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Fashionably In My Skin

Monday 17 November 2014
Asos petal crop jumper, bootcut jeans (5)

It's funny how thoughts pop into your head. What things said or seen can trigger a whole days worth of contemplation. I fully intended to do a style post; and it still is, but after having triggered my very active brain, I've now got a few things to say too.

I wanted a new light jumper for winter, something more than a T-Shirt but still stylish enough to put with a skirt. Soon I found myself purchasing this little jumper. How beautiful is this? Just look at that pattern, its like its been hand painted on.

However pulling it on, I came to realise it was rather short. It fit everywhere else, except it turned out to be a crop. Not ideal in my eyes. I pulled and pulled, hitched up my jeans, and tried to cover. I hate showing off my stomach. It was only when I looked at the clock and realised I was super late for a lunch date did I just have to go with it.

Asos petal crop jumper, bootcut jeans (1)

I was rather nervous to take these photos, telling my friend/makeshift photographer to be on "fat roll spotting". Yet afterwards, it got me thinking, why was I so scared? 

Lots of bloggers have amazing bodies, yes its true, but also the truth is social media is a very edited sense of reality. No one is going to post up the picture of them with a food baby or not edit out the massive zit on thier chin. Lots of thigh gaps and blow dried hair is posted instead. 

I was nervous because yes, after eating dinner I get that fat roll when I sit, and yes when I wear a tight skirt my thighs rub together. My hair is extremely 'Fluffy' and doesn't look like it's been salon blow dried... without a salon blow dry. Sometime's when I don't wear a bra, my boobs smack against my skin because they are too heavy, and I can't do an arty shot of my coffee perched on my thigh gap, because I don't have one.

I'm not fat but I'm not thin. I work out at the gym, but I like fries and pork belly as well. This is no rant against social media, purrrlease! Shesh no! This is me saying I feel fashionable in my own skin, even though I don't have a flat stomach. And that's a win for me today.

Asos petal crop jumper, bootcut jeans (8) Asos petal crop jumper, bootcut jeans (2) Asos petal crop jumper, bootcut jeans (3)

Chocker Necklace- ASOS
Flower Jumper - ASOS
Jeans- Levi's c/o Get The Label*
Boots - c/o Shoe Zone*
Bracelet - c/o Azuni*
Ring - Topshop
Watch- Michael Kors
Bag- Zara

I may be more known for my pencil skirts and heels, but sometimes I just want to put on a pair of figure fitting jeans, a gorgeous little top and a sturdy pair of boots. And that's cool too. If your hipster one day, it doesn't mean you can't put on a suit if you feel like it. Casual was my mood, casual but with flair to make me feel confident. So if I was going to do jeans, they might as well be Levi's right?

Asos petal crop jumper, bootcut jeans (6) Asos petal crop jumper, bootcut jeans (7)

All I can is guys. If you love an item of clothing, just bloody well go for it and wear it.

As at the end of the day, I love my cop top, and me and my not flat stomach are still smiling.

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  1. Well said and you look gorgeous (and ridiculously young!).

  2. It's a gorgeous jumper!! Have you done something new with your eyebrows? They look fab...sorry for the weird question but my eyebrows are practically invisible, and I need to get them to stand out more!
    Lots of love,
    SilverSpoon London

  3. Very nice casual outfit! I love the jeans and bag they are gorg! xx


  4. Fantastic read as per usual! I do love your posts so much babe, you're a fantastic writer!
    I completely agree with everything you said and good for you for going for it; but honestly, your figure is to die for!
    Such a bloody babe x

  5. Love this Laura, and you look great as always :)

    Rosie xx

  6. You look fabulous in whatever you wear Laura! As long as your comfortable and feel happy in what you are wearing that is all that matters! H x


  7. I think you have a wonderful shape and the clothes really hand well on you. I know you didn't post this for compliments, but I'm sure you'll get loads because you really do look lovely.
    I blog about parenting and my lifestyle. I'd love to do fashion posts but I'm so body conscious (I have fat rolls regardless of what I've eaten lol!!) that I never have the courage to do it.

  8. Love this post! Everyone needs a bit of a spice girls-esque girl power mood boster mid day on a monday. And I personally think you always look gorgeous in your photos!

    X Emma | www.missemmacharlotte.com

  9. I love the detail on that top & your blue bag is gorgeous!

    I know what you mean about wanting to throw on some comfy jeans for a more casual look, sometimes it's needed!

    Gabby xo

    Blog - What She Buys / Instagram / Twitter

  10. This post is amazing, I feel so strongly about this issue and your post has summed it up perfectly, we all just need to be ourselves- there is no 'perfect'!

    If you're a Netflix geek like me, I'd definitely give "Miss Representation' a watch when you've got a chance,I'm just rooting for us girls since I watched it when I'd never really given the whole issue much thought before!

    Kathleen @ Made In The 1990's.

  11. the top is like an artists canvas, loved it
    Keep in touch

  12. Yay, love it when you write posts like this - exactly what I need to hear lately! I suffer from the 'sitting down after eating roll' all too often too, and as for perching a cup on one's thigh gap...how the heck?! I wrote a blog post about this yesterday too, and reckon that we've all got our body hang-ups - but ones that others wouldn't guess to look at you! I think you look beautiful - rock that crop top Laura! xx

    Tamsin / A Certain Adventure

  13. Here here!! I totally agree, the pressure to be super skinny is mind numbing! Come on, life is to be enjoyed, so yes I'll take that extra Krispy Kreme and no, I won't be doing extra sit ups because of it. *Drooooool Krispy Kreme*

    I adore the jumper!

    Big Kiss <3