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Le Chalet on the roof

Wednesday 28 January 2015
Q Grill Le Chalet (6)

Some people go Skiing in January. High up in the mountains, drinking mulled cocktails in between hitting the slopes. Sadly for me no such holiday was on the cards.

However just because I am not high up on a mountain, doesn't mean I can't indulge in a little apres ski.

Instead of a mountain, I went up high onto the roof of Selfridges.

Q Grill Le Chalet (5)

Up on the 5th floor terrace, the entrance is a thing of beauty.A little tunnel of fairy lights. I don't often like cute things, but I'd happily decorate my hallways like this.

Q Grill Le Chalet (3)

The restaurant is Selfridges converted terrace. Decked out like a European Chalet, complete with fire and lanterns, it is the perfect way to escape the cold.

Q Grill Le Chalet (10) Q Grill Le Chalet (19) Q Grill Le Chalet (7)

Which leads me nicely onto this thing of beauty. If your feeling a little bit chilly, you have to take a look at their Choctail menu. Hot chocolate mixed with alcohol, if that doesn't warm your cockles I don't know what will.

I'd recommend the Chocolate Orange. A very indulgent mix with cointreau. I was starting to feel my toes again.

Q Grill Le Chalet (8) Q Grill Le Chalet (9)

Just try and pace yourself, as I promise you, you'll just want to down that thing.

Q Grill Le Chalet (11)

I've only been skiing once, when I was 14 as part of a school trip. I don't remember much about it, but I do no being that young there was no parties or indulging in authentic foods.

So I just have to pretend I know what it's like. I'd hope that it would be lots of hot fondue and crusty buttery bread. If not then that's my dream shattered.

Q Grill Le Chalet (12)

For mains it was Slow roast Gressingham duck, white bean & sausage stew for Ness, and Buttermilk chicken schnitzel, blue cheese fondue for me. Again in my head, everyone who skis eats schnitzels.

Q Grill Le Chalet (15) Q Grill Le Chalet (13)

With left over cheese fondue, it was only right to have chips to dip.

Q Grill Le Chalet (14)

And of course to balance out the bad, we had chilli broccoli. I mean everyone knows that healthy cancels out the unhealthy. Therefore no calories consumed. 

Q Grill Le Chalet (18)

Le Chalet is the perfect mid-shopping stop over being in Selfridge's, however I would recommend booking as it does get pretty packed at peak times.

Q Grill Le Chalet (17)

But I promise you it will be worth the booking, even if it is just to escape the cold for an hour, and huddle up under one of their blankets.

Q Grill Le Chalet (16)

Or if you're like me you can play silly games with them, covering your face, and playing peek-a-boo. 

I've told you before, you really can't take me anywhere.

Q Grill Le Chalet (20)

Whilst I may be silly, the desserts certainly aren't. 

You need to find room for these. Just look at them. 

Q Grill Le Chalet (1)

I think this fruit and nut deserves another close up.

Q Grill Le Chalet (2) Q Grill Le Chalet (4)

There is one good thing about not going apres skiing up a mountain. You can wear heels and a skirt here. Probably not a good idea in the snow, I'd blend in wearing my gorgeous new Celeb Boutique skirt, and I don't fancy being trampled on by big foot.

Le Chalet at Q Grill
Selfridges & Co
400 Oxford Street


  1. I love the way they decorated the terrace, it's very cute but without being too over the top or tacky. And that dessert looks amazing. I so wish I could book a ticket to London tomorrow and visit the Chalet...maybe next year :)

  2. I can't decide which sounds more appealing, the chocolate orange cocktail or cheese fondue with the schnitzel! Why choose when you can have both!

    Love your outfit too

    Victoria x

  3. I thought it was lovely up there! A really fun place for lunch!
    Lots of love,

    SilverSpoon London

  4. Your food looks yummy! I had brunch there and would totally recommend that too - if you are interested, I blogged about it here: http://www.stephstyle.com/le-chalet-at-selfridges/
    Steph x

  5. I loved Le Chalet - although I think it would be even nicer in the day time with good weather. We went with the wind howling outside and rain smashing against the plastic sheeting. Was particularly cosy though!

    Maybe we'll go back to sample some of the hot chocolate!

    Katie <3

  6. Love this! I've just come back from skiing and I'm having slight withdrawal symptoms already, will have to take a trip up here :)

    October Eleven

  7. This makes me want to go back there! We had awful service when we were there (they brought our mains before our starters?!?!) but the food was good and loved the location.

    Rosie xx

  8. Le Chalet looks fabulous and would love to be drinking the hot chocolate orange right now ;-)


  9. First off, you're adorable! Secondly, I am in love with your skirt and I HATE skirts!

    I love this little place. So nice and home-y! Food looks amazing. I just wish I liked hot chocolate though. I've also haven't went to a ski resort since going with my class from high school. It was our reward but out of the four wheelchair users that we had, only one actually enjoyed themselves and it wasn't me! Our food there was less than pleasing, I would have liked this instead! :D

  10. The fries look so so so delicious! *-*