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The Debaucherous Bar

Thursday 20 November 2014
Rosewood Hotel Cabaret (10)

I was going to start off with Sunday's are for... but then thought, what actually are they for? For me Sunday's are for relaxing and taking in that last bit of freedom before work. I like to spend once last bit of time having a good knees up before the daily grind starts again. Not for everyone, but if this is you, then follow me into a very surreal little bar....

Rosewood Hotel Cabaret club (12)

Feet up, champagne in hand, I headed over to the Rosewood London in Holborn. Luckily I live just down the road so it was a no brainer to go. 

Scarfes Bar at the hotel is currently playing host to a series of cabaret evenings featuring world-renowned cabaret performers. Held bi-weekly on a Sunday, I felt like I'd stumbled into some random gentleman's club. It's definitely not conventional cabaret, it's more like stumbling into an eccentric upper class house party in the middle of London, hosted by a rather debaucherous couple who've had too much champagne.

Take your seat in the bar, sit and chat with friends, all whist singer's, contortionists and exhibitionists graze around you. Rather surreal for a Sunday evening.

Rosewood Hotel Cabaret (15) Rosewood Hotel Cabaret (8) Rosewood Hotel Cabaret (9)

Entry into the bar is £30, which gets you champagne, food and of course the show. After that, the night could take you anywhere. Engulfed in a soft, luxurious sofa, I did feel rather at home and relaxed. Which let me tell you is how they want to feel. 

The evening started with rather refined introduction by our host Dusty Limit's, yet this was short lived. Whilst we relaxed around our table, strange and mesmerising things started to unfold. I won't bother trying to commentate, so I'll just let the visual effects do the talking...

Rosewood Hotel Cabaret (16) Rosewood Hotel Cabaret (1) Rosewood Hotel Cabaret (2) Rosewood Hotel Cabaret (17) Rosewood Hotel Cabaret (18) Rosewood Hotel Cabaret (3)
A video posted by Laura (@laurajhyatt) on
Rosewood Hotel Cabaret (11) Rosewood Hotel Cabaret (12)

Honestly, this was hilarious in sound!

Rosewood Hotel Cabaret (13) Rosewood Hotel Cabaret (14) Rosewood Hotel Cabaret (5) Rosewood Hotel Cabaret (4) Rosewood Hotel Cabaret (7) Rosewood Hotel Cabaret (6) Rosewood Hotel Cabaret club (11) Rosewood Hotel Cabaret club (1) Rosewood Hotel Cabaret club (2) Rosewood Hotel Cabaret club (3) Rosewood Hotel Cabaret club (4) Rosewood Hotel Cabaret club (5) Rosewood Hotel Cabaret club (6)

Oh my gosh, my jaw literally down to my knee's! She was incredible!

Rosewood Hotel Cabaret club (7)

We all ended on a bit of a sing song, like some fancy drawing room gathering that I'd stumbled into. I rather feel Downton would like this.

I've been to alot of Cabaret's this year, including Cafe de Paris and The London Cabaret Club , however this was wildly different. It's alot more casual and fun, not formal stage, just a bar and some rather eccentric performer's wandering about.

I do think this may be the way forward, especially for a Sunday where you just want to relax... well relax as much as you can when a man walking on his hand's jumps on your table. Wish I'd caught that on camera, kind if moment.

Rosewood Hotel Cabaret club (9)

Of course, this all being a rather hedonistic kind of party, I thought 'd share for any of you fashion types my outfit. This is my new go to sweatshirt from a website called Flying Wardrobe. Ignore that name, they do have some great pieces, like this petal top.

Rosewood Hotel Cabaret club (10)

With a little stumble out of the bathroom, maybe a wrong turn down the hotel corridor's, I left the sort of party and made my way home, filled with champagne and a fuzzy head of what exactly had a I seen that night.

Rosewood London,
252 High Holborn

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  1. Ahhh... I was invited to this but I couldn't make it! I really hope to go to the next one, the photos look great!
    Lots of love,
    SilverSpoon London

  2. This looks such fun and your green sparkly shoes are amazing!!


  3. I really need to get myself to a cabaret after reading your amazing blog posts! Those shoes though are gorgeous and love your skirt too! H x


  4. oh, it looks like a lot of fun! Love your outfit!

  5. So happy we got to experience this together! And, I love even more that your gorgeous shoes 'made the cut' for the post. Brilliant!

  6. Lovely, your link doesn't work! I just clicked it to try and find tickets as this sounds amazing. Right up my street.

    Your outfit is gorgeous! The last few times you've worn that belt I've been lusting after it! Very dorothy in 'Wizard of Oz' in those shoes!

    Katie <3

  7. So happy we got to experience this together All mobile price and news bellow link

  8. This looks like SO much fun! And I *love* the green shoes, I really want some red sparkly heels for the Christmas season, just so I can pretend I'm Dorothy.

    C x
    Lux Life Blog

  9. I love those green heels, where are they from?

    And as for cabaret, who can't say no to that? I didn't know the Rosewood did cabaret, so this was pretty interesting to read. Great photos too.

    Mara xx

  10. This sounds amazing! I really really love your blog for suggestions on where to go in London :)