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A Winter's Walk

Tuesday 30 December 2014
Dunham Massey (20)

I often forget how good a simple walk can be. Especially a winter's one. 

 A low, breeze whips around your skin, the frost covered ground crunches beneath your feet, and the colours, well, everything has this gorgeous haze to it. 

I'm currently in Warrington- a small town nearish to Manchester- for Christmas. Thing's are a little greener here than in the big smoke, so I couldn't pass the opportunity to whip out my camera and try and capture the beauty. Especially seeing as there is a deer sanctuary nearby! So off we bundled to Dunham Massey. 
  Dunham Massey (3)

Everyone assumes that summer is when all the wildlife is about, yet right now there is so much going on to capture with your camera. Of course though, I think it's the colours of winter that make photography this time of year gorgeous. Such vibrant hues. 

Dunham Massey (4)

Although maybe wrap up warm as it's definitely bitter outside, to the point where ponds started to freeze.

Dunham Massey (5)

Which leads me to quickly squeeze in a bit of style. 

This time of year does tend to lead me to just want to through on as many layers as possible, however unstylish, and that's definitely OK. No one needs to be vogue everyday, however I did find these gorgeous faux leather knee patch trousers. Best part is, they are super warm and really comfy, oh and for you practical people, everything to wipes of them. See Mum, I am learning.

Dunham Massey (6)

At home the heels lay, out came the winter boots, and I don't think I could think of more stylish 'Practical' boots. Leather and wool do make the cosiest nest for my feet. 

Guess who they are by? Clarks! I know, the place where you used to get your typical style school shoes from. Well they've grown up at bit. 

Oh and do you want to know something even better? They are on sale now!

Dunham Massey (7) Dunham Massey (8)

Coat- Reiss (Similar)
Jumper- Unknown: Charity Shop 
Scarf- Primark
Trousers- Zara
Boots*- C/O Clarks at Shoetique

Dunham Massey (9)

As we slowly meandered the park, dipping in between trees, the sun began to dip also. 

This is the time when the winter terrain looks its best. So I thought I'd try and show you it's beauty.

Dunham Massey (10) Dunham Massey (12) Dunham Massey (13) Dunham Massey (14) Dunham Massey (15) Dunham Massey (16)

I just loved the way the light did wonderful things the the photo's. That glare of the sun in the corner is rather mystical. 

Dunham Massey (19) Dunham Massey (17) Dunham Massey (1) Dunham Massey (26)

We were starting to get achy feet, and thought we might never see any deer. Probably too cold for them this time of year. 

However our patients paid off, and towards the end of our walk, look who we spotted in the woods. 

Dunham Massey (25) Dunham Massey (24) Dunham Massey (22) Dunham Massey (21) Dunham Massey (23)

Beautiful deer. Everyone from mum, dad to the little baby. You can't get too close though as they either run away or get protective, and those stag antlers look pretty dangerous...

Dunham Massey (2)

As the darkness crept over us, we decided it was time to make our way home.

I think I might be starting to warm to winter.

Hope you are all having an amazing Christmas Holiday, and I will see you in the New Year! Have a great one. x

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  1. Such amazing photos Laura! Love those boots too, I've got my snow boots on today!!

    Rosie xx

  2. Beautiful pictures. I love a good walk and especially in winter. We currently have about six inches of snow so unless I get the wellies out. Wishing you a happy new year Lucy x

  3. Oh these photographs are so beautiful!
    Winter walks are so lovely, especially with a little snow around!

    Kelly from | DayDreams & DaisyChains

  4. beautiful images !

    Thanks for sharing nice moments like this


  5. Laura this is one of my favourite posts of yours yet. Such beautiful photos! You look lovely too!

    Katie <3