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The Kensington Quarter

Wednesday 26 November 2014
The Kensington Quarter (13)

I never really do lunch posts. Dinner yes, brunch yes, but lunch? Lunch isn’t really my expertise. Dinner is the working girls meal out, and I love a good lazy weekend brunch spot, so lunch is the sadly forgotten meal.

However I’ve got a must go-to lunch place for you. Casual, relaxed but with delicious food. It’s enough to tempt anyone away from brunch.

The Kensington Quarter (8) The Kensington Quarter (9)

The Kensington Quarter opened a couple of weeks ago to little hype which meant a table was easy pickings for me and Nessa.

Inside, it impresses straight away. Modern, sleek with nice little touches here and there. I’ve got a thing for lights at the moment, so extra brownie points.

The Kensington Quarter (11)

Oh but talking of brownies… they have they most drool worthy deli too. We had to hurry past it, otherwise it might have been a case of pudding before mains. 

The Kensington Quarter (12) The Kensington Quarter (10) The Kensington Quarter (15) The Kensington Quarter (14) The Kensington Quarter (16)

I had some potentially exciting news I needed to discuss with Nessa. Once everything falls into place and the details are worked out, I can't wait to share with you guys. If everything goes to plan, it's going to be such a change in my life. I feel like I'm walking around with this little buzzing secret in my chest and I'm dying to let it out.

Fingers crossed I can tell you in a week or two!

The Kensington Quarter (17)

Seeing as this wasn't dinner I decided to be good and opt out of alcohol and in with the juice. All their juices are freshly squeezed which was proven when the waitress got my apple, carrot & ginger mixed up with Nessa's orange, pineapple & apple, and created some Carrot, Pineapple and Ginger concoction. 

The Kensington Quarter (19)

OK, when I say good, I say that loosely... as loosely as I made the top button on my jeans. 

The Kensington Quarter (20)

God just look at that ooze. 

Baked camembert with cranberry jam and garlic croutons. Is there anything better?

The Kensington Quarter (21) The Kensington Quarter (23)

For mains, Nessa branched out and had roast sea bass drizzled in lemon oil with potato galette & pea velouté, aka a fancy way of saying a platter of peas.

The Kensington Quarter (22) The Kensington Quarter (2)

I was so tempted by the steak, it gets my everytime, but then I saw the words "Blackberry Sauce". Blackerry's for mains? I had to know. 

So I present to you, haunch of venison with a celeriac pureé, King Edward potatoes & that blackberry sauce.

The Kensington Quarter (1)

Oh it was good, it was very good. There's something about a rich, game-y meat with a sweet, sharp berry that is just golden. 

The Kensington Quarter (7) The Kensington Quarter (5)

We took a little tea break, umming over whether we could fit in pudding. But our love for chocolate over ruled any kind of reasoning.

And boy am I glad we did...

The Kensington Quarter (3)


Just stop for a second and look at that. I have no words but wow.

The Kensington Quarter (4)

A chocolate delice with blueberrys, pistachios and crème patissière.

The Kensington Quarter (6)

If that isn't the definition of food porn I don't know what is. I don't think I really need to explain to you that it was pure indulgent heaven.

But if you still don't get how good it was, I'll leave you with the money shot...

34-44 Barkston Gardens
Kensington, London

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  1. I have a Quarter Cafe near my flat, it has lovely breads and does a great breakfast but it doesn't serve proper meals like this. Looks fab hon, especially the cheese.
    Lots of love,
    SilverSpoon London

  2. You had me at the Camembert! Looks amazing, the dessert looked so good too!

    Hannah x


  3. Reading this whilst having lunch at my desk was a bad idea, I actually drooled at the sight of that camembert!

  4. Oh wow, hello Camembert! That venison dish looks damn good too!

    October Eleven

  5. Holy camembert! With cranberry too, my fave! Looking forward to hearing your exciting news :)

    Dinner Stories

  6. The Dessert is the highlight, it looks so good. Wow

    You should go out for lunch more often!

    Cheers Vanessa

  7. that dessert is so stunning...does not help the late night cravings for something sweet!


  8. Gorgeous photos! I have just added this to my list of places to eat in the future :)


  9. I actually haven't heard of this place. Such a shame it hasn't really started with a bang! Especially as it all looks so delicious! That pudding... mmmmmm!

    Katie <3