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Christmas 2014 Gift Guide

Monday 1 December 2014
Happy 1st December! Now Christmas Celebrations can officially begin in my books. Because of this little December only rule I have, it means no present buying begins until it turns the 12th month. You may be super organised and have all your's done already, however if you haven't and your struggling to think of ideas I've put together a little guide of all the things I've stumbled and loved across the internet. And no for all your cynics, I'm not being paid, they genuinely are things I've found and loved. 

I couldn't care less for 'Present for Dad', 'Present for Girlfriend' labels, as your girl may want that Pokemon Cushion and your dad that nice framed mirror! Anyway's, now its December, the clocks ticking, so lets go!

Being a blogger, getting that camera shot can be tricky. Well I think this device is pretty nifty. It's a remote control for your camera, turns into a viewer so you can hold your camera away, and maybe the best bit, it allows you to upload your photos to the internet instantly. Hello amazing instagram shots! £100 from Weye Feye

Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate is still the best night time beauty serum I've ever sound. It made my skin so soft and plump within a few uses. Its luxurious and silky and didn't make my skin break out either. £36 from Kiehl's

I have a thing for lights, so when I saw these on my internet travels I had to show you. The Charles Bowler Hat Light is a pretty unique way to jazz up a room. I think 3 would look amazing over a long kitchen table. £76 from Not On The High street
Chivas 12 Year Old ‘Made for Gentlemen’ is an annual series of collaborations with modern designers, who each year design a new case. This year the deluxe scotch whisky brand has collaborated with award-winning British company Bremont, known for crafting beautifully engineered chronometers. It's great for those who want a piece of a luxury brand but who can't afford the chronometers thousands of pounds price tag. £27.50 from Master of Malt

Besides being a gorgeous, gorgeous bag, guess what? It's also a VEGAN bag! For any of your animal loving friends, you can tell them its from sustainable vegan cork leather, and well, even if they couldn't give a monkey's about the animals, at £85 from Wilby its a pretty beautiful bag.

Now this one is pretty darn awesome! There is a Bear Grylls Survival Academy! With a wide range of survival courses available across the UK, USA and Africa the courses range from 24hr family courses to 5 days of extreme survival training. You'll learn fire-lighting without matches, improvised shelter-building and day/night navigation, plus some classic Bear Grylls-style high rope work and food preparation. Definitely win originality present of the year! 24 hours survival academy costs £349 from Bear Grylls Survival Academy

Have you got a secret Santa or someone that you don't really know too well, so don't want to spend alot? This cute little bracelet is inexpensive but will guarantee a smile on receiving. Plus its a bargain at £6.99 from Lvndr

How many times have have we all been in need of this one? I think it's only fair you buy someone close to you it, as they might be cooking from it for you after the big booze up over Christmas. On sale at Burton's for £5.60

Who doesn't love a good unicorn based quote. Even better, is a item of clothing! Feel awesome when wearing this sweater, like the awesome unicorn you ride. £27.50 from Batoko

Oh go on then, if you don't want your boyfriend/ dad/ brother to feel left out... £20 from Batoko

Imagine being able to draw in 3D! Essentially this small pen is a 3D printer, squirting out plastic into thin air or onto surfaces. The plastic then cools and solidifies almost immediately meaning ‘draw’ 3D structures. How friggin' cool! A use? Who cares when its this awesome! £99.99 from Maplin

Well I hope that gave you some great ideas for your loved ones... or you know, a cheeky last minute present to yourself.

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  1. I really like how quirky these picks are! Awesome choices. Happy December :)

  2. I've got that hungover cookbook - it actually has a lot of interesting and totally delish recipes! x

  3. i am thinking id trying midnight recover concentrate
    Keep in touch

  4. The Weye Feye looks like a great gadget!

    Suze | LuxuryColumnist

  5. great ideas, i'm still trying to decide what to get everyone!

    xx fameliquorlove // bloglovin // instagram // youtube

  6. Great list - I've got the hungover cookbook and i LOVE it! The best bit is the questionnaire at the start to find out which hangover you have!!!! That bag is gorgeous :)

    Rosie xx

  7. Hold up, I'm sold on that weye feye thingy. Although, I don't understand entirely how it works! I'll have to take a closer look!

    Katie <3