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The Selfridges Cinema

Wednesday 1 October 2014
Everyman at selfridges (8)

When I was a kid summer holidays meant the Cinema. It was the only real way to shut me up and get me to sit down for a couple of hours really. But I didn't know of my mum’s ulterior motive, as for me it was a magical treat. The cinema was the chance to fall into a new world. A world where people could fly, or animals could talk, and of course, good always beat the bad guy. 

Fast forward a good number of years and it still holds that magical feeling. I don’t get to go the cinema too much these days, but I still get rather excited when I do. To be honest I'm not sure why my boyfriend doesn't take me more- it would be an excellent way to get me to stop talking for a couple of hours.

So when a couple of weeks back (surgery kind of buggered with my timeliness of these posts) I was very kindly invited to the official opening of the new Selfridges Cinema, I could not contain my excitement.

Everyman at selfridges (2)

Selfridges have opened the worlds first in store cinema. Running 7 days a week, it’s a fully fledges Everyman nestled right in with all your favourite beauty products and shoes. If you ever needed another excuse to go see those Choo’s you’d been eyeing up, now you can just say you had to pass them on your way to see your film.

Everyman at selfridges (9)

For the launch they were showing a preview of the new Woody Allen film Magic in the Moonlight, which now as I write this is open to the public, and oh wow what a film! But I’m getting ahead of myself there. Patience.

Ever since going to the Bvlgari hotel cinema way back last year and seeing Midnight in Paris, I have just fallen in love with Woody Allen’s film style. So elegant, classy, and full of magic that just sweep you up in this romanticised world.

Everyman at selfridges (4)

Inside they have kept the decor really classic, with old school movie posters lining the walls, and big Chesterfield chairs to sink into while you wait. 

Everyman at selfridges (24) Everyman at selfridges (10)

Plus I think I got a little home style inspiration, how amazing is this wall paper?

Everyman at selfridges (6)

For those less home style, and more clothes style, I've been on a mad pencil skirt craze at the moment. I'm a hip, butt kinda gal and so why not work what mother nature gave me?

My skirt is from ASOS and I'll tell you, it makes you look so curvy, its amazing. Sadly it's sold out, but here's some alternatives BRZ on ASOS and Vero Moda. // Jacket old // Necklace's Azuni and Azuni

Everyman at selfridges (3)

Now let's be honest with each other, how much is it the popcorn and soda you actually look forward to at the cinema? Films and a big bag of salty popcorn just go hand in hand- never those hot dogs, I still shudder at the thought- however I think I've got something better than flat soda. Champagne. Well it is in Selfridges, what did you expect?

Everyman at selfridges (1) Everyman at selfridges (5) Everyman at selfridges (11)

Here the snacks are a little more fancy than your everyday Odeon. A fully stocked bar, and platters of hummus, bread sticks and salami.

Everyman at selfridges (12) Everyman at selfridges (7)

Do you ever go the cinema on you own? I've always been a bit funny about going to the cinema on my own. Most things, I'm happy as Larry to go on my own, but the cinema... is it just me? However, that Thursday I took the plunge and went solo, and though I ran into this Catherine anyway, I'd have been OK, as I met this guy...

He would have kept me company on the back row.

Everyman at selfridges (23)

Soon we were all piling into the screen room, dashing for the comfiest looking sofa and avoiding the front row at all costs.

Everyman at selfridges (22)

Choose your seat, a deep leather sofa, a crushed velvet armchair? Or even this egg chair, although I think 2 hours in it might give you back ache.

Everyman at selfridges (21) Everyman at selfridges (14) Everyman at selfridges (13) Everyman at selfridges (15)

Once in, we were given a little speech to officially open shop and with a toast of our glasses, let the film begin!

Everyman at selfridges (16) Everyman at selfridges (17)

Oh Emma*...

*Girl Crush

Everyman at selfridges (18) Everyman at selfridges (19) Everyman at selfridges (20)

Oh the film. What a beautiful, romanticised film. Set in the 1920's everything is ascetically pleasing, from the costumes to the romantic southern French sea. I won't explain about the film too much, but it about a cynical, logical man who sets out to expose a supposed Medium. It's actually rather funny, and Colin Firth is spot on.

The cinema is such an oasis of calm, in, let's be honest, an often manic shop.
It's on the LG floor, and you can see what on here


  1. Oh I loooooove the look of this! Heading to the website right now… x

  2. LOVE your skirt, it looks amazing on you.

    Rosie xx

  3. Oh wow, this looks so good. Sofas, champagne and olives whilst watching a film? Heaven!

    And that skirt...hot!!

    Anoushka xx www.Anoushkaloves.com

  4. I am so gutted I didn't get to go during London Fashion Week! As it looks amazing, you look gorgeous too! I love your outfit, looks like you had a fab time :) x


  5. Love that you took the plunge and went solo! That's power right there. I got so excited walking past the Everyman Cinema when I was at Selfridges last weekend - it's such a cool idea to have a cinema in the basement :) Hope you're feeling better Laura! x

    Tamsin / A Certain Adventure

  6. Ahh great post! It was such a lovely evening, and so lovely to see you there!

    C x
    Lux Life Blog

  7. I had the opportunity to see the preview at the Odeon for this film and I'm so gutted I didn't go now, however it started at 6pm so I missed it due to a busy work day! I wish I had gone, the film looks amazing! I live near two Everyman cinemas and really should get my act together to try it out some time!

    Love the skirt by the way!

    Katie <3