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A Little Luscious Reunion

Thursday 6 November 2014

I hadn’t seen Caroline in nearly 2 months. I’ll just let that sink in for a while. Yes, the woman who I saw every week for a year, eating out with, going to events and generally having a great time with had been absent from my life. Life (outside our friendship) had simply gotten in the way.

I was really starting to miss my Caroline, so we shuffled the calendars, said see ya to our men and headed for our date night.

We had something rather different to go to later in the evening, however we knew we needed quality catch up time first, so we sat down by a roaring fire at Beach Blanket Babylon to tell stories.

Did you know there are only around 87 calories in a glass of champagne? I was casually reading a fitness mag when Bam! 500-700 calories per cocktail! Oh jeez Louise! OK I mean the next 10 photos or so on this post don't really scream low calorie, I warn you, but it made me feel that moment better ordering champagne. Baby steps. 

We had so much to catch up on. Caroline's been embarking on a keto diet in the last few month and her dedicated instagram page; KetoCaz is really inspirational. If your looking to beef up your protein intake, then this is for you. And hello abs in those low rise jeans!

I on the other hand have not really been embarking on a diet as I have so many exciting new projects with the blog in the pipline. I can't wait for all of them reveal themselves to you. It's going to be awesome in the next few months. 

For those of you more fashion inclined, I thought I'd show you my new killer dress. It's from Love at Topshop and it's very daring. A tight, midi dress, hugs every inch of your body, and as you'll see later, its rather low cut. Cheeky.

Sadly I can't find it online even though I only bought it in store 2 weeks ago, however here's a practically identical one in white snake print from Topshop.

I know its a little fuzzy, but when there is this strange window contraption on the way back from the bathroom, it was only right to hop up and strike a pose. Do I look like Mossy yet?

Soon though, our 2 hours were up and we needed to dash off to our dinner party. Follow me guys.

A while ago, I met Rosie at the Currys Cookery School and since we have been twitter friends. Rosie is a chef and hosts superclubs in her house very month with a changing menu based on seasonality. 

Superclubs are where some one invites you into their house and cooks for a group of strangers. Like a blind dinner party. 

Rosie has had great reviews about her food, so it was time I sampled it first hand.

After greeting everyone and getting a few names, it was time to sit down and let the party begin. 

We started with steak tatare with quails egg and puréed cauliflower. I'm a big fan of steak tatare, so I was very excited.

Juicy, meaty and with enough bold flavour to compliment the creamy purée, it really was delicious. I wouldn't have minded it with out the egg, as I was here nor there about quails eggs, but the steak really was delicious.  

Next was the mains, which is where Rosie came into her element. 

Behold a venison and rabbit pie! Oh yes. My northern roots were in full appreciation. 

I have to say, southerners rarely make a truly excellent pie. They just scrimp on the pastry. I pie should be fully bound in golden, flaky, puff pastry. It's practically law up north. 

Well just look at the golden sheen. It was a least half a centimetre thick which I think is an acceptable amount, don't you? 

Diving in, breaking the crust, it was oh so comforting. Just perfect. 

I love the way Rosie hosted her party, by adding the truffled mash and garlic kale in big mountain dishes. Piled high, it encouraged everyone to pass them round and get stuck in together. 

The conversations flowed criss cross around the table. Super clubs are not for the silent types. It's not to say introverts should not go, not at all. You get evey type of person going, from those who work in stiff corporate jobs, a mum of three who needs a break, to those who have just got back from backpacking across Asia. 

I warned you it was a little low cut...

Finally with our clothes pinching, dessert was served. Apple & blackberry hazelnut crumble with, oh boy, oh boy, salted caramel crème fraiche. Baby!

You know me banging on about calories before? Yeah all that went to shot when I started spooning this straight into my mouth. Can I just say how unreal this was?

Oh maybe not last then. I mean it wouldn't be right to have a dinner party without a cheeseboard! Obviously. 

Cheese is my one true love. I practically have cheese everyday, whether it's on top of a spag bol, or on toast at lunch, or even just straight from the packet, cut into chunks. 

By the end I coudn't even hide my food baby bump, which it was a good job I wasn't getting the tube home, otherwise I'd definitly be offered a seat. It has happened before sadly.

It's always so great to see friends again, just to catch up, laugh and giggle at silly things that have happened. If you haven't seen your friend recenelty, just go pick up your phone now and give them a text.

Or even better, if you are in London, text them and invite them to Rosie's next pop up.

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  1. Rosie's food just looks incredible! And she seems like just about the loveliest person in the world.
    You're looking smoking in the dress too lady!
    M x

  2. Thank you SO much Laura for such a wonderful review of my pop up! So glad you enjoyed it :) Love all your photos, you got some great shots!

    Rosie xx

  3. Food baby bump, haha! That's what I refer to my full tummy as, too!
    You are so beautiful and your hair is amazing, I'm fairly envious of your locks!

  4. looks fun! dunno if id be brave enough! www.thewanderlusthasgotme.blogspot.co.uk

  5. The food looks incredible and that pie sounds absolutely delicious! Caroline has done fabulously with her diet. I'm very jealous I have to say! Such a shame that photo is slightly blurred as I would say definitely FB profile pic otherwise. You look incredible!

    Katie <3