Heroine In Heels is a top 10 London lifestyle blog aimed at the modern day woman. Covering things to do in London, restaurant reviews, hotels as well as where to go in the world when you want to escape London

Heroine In Heels is a top 10 London lifestyle blog aimed at the modern day woman. Covering things to do in London, restaurant reviews, hotels as well as where to go in the world when you want to escape London

Ah Christmas is over for another year. I'll miss the magic of it all, although I won't miss all that excess food... well maybe just a little. 

I had 3 roast dinners, probably the equivalent of 2 tins of Roses and more mince pies, stolen and cheese boards to last me to summer. Needless to say my Christmas jumper is not just there to look pretty, but to hide my growing paunch. 

I won't feel guilty though, its been yummy AF, although maybe it's time to tone it down a teeny bit. My problem is though whenever I start eating healthy my social life goes out the window. Well no more! Here are the best healthy detox restaurants in London, so you can eat, be healthy and be social. Win.

The Cafe, Hotel Cafe Royal (28)

Just before Christmas, I have to admit, I wasn't feeling very Christmas-y. I know, I know, it's like the unwritten rule that you can't say that, but it's true. I just wasn't feeling it this year. I think it's down to the fact that we have had Christmas in the shops since October. It kind of looses momentum by December.

Anyway's, keen to try and feel in the mood, me and Ella decided to go for a final catch up of the year, along with some winter warming drinks.

Ever the fan of Hotel Cafe Royal, hearing that the Cafe had a new Supper menu, of course I had to check out out. In my head Supper mean's hot, warm, rich food. Just my cup of tea then.


Finally I feel like my life is finally coming back together again. These last few months have been a real trying time for me. I found myself needing to look for a new job, a new flat, instances of not being paid money that was owed to me and the battles that created and other stressful events. So all in all it's not been too fun.

However I think the last of all the upheaval has settled. I have a new job, a new flat. I have my money, and it's Christmas! Which is why I think it was a fitting time to celebrate.

You might have seen on my blog and various social media accounts, that I love Laurent-Perrier champagne. I was only introduced to it less than six months ago, but it has risen to the top of my list and I genuinely admire the brand. 

So when asked if I'd like to have a intimate private tasting with them at the Corinthia Hotel, well let's just say, I didn't complain.

As promised, here is part 2 of my first time skiing vlog. I went to Val D'Isere in France with Powder White's on their press trip and finally got to see what the fuss of skiing was all about.

Day 2 went a lot better, and I was starting to pick it up a lot better- well you can be the judge of that.

Last week I had just got back from my first time skiing. I went to Val D'Isere in France and well, I think I fell in love. If you go skiing, you will probably know what feeling I'm talking about. There is just something rather magical about it.

Skate at Somerset House 2015 (2)

I can't think of anything that gets me in the mood more for Christmas than Ice Skating. There's something about twirling around, beneath a huge Christmas tree, to the sound of classic festive tunes, that makes me smile and feel cheerful. I've been to many of the different ice rinks, but my favorite my a mile is Skate at Somerset House. 

Christmas shopping is my worst nightmare. No matter how much I know people, buying presents is truly stressful. I'll be honest, I haven't bought anything yet, so I've been spending a little too much time on the internet. However in my own search for presents I came across some cracking ideas, so I had to share with you, if you are struggling too.


Ah December has arrived. Finally I can allow myself to get excited about Christmas. I always say never before December, even though the shops try and feed me mince pies in September. Yes they force feed me mince pies against my will...

However now that it is December, I can start to finally think about parties and gifts and holiday cheer.

Who doesn't love getting dressed up over the holiday season, and letting your hair down; everyone is always in a fun, and in an excitable mood.

So I thought why not combine the two, gifts and parties? And give giveaway a little treat for you.

Grand Hotel Du Palais Royal Paris (19)

Paris is stealing my heart more and more. I know it's a cliche to say it's the most romantic city in the world, but looking out of the rooftops, early in the morning on a glorious day, truly is romantic. Call me old fashioned, but I love a happy soppy story.

Seriously who doesn’t love a pub quiz? There is something about a good old get together over some drinks, arguing over what the answer is to that theme tune that “I know it! I know! Damn it’s on the tip of my tongue!”

Who doesn’t love trying to name those celebrity faces that have had their eyes crossed out, or shouting out the answer by accident, to the groans of you team

I hosted a quiz myself a few weeks ago for my charity and God I had a blast. So as you might have seen lately, I’ve been trying to tell you more about things that are going on, and not just what I’ve been up to.

So there’s a new National Day happening. I know, there seems to be one every 5 minutes; National Burger Day, National Hash Brown Day, National Love My Red Hair Day (True fact it’s November the 5th), but now there is National Pub Quiz Day starting.

Started by Orderella, the quiz specialists MyBigIQ and Digital Marketing Specialists, D-Mediathe UK’s very first National Pub Quiz Day is where hundreds of people will battle it out over the same quiz simultaneously around the whole of England, with the winner’s crowned the nation’s Brainiest Pub Quiz Team! Like the Egg Head’s, only more fun…

But there’s more. It’s actually for a really good cause, see, this national event will raise money for the charity Team Margot Foundation, a charity which raises money to support people affected by and aid research into bone marrow and stem cell illnesses. Sadly there are over 37,000 people who need a bone marrow transplant, but on average only half of those who need one find a matching donor.

I’m ashamed to say I registered at university and then never donated. So I’m pledging to donate in December. If you are in London and interested in donating too, why not join me?

But in the meantime, you can help support the charity by getting down to one of Orderella’s venues.

There is a full list of venues here: www.nationalpubquizday.com but here’s a sample:

Salford Arms Hotel
146 Chapel Street
Salford, Manchester M3 6AF

Crown & Anchor
222 Fore Street
Edmonton, London N18 2QD

The Brookhouse
240 Kingshill Avenue
Hayes, Middlesex UB4 8BZ

The Abbey
126 Stonebridge Lane
Liverpool, Merseyside L11 9AZ

The Belgravia
152 Ebury Street
Belgravia, London SW1 9JL

Inn On The Green
2 Westley Road
Acocks Green, Birmingham B27 7UH

But what exactly is it? How does it all work?

So on 1st December 2015 the same quiz will be played simultaneously and in real time in each venue. At the end of the night the National Pub Quiz winning team will be crowned the glorious elite and have ultimate bragging rights. 

It’s pretty much general knowledge but your scores got to a leader boards shared nationwide.  But don’t even think about checking Google though, the faster you answer the more points a team gets.

So head down to your local, and join in for charity. Enter your team on the night at your nearest participating venue, I’ll pop the link below, and pay your £5 to the pub. All proceeds from team entries go to the charity.

Have fun.

That Saturday in Paris we found ourselves in need of some lunch. Everywhere was closed due to the events of the night before. However there was one restaurant open where head chef Clément Le Norcy, had been trained by Michelin stars chefs. Where was this? Well it was in our hotel. Just perfect.

Le Lulli is the restaurant housed within the Grand Hotel du Palais Royal. Serving a mix of French and European food, the menu's constantly change with the seasons.

Sticking with what the hotel does best, serving luxury with class and with an attentive, genuinely friendly staff, it makes for the perfect refined, but casual lunch.


We opted for the set autumn menu, as it would be a great way to see what they could do.

I have to say, the bread they provide on the tables here is just gorgeous. I don't know if it is them, or French bread in general, but it's so fresh, and soft on the inside, crunchy with a snap on the outside. Oh and don't get me started on the salted butter!


We started with two starters. Well what can I say, I love French food.

First was Foie Gras. Now I know it comes with controversy, but I do eat it but Dan doesn't.

The foie gras was incredibly rich, probably the richest I've ever had. It was silky and smooth and coated the mouth. It was delicious, although look at the size of that piece. Certainly no dainty portions, which is very well appreciated.


Our next starter was an organic egg with spinach and chorizo. I honestly think this dish was made for me. Poached egg, check. Chorizo, check. Wilted spinach, check. Yes I know, I actually love spinich- such an odd ball.

I think I devoured this is seconds, as the flavours worked perfectly together.


When the main arrived we both gave each other this look of love, not for each other, but for the lamb sitting in front of us. Marinated in Thyme and lemon with a spicy yogurt sauce, it was just what we both wanted. 

I had mine medium rare, and it was so tender and sliced clean through. 

Now, unlike me Dan is not a foodie at all. He can go for a whole day and "forget" to eat. However, and it took me by complete surprise, he uttered "The was amazing". Sorry? What now? See for Dan, that is one of the highest praises he can give. We've been to some of the best restaurants in London and he'll say Good or Fine. So when Dan says Amazing, you know it was truly was. 


Pretty ready to burst, we just managed to squeeze in some chocolate. Ok who am I kidding, there is always room for dessert. Only described as Melty and Crunchy from Tanzania, it was interesting to discover what it was. Cutting through though and there was a brownie wedge inside. Now I liked that surprise. 


In a sort of food induced sleep, we decided moving was too much, but luckily the bar was just a few feet away, and so we thought a couple of drinks would help pass the time whilst we let our stomachs recover. 


Espresso Martini's are becoming my go to drink. It's like a win win. Coffee and alcohol. Perfect. I have to say, Le Lulli's espresso martini is delightful. A must order.

After a couple, we really needed to lie down and rest after that feast. 

But whether your a guest or not, I'd really recommend heading down to Le Lulli for some lunch or dinner. You won't regret it.

Suite Panoramique - Grand hotel du Palais Royal Paris (24)

Last week, as the world looked on in horror, I was in Paris. The world turned very dark that day, as the most atrocious attacks were carried out. Luckily I wasn’t near when it happened, but my heart breaks thinking about what was happening outside. I wasn’t too sure how to write about my trip to Paris. As one out of respect, and two because I didn’t leave the hotel except for a quick stroll. 

However I decided to post as we can’t let the terrorist’s win. Paris is one of the most beautiful cities, and I truly have fallen in love with it, so it deserves to be written about. We have to carry on, and show them we can’t be terrorized. I’m not avoiding talking about what happened, but I want to focus on the good of Paris, and the places that make Paris special, so don’t think I’m glossing over the tragedy. 

Suite Panoramique - Grand hotel du Palais Royal Paris (22)
*I apologize for the line across the photos- my brand new camera's sensor went faulty whilst in Paris, so it need's to be returned.

A while back I fancied a weekend away, some time to de-stress and just escape. As they say, Paris is always a good idea.

Me and Dan hopped on the Eurostar after work on Friday and headed to Paris. I was excited as the Grand Hotel Du Palais Royal has been in touch and asked if I’d like to stay with them, and from their website it looked incredible. I was even more excited as Dan didn’t know where we were going, so I hopped to surprise him.

Stepping in through the front doors we were greeted so warmly, with genuine interest in how are day and travel was.

Suite Panoramique - Grand hotel du Palais Royal Paris (21)

The Grand Hotel Du Palais Royal is the only luxury hotel in the vicinity of the Palais Royal, and once you go up a level or two, it overlooks the Palais Royal gardens. I actually noticed a sign in the lobby announcing they had just won  the award of Europe’s Best Boutique Hotel. I was in for a treat then.

Suite Panoramique - Grand hotel du Palais Royal Paris (23)

The interiors of the hotel are absolutely stunning, but the thing that got me was the giant Hermès luggage box! Which has a door and they actually store guest’s luggage in! So much love right now!

However we decided to head up to our room for the night.

We arrived on the 6th floor, to be told we were staying in the Suite panoramique. A suite? In Paris? It’s like the dream.

I opened the door in gusto… only to be faced with a tony 2*2 room. I was so confused- and yes more than my usual state.

Noting my puzzled face, the concierge said “We have one more floor to go up” and pressed a button next to a pane of glass I had failed to notice. 

A lift came down. A lift, my very own private lift to my room. I think I must have felt what Charlie felt in the glass elevator. 

Suite Panoramique - Grand hotel du Palais Royal Paris (16)

Shirt, Skirt and Shoes from Zara

The suite was unbelievable gorgeous. We had rooms- plural.  With it's chic white walls, gorgeous gold and metallic accents, and refined designer interiors, I think this is what the Parisian dream apartment is like.

But let me show you instead of trying to tell you...

Suite Panoramique - Grand hotel du Palais Royal Paris (3)
Suite Panoramique - Grand hotel du Palais Royal Paris (2)

A gorgeous dinning room with fresh flowers and gifts. 

Suite Panoramique - Grand hotel du Palais Royal Paris (1)

The perfect Parisian welcome.

Suite Panoramique - Grand hotel du Palais Royal Paris (5) Suite Panoramique - Grand hotel du Palais Royal Paris (10)
Suite Panoramique - Grand hotel du Palais Royal Paris (9)

The lounge had these fantastic corner mirrored walls, and a huge sofa, which when you actually don't own one currently, was the first thing I made a beeline for. Oh the simple things in life eh.

Suite Panoramique - Grand hotel du Palais Royal Paris (7)

Erm can I get a oh wow for this chair? I'm a little bit obsessed with furniture at the moment- blame Pinterest- and this is certainly pin worthy.

Suite Panoramique - Grand hotel du Palais Royal Paris (8)
Suite Panoramique - Grand hotel du Palais Royal Paris (4)

But a hotel's crowning glory is it's bed, and this sure did impress.

Of course being that fateful Friday, we were in doors, and so ordered room service, and I curled up in bed, glued to the TV. 

Suite Panoramique - Grand hotel du Palais Royal Paris (17) Suite Panoramique - Grand hotel du Palais Royal Paris (18) Suite Panoramique - Grand hotel du Palais Royal Paris (19)

The food comes from their Le Lulli restaurant, which is headed up by chef Clément Le norcy, who has worked in Michelin starred restaurants. 

This ladies and gentleman is a Croque Madame. Have you ever seen such a more picture perfect one?

Suite Panoramique - Grand hotel du Palais Royal Paris (20)
Suite Panoramique - Grand hotel du Palais Royal Paris (12)

Oh and it wouldn't be right to go to Paris and not have cheese!

Now the suite panoramique is called so because it has stunning 180 degree views over all of Paris, and what better way to view them than from the humongous private terrace. I can't wait for you to see it more in the next post in the day light.

But seriously, just look at Paris...

Suite Panoramique - Grand hotel du Palais Royal Paris (15)
Suite Panoramique - Grand hotel du Palais Royal Paris (14)

It is so strange though as that terrace became the place we stood, numb, not with cold, but with just shock. All you could hear was the thunderous roar of siren after siren, after siren. 

It crushes my heart to think what happened in this gorgeous city. But not just gorgeous but kid, as the the hotel staff proved immensely. They really are a credit to the hotel. Nothing was too much trouble for them, and even  in the face of adversity, they were so generous. 

I can't wait to show you more of the place in the next post, as this hotel is just amazing. 

Paris, I love you, stay strong.

BT Tower (6)

Life sometimes can just get a little too much. The stresses of work, friends, relationships; it can all seem like one big mess, and like there is no other alternative.

But how often do we actually just stop and try to think of things from a different view?

It’s incredibly important to take time out for yourself, to make sure you are enjoying life, and are thinking clearly. For me, travel has become something so meaningful in my life. I only really started traveling this year and what a year it has been! I’ve traveled with friends, with my partner, on my own and with complete strangers. I find a sense of peace and clarity from discovering new places, cultures and sights. It gives new perspective to things in my life.

Which is why I’ve teamed up with Celebrity Cruises, the luxury cruise company for those who enjoy the finer things in life, but with a difference; to offer you the chance to win some travel related prizes if you take some time out and discover #ADifferentView

To help people take ‘A different view’, Celebrity Cruises are running an exciting week long campaign and have placed a series of 20 frames around the UK to encourage you to take some time out of the usual daily routine, visit somewhere new, and take a moment to look through the frame and appreciate things from a different perspective. 

My frame is located in the gorgeous Chiswick House and Gardens. I’d never been before, and so I went early in the morning before work. It was nice to get off the train early, and hop on to another in a completely different direction, breaking up my daily commute. Each frame is made of a different substance, but mine was made of turf which is something living in London often isn’t seen by me much!

Once I found the frame, it was time to look through. 

If you’ve never been, I’d really recommend going. The gardens are so beautiful, with waterfalls, and statues and of course the house.

A gorgeous sight to behold. One of beauty and serenity. For me the view meant broken away from my daily routine to just take some time out for myself.

And now it’s over to you.

Get you camera’s ready as I’m asking you to head over to Chiswick House and Garden’s and take your own photo of the view.
  • I’m personally giving away two set’s of two Aspinal leather luggage tags in Navy to the people who’s photos I think really embodies the idea of taking time out for yourself.
  • And Celebrity Cruises is giving away a Caribbean Cruise to one lucky winner for the best photo.
To win all you have to do is take your photo and upload it on Instagram or Twitter online using #ADifferentView for a chance to win. Also @LauraJHyatt and @CelebrityUK (Twitter) or @ CelebrityCruisesUK (Instagram) so I know you’ve done it.

The competition ends of the 21st November, so quickly now. 

If you want to know more about the location and the competition, all the details are here on my very own Celebrity Cruise microsite   
Good luck, and remember to take some time out for yourself.

Open to over 18s UK residents only. For full competition details: Competitions T&C’s: https://www.celebritycruises.co.uk/a-different-view-frames-terms