe de Paris Cabaret (44) Cafe de Paris Cabaret (47) Cafe de Paris Cabaret (46) Cafe de Paris Cabaret (45)

The fire breathing was so spectacular it was worthy of a GIF surely?

Cafe de Paris Cabaret (43) Cafe de Paris Cabaret (55) Cafe de Paris Cabaret (56) Cafe de Paris Cabaret (28) Cafe de Paris Cabaret (29) Cafe de Paris Cabaret (30)

Finally the show drew to a close, with a simple of strength, trust and unity. Utterly amazing. 

Cafe de Paris Cabaret (31)

Left in awe, the house was on its feet giving a the standing ovation it deserved. The show was just incredible. It blew its predessor clean out of the water. I realised, I'm not too much into the silliness of classic cabaret, but this, wow, yes. Sophisticated, classic, and mesmerising. They've got a winner here and I take my hat off to them While the food was average, I wouldn't hold it against them as the show is a must see and makes a great friends night out.

Running every Friday and Saturday, you can get tickets here. Oh and if you do like clubbing, it gives you complimentary entry into the club afterwards too. Everyone's a winner.

Cafe de Paris
3-4 Coventry St


  1. Oh I love the photos of us - definitely hadn't seen them before! It was such a fab evening. Thank you so much for inviting me :)

    Katie <3

  2. Looks fun! I'm guessing you can get show-only tickets and skip the dinner part? x

    1. Oh yes, the do both dinner and show, and show only where you stand up in the gallery's. The view is much much better from the seats of course but it is cheaper x

  3. It looks absolutely amazing (apart from maybe the food!) Our local pub has a circus on the weekends but is definitely on the trashier side of things, though I do still love it :)

    Rosie xx

  4. I love nights out that have a bit of a twist. Have you tried Circus in Covent Garden? It's fab! Shame about the food I have to say, the pate looks quite limp and not very appetising. Great pic of you and Katie though!
    Lots of love,
    SilverSpoon London

  5. This looks so much fun! Love things like this!

    Style Sunrise☀


  6. Looks like you had a great time! The pictures look amazing :) I've followed you amazing blog!


  7. Wow, the show looks absolutely amazing! Oh, and that brownie looks so so scrummy too x


  8. Fantastic pictures, looks like you had a brilliant time! :D Thanks for sharing! <3

    I have a new outfit post up, would love to know your thoughts;



  9. I remember your first post on this and it looked good, and now this looks even better! I definitely need to check this out, even if just for that chocolate pud!

    Em | Hmm maybe...

  10. This looks like fun. I enjoy dinners that have a twist and the show looks like good entertainment Lucy x

  11. I really enjoyed reading this, looks like you had a fabulous time! I'm also with you on the clubbing thing - totally not my scene! I'd much prefer going somewhere unique like this.

    Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog! Regarding what lens I use - it's the Nikon AF S 35mm F1.8 G DX :) x

    Bridie | Upon My Sleeve